Tattoos are a great way to show their interest in a religious group, social group or in art. The tattoo is inked by many people as a memory of their loved ones or to show their affection and love towards a person, a pet or an article. The Forearm is the most preferred place for tattoos in men. Especially, if it is their first tattoo they would like to have it on their forearm as it is a great place to show off their tattoos. There are many tattoo designs which can be perfect for the forearm. The small tattoo designs such as a compass, a bird, an arrow etc. can be chosen for the forearm. The bigger ones such as a lion, an eagle, rose tattoos etc. will look great and will be great to flaunt.

Small Forearm Tattoos

Small forearm tattoos are a cute and simple way to show their love for tattoos. The tattoo designs such as an arrow, a Chinese dragon, a compass, a yin-yang symbol, a bird, a small cat or dog, their favorite quotes or names are great designs for small tattoo designs on the forearm.

Small Forearm Rocket Tattoo

small forearm rocket tattoo


Tribal Forearm Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are really popular among and they look great on the forearm. They are huge designs or patterns which cover the forearm and look great. The Aztec tattoo designs, the Maori tribal designs, the alien tattoo designs etc. are popular tribal designs for the forearm.

Polynesian Tribal Forearm Tattoo

polynesian tribal forearm tattoo


Tribal Half Sleeve forearm Tattoo

tribal half sleeve forearm tattoo


Forearm Cross Tattoos

The cross is a symbol of protection and a great way to show their belief in religion. There are lots of variations in cross tattoo designs and it is up to individual choice as what to choose. The forearm is a great place to have a cross tattoo as it can be seen easily. The traditional cross tattoo, the red rose and cross tattoo, the cross with thorns etc. are popular cross tattoo designs which look great on the forearm.

Tribal Forearm Cross Tattoo

tribal forearm cross tattoo


Celtic Forearm Cross Tattoo

celtic forearm cross tattoo


Forearm Band Tattoos

The band tattoos on the forearm are really popular among men as they are trendy and modern. The designs such as the Celtic armband, simple black band, desert sun dotted armband design, tribal armband designs are popular tattoo designs for the forearm.

Forearm Solid Band Tattoo

forearm solid band tattoo


Aztec Forearm Band Tattoo

aztec forearm band tattoo


Rose Forearm Tattoos

Rose tattoos are great designs for the forearm. They are preferred by many men as they are traditional and they can be combined with their favorite quotes or the names of their loved ones.  The rose tattoo is also a symbol of love and is a great way to show off their love to the World.

Skull and Rose Forearm Tattoo

skull and rose forearm tattoo1


Men’s Rose Forearm Tattoo

mens rose forearm tattoos


Skull Forearm Tattoos

Skull tattoos are the most preferred tattoos by men as they are bold and a sign of courage and adventure. Some people like to display their near-death experience, or an escape from a serious accident etc. by having a skull tattoo on the forearm.

Sugar Skull Skull Forearm Tattoo

sugar skull skull forearm tattoo


Lion Forearm Tattoos

The Lion is a symbol of confidence, supremacy, power, royalty etc. Men who love to show off these qualities would prefer a lion tattoo on forearm. The lion tattoo has many variations and can be chosen based on personal choice.

Polynesian Forearm Tattoos

Polynesian tattoos are popular among for their uniqueness and intricate designs. The skull, fish, turtle etc. are drawn in an artistic and intricate manner that they look awesome. They look great on forearm!

Polynesian Forearm Band Tattoo

polynesian forearm band tattoo


Polynesian Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

polynesian forearm sleeve tattoo


Flower Forearm Tattoos

Earlier flower tattoos were normally preferred by women. The trend is changing and men too are going for flower tattoos. The rose, chrysanthemum, lotus, dandelion etc. tattoos are preferred by men. There are various flower tattoos to choose from and it depends on individual choice to have it in black or in color.

Flower Vine Forearm Tattoo

flower vine forearm tattoo


Hawaiian Flower Forearm Tattoo

hawaiian flower forearm tattoo


Forearm Tree Tattoos

Tree tattoos are respected by everyone as they represent life and the origin of the life. People who have done research about the origins of life or have great respect towards life choose tree tattoos to show their respect and love.

Pine Forearm Tree Tattoo

pine forearm tree tattoo


Inner Forearm Tree Tattoo

inner forearm tree tattoo


Celtic Forearm Tattoos

Celtic tattoos are tribal tattoos from a European tribal group. The Celtic tattoos are designed in an intricate manner with lots of knots and spirals. They are usually done in grey or black as they are traditional ones.

Celtic Knot Forearm Tattoo

celtic knot forearm tattoo


Celtic Forearm Band Tattoo

celtic forearm band tatto


Music Forearm Tattoos

With changing trends, tattoo designs have also been changing. Tattoos have become a great way to show their individuality and their choices. Men who love music would love to show it by having a music symbol, a musical instrument, the name of the musician etc. on their forearm.

Men’s Music Forearm Tattoo

mens music forearm tattoo


Forearm Sleeve Tattoos

Forearm sleeve tattoos is a wonderful way to show the beautiful artwork tattoos or tattoos that represent courage and strength such as a lion tattoo, an Eagle tattoo etc. The muscle strength adds to the strength of the tattoo and makes it look more powerful.

Angel Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

angel forearm sleeve tattoo


Forearm Half Sleeve Tattoo

forearm half sleeve tattoo


Inner Forearm Tattoos

The Inner forearm is a great place to have a tattoo as it can be shown to people who are close to them or hide the tattoo from someone if they want. The quotations, names of loved ones or some special tattoos which have a special place can be had on inner forearms.

Upper Inner Forearm Tattoo

upper inner forearm tattoo


Men’s Inner Forearm Tattoo

mens inner forearm tattoo


Outer Forearm Tattoos

Outer forearms are a great place to flaunt the artwork tattoos, their favorite pets or tribal tattoos. As the outer forearm is easily seen, the tattoos can be flaunted easily!

Outer Forearm Trible Tattoo

outer forearm trible tattoo


Forearm Word Tattoos

The Forearm is a great place to have word tattoos as they are simple and the ideas or thoughts can be conveyed to the others in a subtle and simple way. Word tattoos are a subtle way of expressing their love or ideas to others and the forearm is a great place for that.

Inner Forearm Word Tattoo

inner forearm word tattoo


Forearm Bird with Word Tattoo

forearm bird with word tattoo


Wolf Forearm Tattoos

Wolf tattoos are a great way of showing the power, love towards one’s family, instinctive nature etc. Men who would love to project these qualities go for a wolf tattoo. The forearm is a great place to show off the wolf tattoo!

Wolf Face Forearm Tattoo

wolf face forearm tattoo


Wolf Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

wolf forearm sleeve tattoo


Angel Forearm Tattoos

Angel is a symbol of protection, faith in God etc. An Angel tattoo is preferred by men to show these qualities. The forearm is the best place to have an Angel tattoo.

Men Angel Forearm Tattoo

men angel forearm tattoo


Forearm Cloud Tattoos

Cloud tattoos are really a great way to show the soft nature, spiritual and thoughtful nature. A cloud tattoo can represent all these qualities and forearm is a great place to show off this tattoo.

Forearm Cloud inner Tattoo

forearm cloud inner tattoo


Forearm Half Sleeve Cloud Tattoo

forearm halfsleeve cloud tattoo


Tattoos are an expression of thoughts, art, love, belief etc. The forearm is a great place to have tattoos as they are easily visible and the message can be conveyed easily. The cross tattoos inked on forearm look great and fabulous.

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