Our hair tends to get damaged from the constant exposure to heat, chemicals, and even color. So give your hair a break by going for the trendy braid bob hairstyle. Apart from making you beautiful, with Bob hairstyles, you’ll save time, money and it is also easy to style. You can even add a dazzling headband or a trendy hat, and you’ll still look chic. Read on to see various beautiful braided bob hairstyles that will suit you.

Emma Stone Long Braided Bob Hairstyle

emma stone long braided bob hairstyle

Redheads can make their hair stylish by incorporating a long bob braid. In this look, Emma Stone spots a half braid done on the front side of her parted hair. This hairstyle is simple to do yet classy and gorgeous.

Carey Mulligan Layered Braided Bob

carey mulligan layered braided bob

A simple French braid on the side of your head is the easiest way to style short hair. You too can rock this Carey Mulligan layered hairstyle by adding a few small braids on your blonde hair. You may also see French Braid Hairstyles

Box Braid Bob Hairstyle

box braid bob hairstyle


Box braid is one of the most popular protective hairstyles. This hairstyle will make you look elegant whether you’re going to the office or a party. Women with short natural hair can even include artificial braids to make this hairstyle.

Cute Braided Bob Hairstyle

cute braided bob hiarstyle


Women who are looking for a subtle way to make their natural hair elegant can add a side braid and style the rest of the hair into loose curls. This braided bob is chic and suitable for engagements and weddings.

Two Tone Braided Bob

two tone braided bob


If you thought Bob braids look good only on natural black hair then you’re wrong, and this two-tone braided bob is the prove you need. Adding sea shells to a few braids and the vibrant purple color helps this hairstyle stand out.

Asymmetrical Braided Bob

asymmetrical braided bob


This asymmetrical edgy bob is suitable for ladies with straight and medium texture hair. For this hairstyle, the individual made peek a boo corn rows on the shorter side of her hair and used the longer side to frame her face.

Pixie Braids Bob Haircut

pixie braids bob haircut


Sometimes it can be stressful to find a style that flatters short hair. However, adding a simple braid to a pixie bob is not only feminine but also chic. This bob compliments the style of women of all ages.

This braided wavy bob is simple to do especially when you need to give your hair a fresh look and also simple to undo when you’re in the mood of wearing your natural hair. The curls give volume to the hairstyle.

Braided Bob with Fringes

braided bob with fringes


Ladies who love box braid updo can use this braided bob hairstyle to flatter their face shape. Women with diamond and square face shapes can side part the braids and create a fringe to draw attention towards eyes or lips.

Double Braided Bob

double braided braided bob


If you have two hair colors, then a double braided bob is perfect for you. Suitable for girls who love to be adventurous, the two braids are unique, and the idea of braiding up to half way makes this hairstyle breathtaking. You may also see Stacked Bob Haircuts

Green and Black Braided Bob Hair

green and black braided bob hair


Side Swept Braided Bob

side swept braided bob


Awesome Braided Bob Hairstyle

awesome braided bob hairstyle


Natural Braided Bob Hair

natural braided bob hair


Braided Bob with Shaved Sides

braided bob with shaved sides


Short Braided Bob Hair

short braided bob hair


Beautiful Braided Bob Haircut

beautiful braided bob haircut


Blonde Braided Bob Hair

blonde braided bob hair


How to make box braid bob hairstyle?

Bob box braids is a gorgeous hairstyle made with braids that reach just below the chin. The trick to making these braids curve is to slightly burn the tips. They are light weight, low maintenance and can act as a protective hairstyle.

How to glam up bob braids?

Bob braids are so simple to style. Apart from side parting and using the braids as a fringe, you can also add gold or silver metal cuffs, seashells, and even a hat.

Braided bob is a trendy hairstyle that is easy to maintain and looks chic. It’s an easy way to glam up short hair in the shortest time possible. Whether you’re going to an engagement party or you just want to do something different with your short hair, braided bob hairstyles will ensure you look beautiful.

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