What is a surfer hairstyle? Well dating it back to many years, the surfer hairstyle was referred to as long hair with bleach look due to exposure from the sun from all the surfing. This went on to become a fashion; it was later called the hippie hairstyle where people would leave their long hair without combing or styling them into beautiful curls.

This went on again to become one of the stylish hairstyles that we see quite often these days and they are termed as surfer hairstyle. So, here we are going to see some of the most stylish surfer hairstyles that will give you ideas on how to do your hair.

Beyonce Layered Fringe Surf Hair

beyonce layered fringe surf hair

This is a crazy and gorgeous surf hairstyle. This is just curly hair that is like a short messy hairstyle. Beyonce’s curly hair suits her face and is good for a casual look. It gives out a very messy look that gives out a feeling that you are comfortable and at the same time fashionable.

Naomi Watts Polished Surfer Hair Idea

naomi watts polished surfer hair idea

This is a subtle surfer hairstyle. This is perfect for the summers because it is short and the curls are very minimal, it is almost wavy more than curly. But we do love the blonde look she has gone for. Perfect for everyday wear and also for work.

Adriana Lima Wild Long Surf Hair

adriana lima wild long surf hair1

Ladies, if you have long hair, styling shouldn’t be a problem anymore. This surf hairstyle gives you tips on how to look beautiful and get all the attention in the room. This has a combination of neat and messy hair and the perfect bleach which definitely gives the surf look.

Kate Hudson Short Surfer Hairstyle

kate hudson short surfer hairstyle

This short messy hair is the perfect summer hairstyle. If you think you can’t have curly short hair then you are wrong. Kate Hudson just proved it to us how you look smart, gorgeous and chic with the short surf hairstyle.

Emma Stone Modern Surfer Bouffant Hairstyle

emma stone modern surfer bouffant hairstyle

This is a very modern surf hairstyle that looks very elegant. The hair is tied up on one side whereas the other sides are in basic curls that make her look as gorgeous as ever.

Alexa ChungFloppy Fringe Surfer Hair

alexa chungfloppy fringe surfer hair

This hairstyle is all about the messy look and the fringe. The colour combination is just as perfect as the surfers looked back in the days. This is a very casual look that doesn’t need a lot of styling.

Lethal Weapon Mullet Style Surf Hairstyle

lethal weapon mullet style surf hairstyle

All the boys, remember the famous lethal weapon movie? Well, that hairstyle is back in fashion and it is back in the surf style. The style is short, messy, wavy hair with a perfect color.

Georgia May Jagger Mid Length Surfer Hair

georgia may jagger mid length surfer hair

This hairstyle is stylish and will be perfect for a party. You will have all the attention on you despite having a little messy look to it. The color contrasts are a perfect blend and they make it look nicer.

Justin Hartley Spiky Surfer Hair Style

justin hartley spiky surfer hair style

This blonde hairstyle is stylish and gives out a super cool look. You are definitely ought to look smart and dashing with a hairstyle like this. Make sure you style it right.

Rachel Bilson Surf Curly Hair Idea

rachel bilson surf curly hair idea

If you have nice curls, you have to flaunt them away and how do you do it, well definitely the surfer style. The colors on her curls enhance them better and make it look dazzling.

Layered Surfer Hairstyle

layered surfer hairstyle


Silky Layered Hairstyle Idea

silky layered hairstyle idea


Center Parted Surfer Hairstyle

center parted surfer hairstyle


Side Parted Surfer Hairstyle

side parted surfer hairstyle


Silky Surfer Hairstyle

silky surfer hairstyle


Trendy Surfer Long Haircut

trendy surfer long haircut


Gorgeous Medium Bangs Haircut

gorgeous medium bangs haircut


Simple Surfer Haircut for Men

simple surfer haircut for men


Natural Surf Curly Haircut

natural surf curly haircut


These hairstyles are originally supposed to look very messy and not styled at all but with the growing time, of course, it is kept as old fashioned possible but there is tad bit amount of styling also added to it that makes it look trendy and elegant.

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