In retro times, short straight hairstyles were high in demand. There were more than fifty types of short straight hairstyles were available in the worldwide fashion trends in classic times. Bob cut was high in demand in the seventies and eighties decades. Apart from bob, the pixie cut was also very popular in classic periods.

Kylie’s Short Blunt Bob

kylies short blunt bob

Emma Stone Short Straight Hair

emma stone short straight hair

Scarlett Johansson Combover Hair

scarlett johansson1

The modern short straight hairstyles are the sign of advanced times. Silky smooth short straight hair along with bright colour combination is just rocking now. Single stripes with multiple colours are absolutely fresh in current fashion trends. Inverted style goes best with short straight hair which is the signature style of recent hair fashion trends.

Gigi Hadid Short Bob

gigi hadid short bob

kim kardashian Short Hair

kim kardashian short hair

Selena Gomez Short Bob

selena gomez short bob

Taylor Swift Short Bob Hair

taylor swift short bob hair

As in the past, there are also more than fifty types of short straight hairstyles available in the current craze. Among all the short straight hairstyles thirty rocking short straight hairstyles are now ruling the market incredibly. A-line based thick short straight hairstyle, stacked bob Hair, short edgy bob and short layered bob Haircut are few names of the latest short straight hairstyles.

Emma Watson Short Hair

emma watson short hair

Emma Roberts Hairstyles

emma roberts hairstyles

Rihanna Short Straight Hair

rihanna short straight hair

Attractive Blonde Short Haircut Idea

attractive short hair style


Two Toned Short Straight Hairstyle

trendy short hair style1


Simple Textured Short Straight Haircut

simple stylish short hairstyle


Summer Short Hairstyle For Old Women

summer short hairstyle1


Cute Middle Parted Short Hairstyle

cute short hair style2


Get a short straight hairstyle which you can carry accordingly with your personality and style. Dramatic bob gives you a classic look along with fun. Tousled short straight hairstyles go best with the young women.

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