2. Treatment for your Scalp

Keeping your scalp nourished is inevitable to have those sexy locks. There are a lot of serums available in the market containing essential oils and you should choose one as per your hair type. And try to give a gentle massage as it will stimulate blood flow and make your hair healthier.

treatment for your scalp1 e1459771339297


3. Get the right Hairstyle

Whichever cut you are getting you must keep in mind your face shape and structure and also your hair type and then go for the best choice. If you have thick hair then try to have layers with a gentle V-shape as it makes your hair look less heavy at the back.

gentle v shaped long hairstyle


4. Hair Products to the rescue

There is this awkward phase couple of days after a hair wash when your hair starts getting frizzy and the scalp is all oily. This is the time when you need dry conditioning and dry shampooing. It is a product that you’ll love using if you have unmanageable long hair.

frizzy long hair e1459772340246


5. Sherri Shepherd Full Round Curls

The full round curls is a stunning hairstyle and accentuates you even more if you have a high cheekbone just as it compliments Sherri Shepherd. Curl your hair backwards with layers so that it will define your face structure.

sherri shepherd full round curls e1459834620408


6. No Big Knots on Head

Try to avoid topknots as much as possible as long hairs will end with bigger buns that will look disproportionate to your face. The ideal place for buns on long and thick hair is below the neck line.

no big knots on top of head


7. Use a Voluminous to Lift it up

Long and thick hair put a lot pressure on hair roots that might be harmful in long run. The solution for that will be using a voluminous on damp hair on the roots as they will lift up your hair without making them look frizzy.

use a voluminous to lift it up


8. Use Sleep time for daily regimes.

Cotton pillowcases are best friends for your hair and avoid synthetic cloths as they create a lot of friction and are harmful for hair. Use leave-in conditioner or may be a night serum to wake up to beautiful hair.

cotton pillow for long hair to sleep


9. Biotin and Vitamin E

If you are experiencing hair thinning then this solution is what many ladies swear by. Biotin and vitamin B stimulates the hair follicles and it results in longer and faster hair growth and you can experience the difference within 3 to 6 months.

long hair style using biotin reasult after 3 months


10.Jennifer Aniston Subtle Hairstyles

If you like subtle hairstyles then you should get a haircut of the length between chest and the shoulder and just add layers to it or may be a little of bit of highlights if you want it more defined. Just like Jennifer Aniston flaunts it like a pro.

jennifer aniston in long hairstyle


11. Nancy o’Dell Wavy Hairstyle with subtle Highlights

Like Nancy O’Dell carries her hair with volume and waves and some added subtle highlights, you can follow her. If you want it even more defined then the best would be to alternate shades of may be gray or a golden tint looks impressive too.

nancy odell wavy hair style


12. Ombre touch for Long Hairs

For hair that reaches you below your shoulders, you should try to highlight the lower part with a shade lighter than your hair. It will give a shiny texture to your hair and you’ll look as stunning and sophisticated. It is called an Ombre touch.

ombre touch long hair


13. Kate Middleton’s long and Lucious locks

If you are a fan of Kate Middleton’s long and luscious locks then you should replicate her styling. To get her latest look you can keep the layers long and for a bouncy effect blow out with a round brush.

kate middleton%e2%80%99s long and lucious locks


14. Mindy Kaling Stunning Tri Tone Color

The Brown girl Mindy Kaling rocks her look with stunning Tri-tone color. You can add multiple colors to dye your hair and it will change your look into unbelievably gorgeous. You can add bangs if you may wish to make it even more edgy.

mindy kaling stunning tri tone color e1459775352109


15. Eva Mendes Flaunts Puffed Hair

As they say styles always find their way back, Eva Mendes flaunts it quite well with her hair puffed at her crown as a 60s look. You can side part the hair above your forehead and some layers throughout.

eva mendes flaunts puffed hair


16. Blake Lively with Golden Tinted Hair

If you have a golden tinted hair with layers then you should get inspired from Blake Lively. Take all your hair to one side and maybe try middle parting. Pin up the other side and wear all your hair on one side to get a gorgeous look.

blake lively with golden tinted hair


17. Kathy Griffin Rock with Bangs

Kathy Griffin shows it well how to rock with bangs. Try to make the lower half bouncy with a blow out and go full bangs and keep the fringes a little quirky. You shouldn’t try this if you have thin hair as there are easy chances of this falling off.

kathy griffin rock with bangs


18. Sandra Oh’s Shaggy Haircut

If you are a fan of Sandra Oh’s casual yet sexy looks then just get a shaggy haircut with many waves and layers. Pair it with gorgeous red lipstick and smokey eye makeup and you will be a diva on go.

