Designing your bathroom is a tricky business, especially if you live with a partner who has ideas of their own. Finding the right design to fit a family can be difficult, but this article has put together some of the best and most beautiful designs so that the job can be made much easier. We have researched many different design ideas to bring you a list of some of the most versatile and beautiful shower designs for your new bathroom. You may also see Shower Room Designs

Walk-In Shower Designs

A walk-in shower does not have a door in order to enter the shower cubicle, instead, the shower is open and you simply walk-in and out of the shower room in order to use it. This design is highly modern and ideal for bigger bathrooms. You may also see Walk-In Shower Designs

Corner Walk-In Shower Design

corner walk in shower design

Bathroom Shower Designs

Bathroom showers come in a number of different styles and designs so that you can find the right shower design for you. Most bathroom showers consist of a glass cubicle, but there are many other designs available. You may also see Bathroom Glass Shower Designs

Bathroom Shower Door Design

bathroom shower door design

Shower Tile Designs

Shower tile designs use a number of different tile designs that come several different in order to create a beautiful simple shower tile design to create a modern look to the space.

Shower Wall Tile Design

shower wall tile design

Open Shower Ideas

An open shower design is perfect for larger bathrooms in order to create a wet room as well as a bathroom. These designs use a large area of the bathroom to create an open shower area with tiling to keep the area watertight. You may also see Open Shower Designs

Modern Open Shower Design

modern open shower design

Outdoor Shower Designs

There are many clever outdoor shower designs that use materials such as surf boards or reclaimed wood as the main body of the shower, which makes this design perfect for beaches and homes by the beach in order to shower off the sand or pool chemicals. You may also see Outdoor Shower Designs

Outdoor Wooden Shower Design

outdoor wooden shower design

Modern Shower Designs

Many modern shower designs incorporate a wet room with glass walls. Some offer different features, such as lighting, to give the shower a clever and modern feel. Modern shower designs are perfect for a modern home or home gym.

Modern Glass Shower Design

modern glass shower design

Small Shower Designs

A small shower design makes the most of a small area. These designs are most commonly a glass cubicle that utilizes a small space in the home. These designs are perfect for a smaller bathroom in order to create a full bathroom rather than a half bathroom.

Small Corner Shower Design

small corner shower design

Corner Shower Designs

A corner shower design is a different kind of design for the corner of the room. The most popular corner shower design is a curved design, however, these designs are available in other shapes, such as a pentagonal shape, to give a different effect in the space. You may also see Steam Shower Designs

Simple Corner Shower Design

simple corner shower design

Photo by Lifeseven

Luxury Shower Designs

Luxury shower designs have a seat, jets, and handheld showerheads to give the shower the luxury feel. These designs can be very modern or traditional so that they fit every style of bathroom.

Luxury Shower Tile Design

luxury shower tile design

Glass Shower Designs

A glass shower design is typical shower design with glass walls to help utilize all of the available space in the bathroom. These designs are perfect for any style of home. You may also see Curbless Shower Designs

Contemporary Glass Shower Design

contemporary glass shower design

Stone Shower Designs

Stone bathroom shower designs are a beautiful stonewall design with a waterfall showerhead. These designs are best suited for a more rustic designed bathroom, as it gives the country feel to the room.

Stacked Stone Shower Design

stacked stone shower design

Photo by William Quarles

Shower Wall Designs

A shower wall design is another beautiful shower wall design with colored stones or tiles that give a design to the shower area. These designs are perfect for any home as it is a very homely design.

Simple Shower Wall Design

simple shower wall design

Spa Shower Ideas

These shower designs are perfect for spas or home spas, as many take inspiration from a Japanese pool with running a waterfall shower head. These designs are very modern and very calming, which is what makes them perfect for a spa shower design.

Traditional Spa Shower Idea

traditional spa shower idea

Beth Cohen Raymond Interior Design

Contemporary Shower Designs

Most contemporary shower designs are a very simple black and white wet room, making the most of the space in the room, but are available in a number of other designs. These designs are ideal for the modern home to create a relaxing shower space.

Contemporary Shower Door Design

contemporary shower door design

Shower Lighting Designs

Shower lighting designs is a very different style of lighting a bathroom, as it has lights in the shower rather than in the ceiling. This creates a much more relaxing and sensual area to shower, making it perfect for a more modern home.

Rustic Shower Lighting Design

rustic shower lighting design

We hope that this list will help you to find the perfect bathroom and shower ideas that will make the most of the space you have and be of great use to your entire family. This list has an option for almost anyone, and we are confident that you will find an option to suit your needs.

How Shower Designs are Useful

Showers are one of the most used appliances in the house, so it should be a space that you enjoy being in, and creates a beautiful feel to the space. Finding the right design can create a beautiful and homely bathroom for all the family.

Some Decorating Tips

Think about how often the shower is used, and who by. This will help you to find the right design for your bathroom in order to make the most of the space. Also make sure that the shower area is water-tight, especially if you have young children who love to splash around.

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