Every tattoo has a personal meaning and story behind it and a dreamcatcher tattoo is no different. Popular with Native Americans, a dreamcatcher is a hoop that contains a web, beads, and feathers. This symbol is believed to keep evil spirit at bay and in turn result in good dreams. Whether you want this ink art for its visual appeal or symbolic meaning, dreamcatcher tattoos designs will decorate your body. You may also See Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

Small Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs

If you love tattoos with cultural backgrounds but don’t want to experience intense pain then go for a small dreamcatcher tattoos. The small size means that it will take less time and you will deal with less pain. Ink your design on a visible body area.

Small Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design on Wrist

small dreamcatcher tattoo design on wrist


Watercolor Dreamcatcher Tattoos

Watercolor tattoos are the latest trend and you too can be part of this big thing by getting a watercolor dreamcatcher tattoo. They feature bold and bright colors which further enhances the visual appeal of the tattoo. Suitable for women, ink this design on the sleeves or ribs.

Watercolor Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Leg

watercolor dreamcatcher tattoo on leg


Colorful Watercolor Dreamcatcher Tattoo

colorful watercolor dreamcatcher tattoo


Wolf Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs

Are you a man who is fascinated by ancient cultures? Then get yourself a wolf dreamcatcher tattoo design. A dreamcatcher and wolf are considered sacred in Native Americans and are seen as protectors of human beings against evil. Because of its large size, ink this tat on the sleeves, chest or back.

Wolf Dreamcatcher Sleeve Tattoo

wolf dreamcatcher sleeve tattoo


Wolf Head Dreamcatcher Tattoo

wolf head dreamcatcher tattoo


Dreamcatcher Tattoos on Back

The back is very spacious making them ideal for inking large dreamcatcher tattoos. With such a vast canvas you can make your tattoo unique by incorporating other designs such as cupid’s arrow, flowers or an anchor.

Back Dreamcatcher Tattoo for Women

back dreamcatcher tattoo for women


Dream Catcher Tattoo on Back Shoulder

dream catcher tattoo on back shoulder


Dreamcatcher Thigh Tattoos

Dreamcatcher thighs tattoo are perfect for decorating a woman’s body. The thighs have adequate space to ink a medium to large design. You can show off your tattoo when wearing a bikini or shorts. The ideal place to unveil this tattoo is when going to the beach or swimming by the pool.

Dreamcatcher Flower Thigh Tattoo

dreamcatcher flower thigh tattoo


Owl Dreamcatcher Tattoo Ideas

Owl is a mysterious bird that has many unique traits like wisdom and is known for its silent flight mode. In many ancient cultures, owls are dream catchers. Therefore, intertwining an owl and a dreamcatcher represents protection from pending doom. You may also See Owl Tattoo Designs

Owl Dreamcatcher Arm Tattoo Ideas

owl dreamcatcher arm tattoo ideas


Owl Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Forearm

owl dreamcatcher tattoo on forearm


Heart Dreamcatcher Tattoos

Heart Dreamcatcher tattoos are meant to protect oneself from heartache. They can also work to draw more attention towards a particular body part. The heart symbols can be in the form of the beads that decorate the hoop.

Heart Shaped Dreamcatcher Tattoo

heart shaped dreamcatcher tattoo


Dreamcatcher Shoulder Tattoos

To embellish the shoulder and to show tribute to old traditions, opt for dreamcatcher tattoo designs. These designs suit all genders and can be inked in any size. Women can choose to show their feminine side by adding color to the beads that hold the feathers.

Dreamcatcher Shoulder Tattoo for Women

dreamcatcher shoulder tattoo for women


Tribal Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs

What better way to show love for ancient cultural beliefs and to make your body more stunning than with tribal dreamcatcher tattoo designs. The dark shadings and black ink which are synonymous with tribal tattoos make these designs perfect for men.

Tribal Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Sleeve

tribal dreamcatcher tattoo on sleeve


Celtic Dreamcatcher Tattoos

The best way to portray an understanding of Native American art is to go for Celtic dreamcatcher tattoos. The interlinked knot work and unique geometric symbols make these tattoos eye-catching.

Dreamcatcher Foot Tattoos

If you have a scar on your foot why not hide it with a dreamcatcher tattoo! Black ink will complement any skin tone and ladies with light skin can add color to put more focus on their foot.

Dreamcatcher Foot Tattoo for Women

dreamcatcher foot tattoo for women


Dreamcatcher Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

When selecting dreamcatcher symbols to ink as sleeve tattoos, the standard hoop and feathers are popular. For a unique look, go further and add an owl on the web, flowers or two arrows around the hoop.

Dreamcatcher Half Sleeve Tattoo

dreamcatcher half sleeve tattoo


Lace Dreamcatcher Tattoos

Instead of the traditional dreamcatcher web or net add lace to make the tattoo feminine. Draw this tattoo on the arm, feet or neck. You may also See Bird Tattoo Designs

Dreamcatcher Thigh Lace Tattoo

dreamcatcher thigh lace tattoo


3D Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs

Your dreamcatcher tattoo will look like its floating on top of your skin when you ink it in 3D design. You can even add color and ink it on a neck to act as a necklace.

3D Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design on Leg

3d dreamcatcher tattoo design on leg


Flower Dreamcatcher Tattoos

Dreamcatcher tattoos are beautiful however when you add flowers they become alluring. Flowers are a symbol of beauty and life hence this tattoo will decorate the body and work to keep the memory of a loved one alive.

Sun Flower Dreamcatcher Tattoo

sun flower dreamcatcher tattoo


About Dreamcatcher Tattoos for Men and Women

When it comes to guys and women choosing dreamcatcher tattoos each person will go for a design that best reflect their personal meaning or what matters to them. Men tend to opt for a large tattoo which is placed on spacious body parts such as the upper back, sleeves, and upper chest. The web pattern, beads, and feathers give Dreamcatcher tattoos are feminine look making them a favorite to many women who ink this design on thighs or neck.

A dreamcatcher is a tool that was used in ancient Native American culture to trap evil spirits that cause bad dreams and turn them into pleasant dreams. These tattoos are visually attractive on both men and women. People who are fans of feather tattoo designs can incorporate a dreamcatcher to give their ink art an edge.

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