sandra oh%e2%80%99s shaggy haircut


19. Southern Belle Hairstyle

The Southern Belle style will surely become your favorite as it sure catches a lot of eyes. Get big curls and add layers to your hair but the feathered layer will do the best and then add a little volume and there you got an easy and stunning look.

southern belle hairstyle e1459776850249


20. Reese Witherspoon Stunning in any Hairdo

Reese Witherspoon knows how to look stunning in any hairdo. The best that you can get inspired from is her subtle loose curls. To get that just add highlights on a haircut with face framing layers.

reese witherspoon stunning in any hairdo e1459777029953


21. Straight and bronze hairstyle

The Straight and bronze hairstyle is quite stunning if you love golden shades. It will compliment a bronzed complexion the best. Add up different shades of golden highlights throughout your hair and flat iron it if it is loosely curled or has waves.

beauty long hairstyles with layers


22. Sofia Vergara Stright Hair Look

Sofia Vergara’s perfectly straight hair looks so stunning and silky that it will go with any face structure. You can middle part your hair and flat iron it to get a smooth and perfectly straight locks if you have curly or wavy hair.

sofia vergara stright hair look e1459777414523


23. Multi-toned layers Framing Hairstyle

Multi-toned layers can be achieved many ways and you can put in your own creativity or run too. You can use a paler color around your face and go darker underneath and below. Layer your hair to the outside as it is a good face framing hairstyle.

multi toned layers framing hairstyle


24. Multiple Shades of Low-lights and Highlights

There are a lot of ideas if you want a hairstyle that makes a bold statement. Try multiple shades of lowlights and highlights all through the length or may be alternate through the shades and get feathered layers followed by adding a tint of gold at the end of your strands.

multiple shades of lowlights and highlights


25. Low Bun is a Classic Look

A low bun is a classic look if styled rightly with shine spray. Center part your hair and pin up an inch of hair through the hairline and make all the hair into a pony tail and then roll it up into a bun and pin it up well. Give it an end touch with a shine spray.

low bun is a classic look e1459778006842


26. Nice Bouncy Ponytail

Getting a bouncy pony tail is little tricky but you can do it right if you have a salt spray. Use it on damp hair and brush it backwards and pull all the hair into a pony tail at the back. Make your hair into two parts and pull it tight and give some space between the strands using your fingers.

nice bouncy ponytail


27. Messy top knot Trending Hairdo

Messy top knot is in major trend these days. To get the look apply some mousse while your hair is damp and let it dry rough. Then use your fingers to swipe your hair to the crown and tie up a ponytail and rope it around to make a knot. Secure it with pins and pull out some strands to fall on your face.

messy top knot trending hairdo e1459778317336


28. Accessories for long hairstyles

If you like to use accessories in your hairstyle then a casual one will be using the scarf you have to make a woven braid. Place the scarf over your head and tie it up at your nape. Now divide your hair into 3 parts and braid it including the two ends of the scarf. At the end tie up the scarf into a knot.

acessories for long hairstyles e1459778750620


29. Straight Sleek Long Hairstyle

An easiest and sleek hairstyle will be pulling all your hair back and let it fall loose. Take a part of your hair over the forehead, use some hairspray and comb it back as far then pin it up securely. If you don’t have a straight hair then flatiron the ends.

sleek long hairstyle


30. Long French Braid with Twists

You can play around with braids and twists as much and a messy and tousled French braid looks really cool for any casual occasion. To create groves as you wish, put some hairspray on your hands and makes textures.

french braid


31. Long Sleek hair with bangs

Bangs can give your look an instant update and it looks really fresh when volumised with flat and sleek hair. You can side swept your hair and cut the bangs according to your face as fringes cut too far looks weird.

long sleek hair with bangs e1459830850492


32. Rumpled waves Hair Look by Scarlett Johansson

Rumpled waves are a new trend that backlashes the expensive blowout hairstyle which looks quite high maintenance. It can be easily done at home by applying some volumizer on damp hair and then blowing it upside down until its done 75%. Then make two pigtails and blow dry them completely and then let loose.

rumpled waves hair look by scarlett johansson

Scarlett Johansson

33. Maria Menounos Lush Curls Hairdo

Lush curls are yet another easy to do hairstyle on hair of any texture. If you have curly hair then you can handle them with some combing cream and those with straight hair will have to use a curling iron. Make one-inch sections and wrap your hair around a three inch curling iron and hairspray.

