While a Mohawk hairstyle was once associated with a wild attitude, the concept has been reinvented to become one of the trendiest hairstyles. Popular among athletes, musicians, and even models, there are different ways to wear a Mohawk. What set this hairstyle apart is the sleek fade side and a center strip on the crown. Whether you choose to create spikes on the center or style it to create curls, Mohawk designs look good on both women and men. You may also See Mohawk Fade Haircut

Mohawk Fade Haircut Design

Mohawk Fade Haircut Design Source

Mohawk fade hairstyle design is popular among men of all ages. For this look, the hair on the back and side is faded using a clipper leaving enough length at the top to be styled using gel.

Braided Mohawk Design

Braided Mohawk Design Source

Suitable for ladies with long or medium length hair, a braided Mohawk design is an easy way to make your hair look fresh. For this hairstyle secure the sides and create a French braid at the center.

Mohawk Design for Men

Mohawk Design for Men Source

While there are many types of Mohawks, the Mohawk fade design is popular among men of all skin tones. It suits both formal as well as casual occasions and looks good on all hair textures.

Black Men Mohawk Design

Black Men Mohawk Design Source

Whether with dreadlocks, spikes, kinky or curly hair, Mohawks designs are popular with black celebrities such as Usher, will Smith and Puff Daddy. This hairstyle creates a fierce look that depicts masculinity.

Cornrow Mohawk Hairstyle Design

Cornrow Mohawk Hairstyle Design Source

Plaiting cornrows into a Mohawk design will give your look an edge. For this hairstyle braid your side hair into cornrows and make the center using a bigger braid or leave the hair unbraided.

Mohawk Design with Weave

Mohawk Design with Weave Source

Women who lack long hair but still want to rock the Mohawk can add a weave at the center. You can even go further and add a colored weave or dye your shaved side in a contrasting color.

Mohawk Hairstyle with Line Design

Mohawk Hairstyle with Line Design Source

Young Men and women who love wearing the Mohawk with shaved side can add curved lines and different geometric patterns to personalize their hairstyle. For a formal look add the lines at the back. You may also See Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

Taper Mohawk Haircut Design

Taper Mohawk Haircut Design Source

Taper Mohawk haircut design gives a clean look for men who want to combine a fade and a wild Mohawk. The sides are faded instead of shaving the hair completely.

Lizard Mohawk Haircut Design

Lizard Mohawk Haircut Design Source

If a dramatic or weird hairstyle is what you love, then a lizard mohawk haircut design is perfect for you. The Mohawk is cut in a style that resembles a lizard ensuring that the back looks like a tail.

Semi Mohawk Haircut

Semi Mohawk Haircut Source

Semi Mohawk designs are ideal for men of all ages with short hair. For this Mohawk hairstyle, shave the sides and let the middle part extend either to the back or front.

Mohawk designs are trendy hairstyles that originate from the Native American Mohawk tribe. This hairstyle became popular because of punk rock music and lifestyle during the 1980s. You can differentiate this cut due to its shaved or faded sides and slightly longer center. With its unlimited styling options, it has become a modern hairstyle that is preferred by ladies and gents of all ages. You may also See Edgy Mohawks Hairstyle

With many celebrities, famous models and successful athletes rocking different Mohawk designs, this hairstyle will stand out wherever you go. It shows a daring attitude and highlights an individual who is not afraid to take risks. Whether on short or long hair, Mohawk haircuts are eye-catching.

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