Sometimes adding a bench in your entryway makes a huge difference to the way the space looks. They offer style as well as storage space to help you keep your house organized. The variety of bench designs is great allowing everyone to find the right design that will cover fully their needs in style and practicality. Here you will find a collection of entryway benches that’ll help you get a deeper insight of your options. You may also see Bedroom Bench Designs

Small Entryway Bench Designs

A small bench can give you at most two seats. Despite the smallness of the space you can make every square inch count with a stylish bench. The added storage underneath will give you a great spot for storing shoes.

Cool Small Entryway Bench Design

cool small entry bench design

Entryway Storage Benches

A storage bench can come with cabinets or open shelves. You can find many designs in various styles to add a storage piece of furniture in your entryway while adding an elegant design with ample storage space to choose from. You may also see Shower Bench Designs

Traditional Entryway Storage Bench

traditional entryway storage bench

Rustic Entryway Benches

A wooden piece with visible grains can give you the ideal rustic style for your space. You can combine it with a high coat rack in the same design and style for a matching effect while utilizing the space underneath. You may also see Rustic Bench Designs

Rustic Wood Entryway Bench

rustic wood entryway bench

DIY Entryway Bench Designs

You can take advantage of an old cabinet turning it into a bench. You can cover the top surface with a soft cushion made of fabric or leather to add character. The shelves can be covered with stylish cabinet doors.

Small DIY Entryway Bench

small diy entrway bench

Photo by Corynne Pless

Modern Entryway Bench Ideas

For a modern design, you need to keep in mind that less is more. You can find many designs made of fine materials like wood and metal giving you exquisite benches to decorate your entryway with a minimalistic and elegant design. You may also see Outdoor Bench Designs

Modern Entryway Bench with Storage

modern entryway bench with storage

Corner Entryway Benches

A corner design will utilize all the available space of your entryway. These designs come in an adorable triangle shape making them interesting adding style and offering a storage nook for shoes while giving you a comfortable seating spot.

White Corner Entryway Bench

white corner entryway bench

Wood Entryway Benches

Wood will give you the right amount of warmth. Whether you choose a design in dark or a lighter color version, you can be sure that the end result will give you an authentic look with natural style creating a pleasant ambiance.

Modern Wood Entryway Bench

modern wood entryway bench

Metal Entryway Bench Designs

Metal designs offer a unique style for every home. You can find in many different colors that will add to your entryway’s style. Additionally, you can a design with a delicate design for a cute addition to your space.

Small Metal Entryway Bench

small metal entryway bench

Entryway Shoe Benches

A bench design can have a compartmentalized design that offers adequate storage space for your shoes. Choose a design that will match your entryway’s style and decorate it with soft pillows for an extra character that will make your house inviting.

Entryway Shoe Storage Bench

entryway shoe storage bench

Vintage Entryway Benches

You can consider enhancing your entryway with a vintage bench in order to achieve a classic look. These bench designs have special decorative qualities that are able to make your space look mesmerizing, bringing you an elegant piece with character.

Vintage Farmhouse Entryway Bench

vintage farmhouse entryway bench

Contemporary Entryway Bench Designs

Contemporary style requires minimal furnishing. For this reason, you would want to go for a design that reflects your personal taste while increasing the style of your space. Turn your entryway into a functional space with storage in minimalistic design.

Simple Contemporary Entryway Bench

simple contemporary entrway bench

Built-In Entryway Benches

A built-in design will make the bench look like a part of your space. Give a stylish makeover in your entryway with a bench design that looks attractive. This will look amazing with any style you might end choosing.

Transitional Built-In Entryway Bench

transitional built in entrway bench

Leather Entryway Benches

With certain materials, you can achieve a certain look. Leather bench designs can make your entryway look luxurious and stylish. You can choose a design with a combination of metal or wood with a leather top for an extra luxurious design.

Simple Leather Entryway Bench

simple leather entryway bench

White Entryway Benches

White designs have a way to brighten up your space. You can choose these benches for a white themed entryway in order to strengthen the style. The materials can go from metal to wood while you can decorate the benches with cushions.

Cool White Entryway Bench

cool white entryway bench

A bench in your entryway can help you in many ways. Firstly it creates a warm and inviting mood that will make every guest feel like home. Also, these designs offer style. Depending on the design of your space, a bench can enhance that style as a decorative and functional piece of furniture. From storing your shoes to creating a reading nook a bench design for your entryway can give you exactly what you need.

Revitalize your entryway with a stylish bench design. You can decorate it with a comfortable cushion to give you a soft look while a couple throw pillows will help you cozy your entryway. Utilize your available space taking advantage of all the extra space to cover all your storage needs.

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