maria menounos lush curls hairdo

Maria Menounos

34. Michelle William’s Elegant Haircut with layers

Michelle William flaunts her hair with quirk like no one else. Her stylist has had her haircut that totally complements her face structure. You can cut your hair on the side and back for one inch long and the top layers into six or seven inches then add texture using highlights.

michelle williams eleagnt haircut with layers e1459831760633

Michelle William

36. Trendy Chignon Hairstyle

Chignon are easy, trendy and of low maintenance. Twist your braid upward and pin it up with bobby pins. You can accessorize your bun for a fancy occasion as it looks stunning and is done just in 2 minutes.

trendy chignon hairstyle


37. Arielle Kebbel Using Scarf as Hairband

There are many hairstyles for long hairs that use accessories to tuck in your hair in style. You can use a scarf or even a hair band will do for that purpose. Wear it over your hair on the nape and then tuck in your hairs in any fashion you wish and set it up with pins.

arielle kebbel using scarf as hairband

Arielle Kebbel

38. Half up Half Down Hairstyle

The half-up half-down style is yet another comeback from retro days. You can twist inches of hair from your hairline and take it to the back to pin them together. And let the rest of the hair flow free or tie it up into a bun below the neck.

half up half down hairstyle e1459832893813


39. Knot Ponytail For Different Look

Knot pony is another creative alternative for regular boring braids. Divide your hair in three equal parts like you do for a braid and start making knots with two of it and pull through the third part and keep making knots with alternating parts.

knot ponytail for different look e1459833137756


40. Twisted Bun Looks Sexy and Sassy

The twisted bun looks sexy and sassy and can be done in a minute or two. Pull your hair to the top and start twisting it loosely and then hold it making a base on the crown and wrap around your fingers and settle the bun with bobby pins.

twisted bun looks sexy and sassy e1459833332133


41. Trendy Classic Ponytail For Long Straight Hair

The classic ponytail is always in trends for long straight hair. Comb back all your hair tightly and wrap around a band or a scarf to keep it intact. It can make any casual outfit look sexy and will give you a look of the models on ramp.

trendy classic ponytail for long straight hair e1459833521970


43. Half-up Half-down Hairstyle with French Braids

The half-up half-down hairstyle can be altered with creativity. You can use braids while parting the hair horizontally or may be try French braids on the hairline and give little curly waves to the down half. This is a hairstyle that is always in trend and looks classic.

half up half down hairstyle with french braids e1459834187311


44. Headbands Back in Fashion

Headbands are back in fashion this summer so you are all welcome to experiment with headbands and scarf with your favorite hairdo. And edgy look will be to choose a headband that is close to your hair color and wear so that it barely shows your hairline.

headbands back in fashion e1459834405193


All about Luxurious Long Hairs

Maintaining luscious long hairs is about a lot more than just finding the right shampoo or conditioner. It starts from having a daily routine regime for your hair care.

Beautiful girl with luxurious long straight hair

long straight hair



It all depends on your creativity and how much time you can devote towards your hair. Long hairstyle knows no limit for creativity yet you should know what hairstyle suits you the best.

Long Hairstyles for Men in Trend

Long hair doesn’t necessarily mean more work. Choose the right hair products and keep shampooing 2-3 times in a week. Don’t brush up quite often or when it’s wet.

Brad Pitt with Long Hairstyle

bradpit with long hair

Brad Pitt

Try hairstyles that accentuates you the best. Flare your hair with different types of buns just as Brad Pitt does and look as sexy!

Hugh Jacksman with long hairstyle

hugh jacksman with long hairstyle e1459836282282

Hugh Jacksman 

Style Your Long Hair in Seconds

There are lots of hairstyles trending these days that takes almost zero time and gives you a hack to celebrity look. The Messy bun is the most trendy of all and if you want to go for a change then just twist those hairs for a twisted messy bun and stand out of the crowd.

Twisted Messy bun gives Elegant Look

twisted messy bun gives elegant look


Long Bobs for Great Hair Texture

Long Bobs or Lobs go with any hair type and texture. These are easy to maintain hairstyle and are super trendy. You can pin up a part and keep the rest on loose or tie your hair up as a downdo. Just get the right haircut according to your face structure and rock it!

Long curly Bob waves for oval face

long curly bob waves for oval face e1459837274973


Long Bob Sleek Hair with Texture

long bob sleek hair with texture e1459837716372


Get Stunning Hairdo for Prom Night

Hairstyles on prom night should be as sensual and gorgeous to accentuate you the best. Braids are in trend these days, be it simple braids or French. For a chic look you should accessorize your hair with colorful extensions or may be a tiara on your bun. Be as girly and classy.

