Long healthy cascading hair is a fashion statement aimed by mane women no matter how chic she is in carrying her personality. The best thing about having long tresses is you can flatter various hair updos without seeking any professional help. There are about three to four types of faces based on which you should choose your hairdo- round, oval, heart shaped and square. Hair tried in a ponytail or a neat braid is a traditional yet classy hairdo for any occasion. You can also pull up your hair into a bun and tuck the loose traces with pins for a gorgeous 60s look.

Beautiful Blonde Long Haircut

beautiful long hair1


Awesome Straight Hairstyle For Long Hair

awesome straight hairstyle


Elegant Long Hairstyle With Front Bangs

elegant long hairstyle1


Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

red colored straight hair


Pretty Straight Long Hair For Women

pretty straight long hair


There is almost no end of coiffures you can spectacle with your long hair e.g. if you have thin long hair the Half Up Half Down hairstyle will create an illusion of volume in your hair. In this you take a part of your hair from the crown are and tie them in a top knot while leaving the rest untied. If you have curly locks, just let them cascade your shoulders and upgrade this dainty hairdo wearing a braided headband.
Usually long hair in itself is a universal hairdo to which you can just do minimal styling for a great look.

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