Let’s play a small game now! What comes in your mind when you think of the year’s 1920s or 1930s? If your mind immediately thinks of fashionable hairstyles, curls, sleek bobs then you are definitely in for a treat. 1920s represented a lot more things than just hairstyles and looks, but let’s face it! As girls, everyone ends up thinking about the trend back then and how women dressed themselves and styled their hair.

Colored Side Parted Wavy Hairstyle

colored wavy hairstyle


Two Colored Pinup Haircut For Women

two colored pinup hair


Vintage Hairstyle With Band

vintage hairstyle with band

Source Retro hairstyle represents geometric hairstyling, bandanas or scarf styling, up-do, finger waves, etc. They not only look good but also make it easier for you style your hair.

Vintage Bob Haircut With Flowers

vintage hair with flowers


Side Bang Retro Hairstyle For Short Hair

side bang with flower


Curly Bob Vintage Hairstyle

peacock hairstyle


Purple Colored Fifties Hairstyle Design

blue large curls hair


Wavy Short Hairstyle Idea For Girls

wavy short hairstyle


Vintage Side Swepted Long Wedding Hair

vintage long hair updo


Gorgeous Colored Hairstyle Design

gorgeous colored hair


Vintage Bridal Hairstyle For Round Face

vintage bridal hairstyle


Victory Rolls Updo Hair Design With Flowers

victory rolls updo


Three Different Old Hairstyles

3 different old hairstyles


Retro Black Pin Up Curls Hair

retro pin curls


Red Flowered Hairstyle

flowered hairstyle


Like we always say ‘What comes around, goes around’. The obsession among girls for vintage or retro hairstyling continues even in the 21st century. Hairstyles like the scarf-up-do, crown side ponytail, geometric cut, high ponytail, double ponytail, soft wavy bob, curly bottom, Bardot-esque waves, short bangs, double bun are still trendy and stylish among models in fashion world even now. Imagine the hairstyle, some vintage accessories, red lipstick and a cooling glass? Wouldn’t it just complete your retro look? It is always good to pick the best hairstyle according to your face shape. So, pick one and bring back the retro look in you!

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