Known as the King of the Jungle, Lion is one of the most prominent symbols for power and strength. He is known to be the ruler of the wild. In addition to leadership and supremacy, lion also symbolizes and is known for its pride and fearlessness. This is one of the prime reasons that lion tattoos are so common among today’s generation.

Sun and Lion Tattoo For Women

sun and lion tattoo for women

Lion is a dazzling and a dangerous creature as well. While some tattoos are inked with the lion baring their teeth depicting their ferocity and barbarity, while others project their peaceful and calm side.
Lion is a symbol and embodiment of passion. It not only appears cool but at the same time it reflects its superiority, royalty, and the courage to accept any pain in life. A lion or lioness tattoo symbolizes its great noble nature and dynamic persona. When you get a lion’s tattoo inked on you, it represents your striking symbol of authority and leadership. A ferocious giant lion tattoo looks amazing on the chest, back or on the legs. Even small sized lion face looks cute on wrists, ankle and even on the fingers. They can appear fierce like a roaring lion or a small cute lion depicting its peaceful side.

Lion head tattoo

This depicts power and protection.

Man With The Lion Face Tattoo

man with the lion face tattoo


Below Ear Lion Tattoo For Girls

below ear lion tattoo for girls


Lion Family tattoo

This tattoo is for the one who believes in the love and strength of family.

Lion Family Tattoo On Hip

lion family tattoo on hip


Leo tattoo

If you believe in zodiac signs, then the people born under the Leo sign can wear it without giving a thought.

Colorful Leo Tattoo For Boys

colorful leo tattoo for girls


Leo Tattoo Design on Hand

leo tattoo design on hand


Tribal Lion tattoo

People associate this tattoo design with their own traditional beliefs.

Shoulder Dot Work Lion Tattoo For Men

shoulder dot work lion tattoo for men


Japanese Lion tattoo

These do not replicate the exact image of lion, but they symbolize honor and justice.

Japanese Lion Half Sleeve Tattoo

japanese lion half sleeve tattoo


Lion flower tattoo

This tattoo design is a fusion of two unrelated things creating a different meaning. This symbolizes the desire to have a balance nature in life.

Lion Tattoo With Lotus Flower

lion tattoo with lotus flower


Female Lion Tattoo With Flowers

female lion tattoo with flowers


Back Lion Tattoo For Men

back lion tattoo for men


Rasta Lion tattoo

Tattoo Of Rasta Lion

tattoo of rasta lion

Rasta Lion Hand Tattoo Design

rasta lion hand tattoo design


Rampant Lion tattoo

Rampant Lion Arm Tattoo Design

rampant lion arm tattoo design


Tattoo Of Rampant Lion On Hip

tattoo of rampant lion on hip


Lion Portrait on Middle Finger

lion portrait on middle finger


King Lion Hand Tattoo Design

king lion hand tattoo design


Lion With Crown Tattoo Art

lion with crown tattoo art


Roaring Lion With Letterings Tattoo

roaring lion with letterings tattoo


Full Chest Tattoo of Lion Dragon

full chest tattoo of lion dragon


Lioness Arm Tattoo For Men

lioness arm tattoo for men


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