With the onset of spring the early trendsetters have brought in hottest hair trends for the summer of 2016. As summer is the season of experimentation and idiosyncrasy, you have so much to get inspired from and shine up your summer look. Hairstyle trend is as significant as refreshing your wardrobe with latest clothing, shoes and accessories.

A lady can change her look from a rogue street look to a professional corporate or may be a happy-in-pajama to sexy party girl as swiftly by changing her hairdo. Nothing expresses and elevates the mood of a woman as well as her hairstyle. Here are 10 hairstyles to look up to this season for a stand out look.

1. Braid it all


Braids are back in trends since 2015 and this year is setting a trend of braiding the full head giving you a playful look. You can either tie up all your hair from side to side making a big braid encircling your head or make numerous small plaits joining together into one or two pony tails. You can pump up the sexiness by braiding your hairs into small plaits and pull it up making a top knot.

2. Messy Bun Haircuts for Short, Medium and Long

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This is not going to be out of style anytime soon. These are easy going, super-time saving, ready to go hairstyles and are recent favorites of a lot of divas. These up do can be a messy topknot with fringes and loose-ended or may be a low bun that is half looped.  This simple hairdo expressed the lightness of spring and summer and gives you an artistic gal look.

3. Mid-line Part Hairstyles

mid hair cut

Sideline parts have been put aside in 2015, and this year is all about sleek hair that has been center parted to cherish the symmetry of your face. You can pull down your hair to the back straightening the strands to get a supermodel look. Or you can center part your hair and get your hair sideways making a loose braid.

4. Asymmetrical Bangs

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Bangs and fringes add to the sexiness of a hairdo. Sleek bangs are hard to maintain and hence this year brings in the fringes as shaggy giving you a chic look. Fringes can be long and well cut or may be short and choppy as if cut by a child. This is a trend back from the 80s supermodel looks.

5. Twisted Hairdo a top favorite technique in hairstyles

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As Lara Croft shows off her hair with twisted hair making it into a ponytail, so can you add twists to any of your favorite hairstyle to give it a revamped look. Twists are easy to do and add a romantic whimsical quotient to the look. If you have short hair then add some twists and leave it as such without any other hairdo.

6. Pigtail Hairstyle to Rock at Any Age

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Believe it or not, you can get back your childhood with those pigtails your mother used to make of your hair! The childish look looks adorable and you can add some interesting bows to make a statement.

7. Ponytails

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Ponytails in the summers have been here for some time now. They make the crown uncluttered and give you a professional and comforting look. Think of Jennifer Lopez!

8. Amazing Grunge Hairstyle


Messy hair that looks uncombed can be a style statement and many spend considerable amount of money to get this look. To get this in the simplest way, apply a primer before drying and once the moisture dries off, work through the length with just your fingers.  You can also use a salt spray or solutions that give thickness.

9. Minimal Hairstyle you’ll love

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For those looking for a clan look, try tying your hair in a ponytail. A tight chignon too can be a cool statement this summer. Alternatively, if you want a slight graphic look, the best results can be achieved just after a wash.

10. Awesome New Ways To Style Your Natural Hair

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Neat but spontaneous is perfect for this summer and the secret lies in a good shampoo product and conditioners. Apply a finishing product to get that neat volume.

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