For men selecting a nice hair design is very important because it defines the character of a person. Taper fade haircut is the trade mark haircut for men. This hair style looks classic and modern at the same time. So to look modern and decent, this haircut was adopted for men from decades.

Neymar Blonde Hair

neymar blonde hair

Stephan El Shaarawy Mohawk Fade

stephan el shaarawy hairstyle

Deandre Yedlin Faux Hawk hair

deandre yedlin mohawk

Faux hawk haircut is the new innovation of the hair stylists, as the name indicates this style is inspired from a faux hawk and the Classy taper haircut to give the new contemporary hairstyle to men hairs. This haircut reduces the volume of the thick hair by reducing the sides and creates a perfect look.

Cristiano Ronaldo Mohawk with Part

cristiano ronaldo

Jared Leto Faux Hawk Hairstyle

jared leto faux hawk hairstyle

Mario Balotelli Mohawk Fade

mario balotelli mohawk

Paul Pogba Afro Mohawk

juventus paul pogba

Sergio Aguero Mohawk Hair

sergio aguero mohawk

David Beckham Mohawk Line

david beckham

Arturo Vidal Mohawk Haircut with Stars

arturo vidal mohawk haircut with stars

This hairstyle is purely made for the men with thick course of hair and it tames the perfect unruly look. In this style of haircut the sides are shorter and the hairs are longer at the center of the head creating a peak.

Colored Faux Hawk Haircut

colored faux hawk men haircut idea


High Faux Hawk Hairstyle

high raise faux hawk haircut design


Colored Mohawk Hairstyle

different colored faux hawk haircut style


Mohawk Skin Fade Haircut

fohawk haircut with faded style


Blonde Faux Hawk Hair

gold color long hair faux hawk


Side Shaved Faux Hawk Hairstyle

side shaved faux hawk hairstyle design


Low Temp Fade Mohawk Hair

curly low fade black men faux hair


Mid  Fade Mohawk Hairstyle

classy black faux hawk hairstyle idea


Low Side Fade Faux Hawk Hair

tiny faux hawk with faded hairstyle


Side Swept Fade with Part

high fade side swepted haircut style


Curly Mohawk Hairstyle for Men

long curly hawk hairstyle for men


Side Faded Faux Hawk Haircut

side faded black faux hawk haircut


Afro Faux Hawk Hair for Black Men

curly faux hawk hair for black men


The faux hawk hair style is one of the most sustainable hairstyle. It suits most of the face shapes including round and easy to style faces. The variation that can be brought to this hair style could be by adding bangs at the center or a forward fringe will enhance the look way better.

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