Quinceanera is a milestone for any young Hispanic girl. Also called Fiesta Rosa, it’s celebrated when a girl turns 15 – an age marked for adulthood from childhood – with a great deal of pomp and ceremony. Quinceanera begins with a religious opening, and then transforms into a large gathering replete with food, music and dancing. The girl in question has a ‘court’ of friends – male and female, who she will dance with, and one of the biggest ‘steps’ (pardon the pun) she will have to take into adulthood is represented by the changing of her shoes from flats to heels, aided by her father.

It is a joyous occasion, and the Quinceanera queen must be accordingly dressed and made up! Here is a list of ideas for Quinceanera make up:

Selena Gomez Quinceanera Makeup

selena gomez quinceanera makeup

This is a clear Wizards of Waverly Place reference – Selena Gomez as Alex Russo had her first quinceanera party in the first season. And here, she’s sporting the same fresh-faced look, with slightly more daring winged eyeliner and a simple pink lip.

Queen Eye Makeup

gorgeous quinceanera eye makeup


As the princess of the quinceanera, you’re the focus of attention anyway, but it never hurts to draw just a little more! Check out the example: bold dark-turquoise eyeshadow applied smoothly along the lids.

Prom Makeup Idea

quinceanera prom makeup


If you’re not too comfortable with such heavy eye make up, don’t worry. Slight eyeshadow at the edges, a mere line straight and black across the rim of your top lids, helped along by a bit of mascara and rouge on the cheeks will also do the trick!

Cute and Easy Princess Makeup

cute and easy quinceanera makeup


Another simple, yet elegant look for quinceanera: pink shadow and lip, and liquid winged eyeliner with mascara.

A touch of brilliant light blue can startle your well-wishers – and make them admire you at the same time for your boldness! Accompany this with a cascade of curls, and you’re a sure fire fit for a lovely Hispanic Disney princess.

Quinceanera Makeup with Crown

beautiful quinceanera makeup


A quinceanera queen can truly work it with a red lipstick. The trick to wearing a red lip is to ensure that all other elements of make up and accessories are kept simple and understated.

The lip need not be fire-engine red, or tomato ketchup, but a dignified burgundy or dark crimson, perfect for the dignified lady she is going to be, smile or sans smile.

Quinceanera Princess Makeup

quinceanera princess makeup


If you’re feeling slightly uncomfortable, why not stick to simple and easy-to-do? After all, you’re beautiful anyway! Check out this demure look, with an easy glossy pink lip and eyeliner.

Cute Quince Makeup

beautiful quinceanera makeup


Another cross between a quinceanera and prom look. Notice how the face is accented with the delicate headband and ringlets.

A queen’s influence is determined by the company she keeps, and the example is perfect for a child’s first quinceanera as a guest, or member of the court. Note the sweet flower crown, the silver necklace and the very ladylike white gloves – all put together to create a very personable (and cute) little lady of the queen’s court.

Princess Bride Makeup

princess bride makeup


Quince Red Lip Makeup

quince red lip makeup


Pink Princess Party Makeup

pink princess party makeup


Quinceanera Makeup for Dark Skin

quinceanera makeup for dark skin


Pink and Black Eye Shadow Makeup

pink and black eye shadow makeup


Green Eyeliner Makeup Design

green eyeliner makeup design


The quinceanera is a special time in a young girl’s life, and it’s not difficult for her to feel nervous or shy because of the attention, or scared of this sudden marking of her age. So this list will hopefully help all the parents out there to settle down, and concentrate on who’s important for the occasion, not whom to impress. And as for the quinceanera queens, live it up and enjoy!

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