Hairstyles on prom night with Crown Looks Elegant

hairstyles on prom night with crown looks elegant e1459838067965


Prom night with side Braid Beautiful

prom night with side braid beautiful


Layer Your Hair with Bangs like The Celebrities

Fringes are trending even among the celebrities these days be it Taylor Swift with her messy bangs or Emma Watson with her brand new fringes. It is a style statement that will update your look if done right or ruin it one for all. So, follow up a celebrity with a similar face structure as yours and get going with the inspiration.

Taylor Swift with Hair Messy Bangs

taylor swift with hair messy bangs e1459838433783

Taylor Swift 

Emma Watson with brand new fringe

emma watson with brand new fringe e1459838834536

Emma Watson

Wedding Day Made Special with Long Luscious Hair

Look stunning in every moment of your wedding day with the best hairstyle as with long hair you can do anything you wish. Groove through the internet for the as many hairstyles as you can and try them on. Choose the one that best suits your face and wedding gown and add a little twist if you wish to make it unique with braids and tiara.

Wedding Spiral curled long layered hairstyle

wedding spiral curled long layered hairstyle e1459839221842


Wedding Long Luscious Hairstyle with Jewelry

wedding hairstyle with jewelry e1459839326701


Unique and Stunning Hairstyles for Long Curly Hair

Hair Curl fever is on every girl’s mind these days as curlers are so easy to go by. Curls add textures your hair that will flaunt any hairstyle you make and hence it looks effortless and gorgeous. You can get shiny and defined curls or may be with bouncy texture and add some ribbons for fun. Get some layer cuts on your hair to flare the curls with more volume.

Unique Hairstyle for long curly Hairs

unique hairstyle for long curly hairs e1459840075791


Layer Your Hair to Pump up The Sexiness

Layers add an instant volume to your hair and never look overdone. After getting layers you can curl them up in alternate directions to give it a unique texture. Bangs are always welcome on a layered hairstyle and they never fail to give you a chic look. Add highlights to your hair as they compliment layers like nothing else.

Brown Layered Hairdo

brown layered hairdo e1459840400173

Photo By L.A Birdie

Long layers Hairstyle with Color Texture

long layers hairstyle with color texture e1459840551406


Flaunt Your Hair like Rapunzel!

Long Hairs are hard to maintain yet this season is all about trending the zero time taking hairstyles. The major trending hairstyle is the Bed-Head look, which can be left just as you woke up with a little adjustment. Tousled waves are in trend as flaunt by Dakota Johnson and is a low maintenance hairstyle and those effortless waves will look stunning on anyone.

Dakota Johnson with Bed Head Look

dakota johnson with bed head look

Dakota Johnson

Weaves to Sew In Your Hairstyle this Season

Chic look is best flaunted if you blend in either highlights or extensions to your weave hairstyles. If you have long weave hairstyles then keep in mind to brush it regularly with a paddled brush for untangled hair. If you have short weaves then keep it choppy and volumised and that will give an edgy look just like Rihanna.

Rihanna Edge Hair Look makes Elegant

rihanna edge hair look makes eleagnt e1459841264609


Chic look Wavy Hairstyle

chic look wavy hairstyle


Light and Easy Going Straight Hairstyles for Long Hair

Straight long hair looks so elegant yet easy going that it is never out of trend since Cleopatra made it exotic. It is less time consuming and low maintenance if followed through a routine regime. You can add up layers to your hair and center part or side part your hair as you wish. Use a light hairspray to keep it manageable.

Cute and Easy Long Hairstyle with side Bangs

cute and easy long hairstyle with side bangs


Spew Gorgeousness with Medium Length Hairstyles

Medium length hair is best to try out every look out there as it doesn’t have the restriction of bob hair and neither the complications of long hair. Wear your hair down to shoulder lengths with some layers to flaunt and it is a great way to get rid of the evil split ends while flaunting any face of any shape.

Medium Length Hairstyles with Bob haircut

medium length hairstyles with bob haircut e1459844971253


Medium Length Hairstyles with wrinkles Looks

medium length hairstyles with wrinkls looks


Hairstyles that Best Compliment the Dark Complexion

It is not a taboo for dark complexion to play around with colors and highlights. Trends of this season prove it quite well. You can choose an eye-catching hue for your hair and try out weaves or may be curls just like Justine Skye. Or maybe get inspired from Laila Ali who can knock out anybody with her glamorous mocha highlights over light black waves.

