Whether it is for laundry, drier, relaxation or pure bath, we all would agree that bathrooms have become the multi-purpose room in every modern home. And, as the spaces have begun to be nearer to comfortable and cosy, the need for shower bench can be a useful and stunning addition to your bath space. We have today compiled a list of 10 designs that will serve you with the ideal bath seating inspiration.

1. Contemporary Style Bench

contemporary style bench


If you are looking to bring a contemporary touch to your bathroom space, a wooden style bench can be a great addition. The wooden colour will lend a rustic touch to your home without being too overwhelming or too underwhelming.

2. Uniform Style Bench

uniform style bench


Add a luxurious and connective appearance to your bathroom with an element of design and comfort. The alcove shower and green tile supported with an easy permanent bench make the bath more convenient and free.

3. Bright White Bench

bright white bench


bright white bench


If you have a white themed bathroom, white subway tiles look particularly neat in the separate bath space. Bring in the added fun with tiled bench surfaced with marble countertop. The marble lends a sophisticated value to the look of the bathroom.

4. Brown Tiled Bench

brown tiled bench


The mosaic tile in the subtle brown lends a muted presence to the bathroom, the added bench further complements the tone and colour of the bathroom walls and tiles.

5. Pink Tiled Bench

pink tiled bench

Pink tile, pink walls and the centrally placed bench connects the vertically stretched bathroom. The mosaic tile floor and an alcove shower lend a beautiful contrast.

6. Classic Style

classic style

This elegant bench matches up the sophisticated look of the bathroom. The colourful tile in the middle adds the needed contrast to the space.

7. Soft Brown Bench

soft brown bench


This permanent built in shower bench affixed to the wall frames the shape and style of the bathroom. The added seating serves a multitude of purposes for the bathing area.

8. Curved Shower Bench

curved shower bench


This curved spherical shaped shower bench is perfect for the round bathrooms. The shower bench in white colour lends the necessary contrast and the required seating without being too cramped and tight.

9. Mosaic Tile With Wooden Bench

mosaic tile with wooden bench


The sleek built-in shower bench and handheld shower will definitely make your showers more comfortable and relaxing. The bench can also serve an added benefit of perching the foot for shaving legs.

10. Floating Bench

floating bench

floating bench


If you have a small shower there is no need to take up a lot of floor space for a seating as you can easily manage with floating bench that is fold able and can be purchased and affixed in a few hundred dollars.

Take inspiration from the above-mentioned designs and create a unique and stylish seating bench for your bath.

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