The catfish tattoo has of late become popular, particularly among youngsters. The peculiar, serpent-like fish is often seen on the arms, shoulders, and legs of young people in myriad colors and shapes. This is more so as the catfish design can be modified and innovated upon to create a most eye-catching and dramatic effect.

The sleeve tattoo, for example, usually finds a place on a person’s forearms or his biceps and leaves ample scope for improvisation and lead to the creation of some tattoo masterpieces!

Tribal Catfish Tattoo

tribal catfish tattoo


The typical catfish, replete with its bony and scaly body, prominent whale-like tail and side fins and flat head done in a semi-tribal graphic style. The black and white shading is expertly done and the fish seems to be twisting and turning in the water in its usual serpent-like style. The overall natural look is worth mentioning.

Parachute Catfish Tattoo

parachute catfish tattoo


This is really a funny and innovative design in colors of purple, green, black, red, and brown. The fish bares its fangs angrily at the onlooker while it floats in mid-air on the parachute, its body and tail twisted against the wind.

Skull Catfish Tattoo for Thigh

skull catfish tattoo for thigh


Yet another example of expert tattoo craftsmanship. The monochromatic black and pink of the catfish?s body make it look natural and it grins sheepishly at the onlooker. The human skull tied to its head sure adds to the design?s uniqueness and its placement on the right thigh is bound to grab attention. It?s bizarre, funny and exciting.

Cute Catfish Tattoo

cute catfish tattoo


Catfish, bull dog or pug dog. Take your pick. Or more precisely, catfish with a pug dog-like expression. Observe those prominent round eyes with a touch of white to make them look natural, that soulful expression, large flapping ears and the cute pink nose. They all go into the making of a piece of body art worth mentioning.

Black Work Catfish Tattoo

black work catfish tattoo


The actual catfish in its natural form. Black, slippery and basically ugly to look at. Done in black only, the design depicts the true and actual anatomy of the fish with its long antennae at the mouth and scaly dorsal & tail fins. The size and placement on the left forearm is sure to catch attention.

Catfish Tattoo for Shoulder

catfish tattoo for shoulder


The multi-hued catfish tattoo that deviates from the actual catfish look. The body is long and smooth and fins that catfish usually do not have, have been added here. The fish resembles a carp or haddock more than a catfish. The surrounding marine fauna looks interesting.

Catfish Head Tattoo Idea

catfish head tattoo idea


The catfish head looks more like a mask that the cat is wearing, raised over its forehead. Done predominantly in black with touches of white, yellow and pink, the wide-eyed cat seems to show its amazement and wonder at whatever it?s looking at.

Catfish Arm Tattoo Design

catfish arm tattoo design


Yet another cutie from the tattoo artist?s stable. The catfish takes on the actual cat-like look and glances furtively at the onlooker. The huge eyes that dominate the round face have been created with care while yellow, green and purple have been subtly applied to the body. The bat-like ears add to the overall fun of the illustration.

Catfish Tattoo on Forearm

catfish tattoo on forearm


This forearm tattoo depicts the catfish squirming through dense marine fauna. It has a fierce shark-like expression and its wiry body created in black, pink and shaded browns indicate competent craftsmanship. The outlines of the plants too, are detailed in prominent black. Overall, a commendable job.

Scary Catfish Tattoo Idea

scary catfish tattoo idea


Catfish Tattoo for Back

catfish tattoo for back


Color Catfish Tattoo on Leg

color catfish tattoo on leg


Catfish Tattoo for Hand

catfish tattoo for hand


Catfish Text Tattoo Idea

catfish text tattoo idea


Be it on your forearms, knees, shoulders or elsewhere on the body, the koi fish tattoo is here to stay. Especially for those who prefer whacky designs that wear fierce and scary expressions. You could also ask your tattooist to add more colors and end up with a visual masterpiece despite the basic ugliness of the subject.

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