If you own long thick tresses consider yourself blessed as you have the privilege of flaunting your feminine charm by displaying various hairstyles. A simple braid in long hair is a timeless coiffeur that has been sported by women for eons. Adorning a flowing braid with garlands or seasonal flowers will accentuate your makeup with any Indian attire.

Four Strands Long Hairstyle Design

four braided hairstyle


The Braid Pony Babe hairstyle can make you look awesome by adding a few mini side braids to your regular ponytail. Separate sections of hair from both sides of your head leaving a gap of two inches between each section. Either you twist the sections or tie them in tight braid till the middle back of your crown and fix them with pins. Now gather all your hair in a ponytail and slowly remove the pins from the twists. Tie all the ends of your twists taken into your ponytail with a decorative hairband. Head forward to rock any dance floor! Some interesting hairstyles with long braids are- the Extra Big Hair Braid which made its first appearance in the 80s but is still worn by ladies, the Blunt Bangs which will indefinitely slash down your age by a few years, Beautiful Sassy Braid which is the simplest braided hairdo or the sophisticated Blonde Double Braided Buns which can be wowed in any gathering.

Colorful Multiple Braid Hairstyle Idea

colorful muliple braids


French Lace Long Braid Styles

french lace long braid


Waterfall Braided Hairstyle For Long Hair

half fish braid hair


Wedding Colored Hair Braid Style

wedding braided hair


Golden White Braid Long Hair Design

golden white braid hair


Beautiful Long Different Braid Hairstyle

beautiful long braid hairstyle


However, there is a glut of options in braided hairstyles from which you can choose the right one for your facial structure. Only thing you need to have is the sense of the right kind of accessories and apparel to compliment your hairdo.

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