Bird tattoos continue to be popular with all genders as they represent freedom or a free spirit. In ancient cultures, birds were revered as they are seen as the link between heaven and earth. There are many ways to ink a bird from their feathers to open or closed wings. Despite the different symbolic meanings, bird tattoo designs are a beautiful body art that works to decorate any area of the body. You may also See Hummingbird Tattoo Design

Flying Bird Tattoo Designs

Flying bird tattoos are the most popular way to ink a body. These tattoos are mainly done on a body area with ample space like the back, chest or even sleeves. Often linked with angels, you can opt to represent different birds migrating in a specific path.

Flying Bird Tattoo on Shoulder


Flying Music Bird Tattoo


Love Bird Tattoo Ideas

If you are in love, you can opt to showcase your love by getting two birds tattoo holding the love symbols. Two birds singing musical love notes is another way you can make a love bird tattoo. For a simple design, go for a bird tattoo that integrates a loves symbol.

Love Bird Tattoo on Leg


Love Bird Tattoo for Men


Black Bird Tattoo Designs

Black bird tattoos have a dark color that makes them mysterious. While a crow and raven are the most known black birds associated with death, mystery or the unknown, you can also choose other black birds like Anhinga, Grackles, and turkey vulture. You may also See Feather Tattoo Designs

Black Bird Tattoo on Wrist


Small Bird Tattoo Designs

Whether you want one bird on the leg or many small birds on the necks, small bird tattoos have an authentic appeal. Because of their small size, you can ink this tattoo on a small body area such as feet, neck or finger.

Small Bird Tattoo Design on Above Neck


Small Blue Bird Tattoo


Tweety Bird Tattoo Ideas

If you love watching animations, then you must know about the yellow tweety bird. You can use reminiscence on your childhood memories by getting a tweety bird tattoo. A tweety bird with flower tattoo will look amazing on girls, while a masculine tweety is perfect for men.

Tweety Bird Tattoo Ideas on Leg


Swallow Bird Tattoo Designs

Swallow tattoos are popular with sailors who used to get this bird tattoo to depict that they will eventually come back to their loved ones. These birds also act as a signal for the sailor that a shore is nearby. Add vibrant colors to help this tattoo to stand out.

Small Swallow Bird Tattoo


Bird Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Sleeve tattoos are a favorite to many men as they help accentuate the masculine body and one way to decorate the sleeves is with a bird tattoo. For a unique design opt for a vulture which symbolizes survival or a Thunderbird to depict your fierce warrior character. You may also See Sparrow Tattoo Designs

Bird Sleeve Tattoo for Men


Phoenix Bird Tattoo Designs

The Phoenix is a fascinating bird as it dies and is immediately reborn from its ashes. A phoenix tattoo is a symbol of rebirth, survival, and immortality. Chinese and Egyptian cultures hold this bird in high regards. You can choose a watercolor design or a simple black design.

Phoenix Bird Ankle Tattoo


Bird Feather Tattoo Ideas

Instead of a whole bird, why not go for a simple bird feather tattoo. The simplicity of these designs is what makes them a favorite for men as well as women. For decorative purposes, go for a peacock or ostrich feather hand tattoo.

Watercolor Bird Tattoos

If you are fond of trendy designs, then watercolor bird tattoos are perfect for you. These tattoos are bold and bright in color making them suitable for ladies. The outline of the bird’s body will decorate your body while showcasing the tattoo artist creativity.

Watercolor Bird Tattoo on Shoulder


Tribal Bird Tattoos

Tribal bird tattoos feature dark lines and swirling patterns done in black ink only. Suitable for men, you can take any bird that has your characters and draws it on the sleeves or chest. To give your tattoo an edge, add a flower such as a red rose or draw an eagle in a Celtic style.

Tribal Bird Tattoo on Thigh


Bird Tattoos on Shoulder

This shoulder tattoo, especially for men, has adequate space on which you can ink your favorite bird tattoo designs. Instead of one shoulder, opt to show a different bird on each shoulder to portray your mixed ethnic background.

Bird Tattoos on Back of Shoulder


Blue Bird Tattoo Ideas

Do you love adventure? If yes, then a blue swallow tattoo can help describe your travels. These birds often migrate to avoid extreme weather conditions and symbolize knowledge, wealth, and perseverance. You can also ink the eastern bluebird or mountain bluebird.

Bird Cage Tattoo Designs

If you love geometric designs, then you will appreciate bird cage tattoos. The thin intersecting lines of the cage and the intricate pattern of the bird makes a stunning image that many will admire. For a cool look incorporate delicate flowers.

Bird Cage Sleeve Tattoo


Bird Arm Tattoo Designs

Include other designs like a vine or a tree with your bird tattoo. A dove tattoo will look beautiful on lady’s shoulder. Ink your tattoo in a 3D style to make it more authentic.

Flower and Bird Arm Tattoo


The world is full of different species of birds with a multitude of symbolic meanings hence you are bound to get a design that will showcase your personality. For sleeve tattoos, you can choose birds such as the powerful eagle, mysterious owl, beautiful peacock or mythological Phoenix and show them in full flight.

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