Tattoo lovers know the importance of the motif that gets inked on their body parts. From quotes to animal print to pure graphic, all designs hold a unique significance of their own. Still, if you are looking for inspiration for something unique and edgy, we have compiled together a set of puzzle tattoo designs that are certainly going to fill the missing spaces in your life.

Colorful Puzzle Piece Wrist Tattoo

colorful puzzle piece wrist tattoo


If you are looking for something simple this colorful puzzle piece wrist tattoo can be the ideal choice. You can change the place of the tattoo and modify the colors as per your preference. In the design, you can distinctly see a heart forming in the middle of the puzzle pieces. So if the design symbolizes your life, the puzzled heart will be an apt inked addition

Zigsaw Puzzle Sleeve Tattoo

zigsaw puzzle sleeve tattoo


A little more detailed this zigsaw puzzle sleeve tattoo can be the best addition if you wish to achieve a more complexed look. You can choose to add colors if the complete black look turns out to be dull for your personality.

Puzzle Back Tattoo Design

puzzle back tattoo design


Puzzle tattoos can also be tried on your back. From simple to complex the design sure will add an extra edge. If you wish you can even add a shaded texture inside the puzzle for bringing out the finesse in your tattoo design.

Puzzle Tattoo on Hand

puzzle tattoo on hand


If you wish to give a completely realistic look to your puzzle, this tattoo design can be the best suitable option. Ask the artist to ink you with the sharp contrast of light and dark. You can even outline the puzzle pieces for a more defined and precise design.

Cool Puzzle Tattoo for Siblings

cool puzzle tattoo for siblings


It is not just lovers or friends who can get couple tattoos if your bond with your brother or sister is as tight as it can be, puzzle tattoo designs can be worth the experimentation.

Puzzle Key Tattoo for Hand

puzzle key tattoo for hand


You are the key to my puzzle of life, need we say more. This unique design can be the best choice for someone who loves to deal with the deep philosophy of life. If there is a name of a friend or family member that clicked in your head with the design, be sure to share with them. We are sure they will enjoy the design and you will receive your philosophical chapter of the day.

Black and Grey Puzzle Tattoo

puzzle foot tattoo


Beautiful Heart Puzzle Tattoo

beautiful heart puzzle tattoo


Blue and Black Puzzle Hand Tattoo

blue and black puzzle hand tattoo


Puzzle Pieces Full Sleeve Tattoo for Men

puzzle pieces full sleeve tattoo


Puzzle tattoo design can be easily modified with a personal quote or message that reflects and adds  meaning to the design.

Amazing Puzzle Tattoo for Hand

amazing puzzle tattoo for hand


Puzzle Wing Tattoo Design

puzzle wing tattoo design


Cute and Simple Puzzle Tattoo

cute and simple puzzle tattoo


If you are planning to get inked, puzzle tattoo designs are worth the try. Whether you choose to be daring, creative or sober there is one common element that ties all and that is meaningfully edgy.

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