Laila Ali with Large Black waves

laila ali with large black waves

Laila Ali

Justine Skye with Curly hairstyle makes Elegant

justine skye with curly hairstyle makes elegant e1459845510177

Justine Skye 

Grab Some Attention with Blond Hair

Nothing is more refreshing than shiny blond locks and these days many are opting to blond-out their locks completely or may be adding just as highlights. If you have naturally blond hair or have changed into them, there are few hairstyles that stylists swear. The platinum shine that Paris Hilton carries around is surely appreciative and so is Jessica Stam who is a redhead-turned Blonde and rocking it quite well on the ramps.

Paris Hilton with Platinum Shiny Hairstyle

paris hilton with platinum shiny hairstyle

Paris Hilton 

Jessica Stam with Blonde and Rocking Hairdo

jessica stam with blonde and rocking hairdo e1459845877216

Jessica Stam 

Go Gothic or Gorgeous with Black Hair

Black hair of any length either short or long can be flaunted for a stunning look. If you have long shiny hair then you can go for braids or just let it loose with centre-parting. May be curling them up for a chic look and for short hair you can sew-in textures to get any look you wish for.

Black hair with Chic Look with Brown Texture

black hair with chic look with brown texture


Hairstyles for Thick Hair: Short Chic or Long Gorgeous

Thick hair gives endless options for haircut and hairstyles. It looks sassy with short hair and stunning when flaunted in lengths. Yet medium hair length has been the most commonly followed for thick hair as it offers quite versatile hairstyles. You can use ironing to weigh down your hair and go for short styles as you can use extensions without any constraints.

Selena Gomez in Thick Black Hairstyle

selena gomez in thick black hairstyle

Selena Gomez 

Thick Hairstyle with Short Chic Looks Gorgeous

thick hairstyle with short chic looks gorgeous


Hairstyles in Trend this Season for Round Faces

As per your face structure you should choose a haircut and hairstyle that will best flatter your look. You can get inspired from celebrities with round face to get going with the major trend. You can go for a short bob like Charlize Theron and look as sexy or may be straight long bob as Emma Stone for a simple pretty look.

Charlize Theron Short Bob Hair Look

charlize theron short bob hair look e1459847311656

Charlize Theron 

Emma Stone Straight Long Bob Hairdo

emma stone straight long bob hairdo e1459847469689

Emma Stone 

The Ethnic Girl to Sassy Chic; Braid Gives it All

Braids are endlessly versatile and give an instant feminine update to your look. You can go for a simple French braid or may be twist up two braids together. The triple braid has been on trend these days as it gives volume to your hair. Braids can be tied up as bun updo as well, that gives a really gorgeous look.

Twist up two braids together

twist up two braids together e1459847795686


Triple Braid Became fashion

triple braid became fashion e1459847945527


Look Rich with Fancy Hairstyles for Your Long Hair

The special occasions always demand for a fancy hairstyle or maybe just to get over the boring everyday look, here are some ideas to make your hair look fancy. The fringes with eye-skimming length are a look that anyone will crave for. Smooth it out or may be flat-iron your hair. Maintain a sleek hairstyle to give your hair a rich look.

Fancy Prom hairstyles for long hairdo

prom hairstyles for long hair updo e1459848198125


Sleek Long Hairstyle with rich look

sleek long hairstyle with rich look


Flatter Long Hair this Summer with Cool Hairstyles

Summer brings in a lot of challenges for ladies with long hair and yet there are a lot of hairstyles to save you from it. The sweeping side braid has been in trend and always gives you a boho chic look. Twisted buns are another best option you can go for as it keeps your hair intact and makes you look gorgeous at the same time.

Cool sweeping side braid gives Beautiful look

cool sweeping side braid gives beautiful look e1459848618156


Twisted buns for long  Hairs this summer

twisted buns for long hairs this summer e1459848776220


Flaunt Long Hairstyles Inspired by Celebrities

Shay Mitchell flaunts her long hair like a pro with a simple side part and the other part tucked behind her ears. The Duchess of Cambridge changed her old hairdo by sampling bangs and waves. If you want a sleek and sexy look then follow Blake Lively who looks chic with her ponytail that by hair pulled back. Hover around the internet to get inspired as much.

Shay Mitchell with hair side trucked behind the ears

shay mitchell with hair side trucked behind the ears e1459849068203

Shay Mitchell 

Catherine Duchess Cambridge with bangs and waves

catherine duchess cambridge with bangs and waves e1459849203227

Catherine Duchess Cambridge

Casual Ponytail hairstyle from Blake Lively

casual ponytail hairstyle from blake lively e1459849475244

Blake Lively


We are flooded with ideas to help you through and maintaining luscious and luxurious hair is not a strenuous job if followed religiously. Getting the right look is all about using the right products and knowing what suits you the best. So start playing with your hair.

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