When done by a competent artist, chest tattoos can be a form of art that a person would love to show off. You can choose these tattoos based on its symbolic meaning or go for a visual appeal. The chest has ample space for showcasing intricate details making these tattoo designs popular with guys and girls of different personalities. With unlimited designs, in this article, there is chest tattoo that will enhance the look of your torso.

Lion Chest Tattoo Designs

The chest has a vast space making it the perfect place for inking a lion tattoo.  You can either showcase the full lion or just the head or even add a crown to further emphasize power and strength. Men can show off their ink art by taking off their shirts when swimming.

Lion Head Chest Tattoo

lion head chest tattoo


Roaring Lion Chest Tattoo

roaring lion chest tattoo


Tribal Chest Tattoo Designs

Even though tribal chest tattoo gets their inspirations from ancient tribes, they continue to be popular in modern times. Their dark ink and shadings exude power making them eye-catching.

Angel Chest Tattoo Ideas

Angels are an important symbol in most religions especially Christianity. Getting an Angel tattoo on your chest will show belief in a higher power, mythical beings or guardian angels. These tattoo designs are meaningful because the chest is closer to the heart.

Angel wings Chest Tattoo Design

angel wings chest tattoo design


Star Chest Tattoo Ideas

Stars have a sparkly element that makes them magical. Women can choose star chest tattoos as they can extend to the neck region for those who want large designs. For a subtle design draw stars with the moon or add a few planets.

Star Chest Tattoo for Men’s

star chest tattoo for mens


Skull Chest Tattoo Designs

Skull chest tattoo designs are perfect for men who love Gothic style or want to display their punk attitude. They symbolize death, fear or a dark past.

Chest Cross Tattoo Designs

Chest cross tattoos are a symbol of faith, hope, and belief in Christianity. Tattoo lovers can also go for this symbol due to its aesthetic appeal. Adding wings or a crown will help your cross tattoo look attractive.

Men’s Chest Cross Tattoo Design

mens chest cross tattoo design


Small Chest Tattoo Ideas

Small chest tattoos are sexy and look pretty cool on a woman. They are ideal for those who prefer less painful tattoos. You can ink a heart symbol, a crown, a compass, flower or a flaming heart. You can even opt for a quote or names of your loved one.

Small Cross Chest Tattoo

small cross chest tattoo


Wings Chest Tattoo Designs

Wings depict freedom, the need to fly or to move away from a haunting past. The chest provides a large area to ink any wing design so you can choose wings from an angel or your favorite bird. Wing tattoos also show how you shield your loved ones from any harsh conditions.

Rose Chest Tattoo Designs

Rose chest tattoos are popular with ladies as they are a feminine and depict beauty. Colored roses are good looking and will draw attention towards your chest. Men can incorporate a black rose in another chest tattoo. Roses symbolize love, admiration, and purity. Include the thorns to show the association of beauty and pain.

Cloud Chest Tattoo Ideas

If the weather fascinates, you then cloud chest tattoo designs are perfect for you. Clouds with a ray of thunder or sun peeking out are stunning. In Chinese culture, this tattoo symbolizes new beginnings. Cloud tattoos symbolize resilience, mystery, and memory of a lost loved one.

Polynesian Chest Tattoo Designs

Polynesian chest tattoos get their inspiration from cultures and traditions of Polynesian islands. They tend to feature a turtle, sharks and dark shadings that make a man’s chest look attractive. Polynesian tattoos include Hawaiian, Samoan, Maori and Tahitian designs.

Polynesian Shoulder Chest Tattoo

polynesian shoulder chest tattoo


Upper Chest Tattoo Designs

Upper body chest tattoos work for a man as well as a woman. Guys who want a large tattoo can even include the arms or neck. Asymmetrical tattoos or fantasy will look good on the upper chest. For an edgier design include your arms and neck.

Dragon Chest Tattoo Ideas

If you are complicated or unpredictable, then dragon chest tattoos will suit your personality. They are associated with magic in Chinese culture and considered as masters of fire. A dragon breathing out fire can showcase a ferocious character.

Bird Chest Tattoos

Birds have fascinated human beings for a very long time. For your chest tattoo choose a bird with characteristics that you can relate to. Peacock, dove, eagle, owl, crow or the phoenix bird are popular.

Bird Chest Tattoo for Men

bird chest tattoo for men


Butterfly Tattoos Designs on Chest

If you want your chest to have an aesthetic appeal, then get a butterfly tattoo. The use of vibrant colors or in a 3d style will further accentuate your chest. Adding a flower will make your butterfly tattoo to look natural.

Butterfly Chest Tattoo for Women

butterfly chest tattoo for women


Geometric Chest Tattoos

Whether you love unique shapes or just want a modern tattoo, you will not regret when you opt for geometric chest tattoos. Shapes are also associated with different meaning like circle represents wholeness, octahedron air, tetrahedron fire and a cube depicts earth.

Geometric Bird Chest Tattoo

geometric bird chest tattoo


Traditional Chest Tattoos

Traditional chest tattoos feature simple designs and use a subtle color palette. Classic tattoos that tend to show patriotism will fit in this category. Heart, swords, roses and nautical theme tattoos are the most recognized traditional symbols.

Side Chest Tattoo Designs

Side chest tattoos are perfect for those who want their ink art to be less visible. The narrow side chest area makes it fun for you to get longer tattoos like a Dragon, Mandala, arrow, tree, flower or feather.

Single Side Chest Tattoo

single side chest tattoo


Chest Name Tattoo Ideas

Chest name tattoos tend to feature a calligraphy style. You can ink your name, family name, that of your parent or a loved one.  Adding your kids’ name to a heart tattoo design will show the love you have for your family.

Sun Tattoos on Chest

The sun is a popular symbol in many cultures such as Native America, and Polynesian islands. Sun tattoos on chest symbolize energy, vitality, balance and life-giving. Ying yang sun, tribal sun, angry sun, rising sun, Phoenix sun and black sun are some of the designs you can ink on your chest.

Sun Chest Tattoo for Men

sun chest tattoo for men


Chest Tattoos for Men and Women

Chest tattoos are a favorite to many men as they help showcase masculinity. The chest provides a large canvas for showing intricate details of a tattoo. Hence for men when getting a tattoo on the chest, size is not an issue. For women, chest tattoos are very sensitive as they are closer to the heart and breast. They also have to consider the size of the tattoo as they cannot expose the whole chest.

The chest is an ideal body part for inking any large tattoo designs thanks to it spacious size. For men chest tattoos are a way to say the unspoken and to depict their masculinity.

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