A braid sometimes also referred to as a plait, is a complex pattern formed by interlacing three or more strands of hair. A more common braid is the smooth three-stranded style. More complex braids can be constructed from a random number of strands to create a range of styles.

Side Braid Hairstyle For Medium Hair

awesome side braid hair


Fabulous Frozen Side Braid Hairstyle Design

fabulous frozen side braid


Normal Side Braid Hair Design

simple side braid


A hairstyle that has been passed down over centuries, the quintessential braids or plaits can never go out of fashion. And nowadays, moving on from the regular braid; the side braid is making fashion statements across the world. Below are some side braids that are totally fun, fashionable and ideal for all ages.

Normal Side Braid – Hollywood sensations Zoe Saldana and Blake Lively are hugely promoting the cutest braid hairstyles. The Side braid, which is one of the easiest hairstyle trends to master, has become one of the hottest red carpet hairstyles. Besides, this hairstyle can go with any face type and any occasion too.

French Side Braid Hairstyle

french side braid hairstyle


Beautiful Lace Side Braid Hair Idea

beautiful lace side braid


Cool Hairstyle of Side Braid

cool hairstyle of side braid


Multiple Side Braids Hairstyle

multiple side braids hairstyle


Gorgeous Side Braid Hairstyle

gorgeous side braid hairstyle


Amazing Front Braid Hairstyle

amazing three braid hairstyle


Blonde Side Braid Hairstyle

blonde side braid hairstyle


Long Fish Tail Side Braid Hair Design

long fish tail side braid


Grey French Side Braid Hairstyle

grey french side braid hairstyle


Superb One Sided Braid Hairstyle

superb braid hairstyle


Large Fish Tail Side Braid

large fish tail side braid


Fantastic Braid With Updo Hairstyle on Side

fantastic braid on side


Dutch and Fishtail Combined Braid

dutch and fishtail combined braid


Formal Style Side Braid

formal style side braid


Normal Side Braided Hairstyle For Girls

normal side braided hair


Different Side Braided Hairstyles

different side braided hairstyles


Cool Braid on Side Haircut

cool braid on side hair

Cute Side Braid Hairstyle

cute side braid hairstyle


Fishtail Side Braid – Eva Longoria and Selena Gomez are just a few of the Hollywood style icons who prefer fishtail braids which they feel perfectly suit their personalities. This braid is also known as the fishbone braid and looks even better worn on the side.

French Side Braid -The French braid was one of the hottest hairstyles a decade ago. The side French braid nowadays is the hottest fashion trend, having been adopted by various celebrities from the young Kristen Stewart to the mature Jessica Alba. The elaborate French braid pulled to the side looks great on women of every age.

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