A bathroom can get a complete makeover just by replacing or adding things. In this case we are going to analyze the various styles you can get just by changing the door designs of your shower. You can go for a frosty design that will give you privacy or you can choose an elegant design with luxurious handles. To help you decide we are sharing with you our collection of shower doors for extra inspiration. You may also see Shower Stall Designs

Glass Shower Door Designs

Glass is the primary if not the only choice for shower doors. You can get a clear glass design to help the shower showoff its tile designs or you can get an etched glass door that will bring artistic vibe.

Simple Glass Shower Door

simple glass shower door


Frameless Shower Door Design Ideas

Frames tend to make the space look smaller or restricted. Choose a frameless design that will allow your bathroom look taller while the glass will make it look even in small bathrooms. Choose designer handles for some extra fashionable touch. You may also see Curbless Shower Designs

Frameless Glass Shower Door

frameless glass shower door


Frosted Shower Door Designs

If you like your privacy while in the shower then you should check out the frosty glass designs. They come in simple or intricate designs that have an artistic twist to make you bathroom look elegant with a private space.

Frosted Corner Shower Door

frosted corner shower door


Sliding Shower Door Designs

Installing a shower door with sliding panels you will get a great design with stylish and modern touch. Whether you choose a frameless design or a more traditional style the sliding doors will be handy in small bathrooms saving space. You may also see Shower Room Designs

Modern Sliding Shower Door

modern sliding shower door

Photo by Jim Bartsch

Vintage Shower Doors

From caged frame shower doors to an accordion design you can find many doors for a vintage shower door. The key is to make the space look elegant with a little bit of antique quality to add a visual interest.

Small Vintage Shower Door

small vintage shower door


Corner Shower Door Designs

A corner shower can have many shapes. You have to choose the shower door depending on the current shape and decide on the material based on the style you want it to have. Choose between a swinging and sliding door. You may also see Shower Bench Designs

Corner Glass Shower Door

corner glass shower door


Wooden Shower Doors

If you have your eyes set on a wooden design then you should really go for it. Wood will bring a warm and inviting look that will accentuate any style you might have in your bathroom bringing a vivacious personality. You may also see Walk-In Shower Designs

Vintage Wooden Shower Door

vintage wooden shower door


Outdoor Shower Door Ideas

For an outdoor shower you can choose among a great variety of materials to use. The key here is privacy so you need a semi-transparent to solid material. The variety ranges from wood to steel and from glass to fabric. You may also see Outdoor Shower Designs

White Outdoor Shower Door

white outdoor shower door


Small Shower Door Ideas

Make your small shower look bigger with a frameless door design. The lack of top frame will make it look taller while clear glass will give the illusion of a larger cabin. Go for an etched design for extra style.

Small Farmhouse Shower Door

small farmhouse shower door


Modern Shower Door Designs

Modern shower doors have a crisp design that makes them look perfect in almost every modern bathroom. You can choose a door with decorative elements that will work as a focal point in your bathroom bringing character with modern air. You may also see Steam Shower Designs

Modern Glass Shower Door

modern glass shower door

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Hinged Shower Doors

A hinged door can have many styles depending on the type of the hinges. If you choose a stainless steel or chrome design then it’ll look perfect in modern and contemporary styles while bronze and brass on vintage and traditional.

Traditional Hinged Shower Door

traditional hinged shower door


Arched Shower Door Designs

If you want to add a creative twist to the shower then you can get an arched door design. This will help you achieve a softer look while the elegance will add extra points of style to the bathroom’s space.

Simple Arched Shower Door

simple arched shower door


Etched Shower Doors

Etched glass is the most creative way to add an artistic punch in your bathroom. Choose a door with a beautiful design that ranges from abstract to vintage and make the space look elegant. Designer handles will add more character.

Etched Glass Shower Door

etched glass shower door


Curved Shower Door Designs

Curved shower doors are suitable for round or corner shower cabins. This will bring a softer look to the space while it will make your bathroom look polished and luxurious. These designs come with hinged and sliding designs to taste.

Contemporary Curved Shower Door

contemporary curved shower door


Industrial Shower Doors

Industrial designs have a cage design that can look extraordinary in contemporary and retro bathrooms. You can choose the door in a contrasting color that will make a strong statement to the bathroom’s style bringing character and strong decorative elements.

Best Industrial Shower Door

best industrial shower door


Contemporary Shower Door Designs

Contemporary designs are known for their artistic urge so you can combine this style with etched glass. You can also choose a wood door that will add warmth in the space. Make sure that the wood has water resistant qualities.

Contemporary Sliding Shower Door

contemporary sliding shower door


A frameless design is going to offer you a fluid style. You can choose a clear glass door that can make a small space look larger. The designs can also take a different look depending on the handles toy choose. Oiled bronze, brass and gold can add a luxurious look.

Make sure that the door you choose is in the exact measurements of the shower in order to fit perfectly the space. Changing the door will help you renovate your bathroom adding a different style while you can also accentuate the room’s style with the decorative elements of the design.

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