Diamonds have given great inspiration for many tattoos. Both men and women around the world are sporting a diamond design on their body making a fashion statement. You will find these designs in many designs like the wrist tattoos. In colorful or black and white you will be amazed by the variety of these designs like the ones that follow. Keep reading for our collection of diamond tattoo designs that will help you choose one.

3D Diamond Tattoo Design

All diamond 3D designs have the most realistic design that makes the ink comes= to life right on your skin. Reflections, shadows and the use of light add a life like design that is attractive and adds character to your body.

Small Diamond Tattoo Design

Small tattoos designs are suitable for both men and women. These are perfect for the hand, the ankle and behind the ear giving a fashionable design. You will find them in black and white or colorful versions to choose.

Small Diamond Tattoo on Wrist

small diamond tattoo on wrist


Small Diamond Tattoo for Women

small diamond tattoo for women


Diamond Finger Tattoo

For those that like jewelry with style then the diamond tattoo is suitable for you. This will give you the opportunity to get a tattoo with glamour that will give you character and a stunning design to adorn your hands.

Red Diamond Finger Tattoo

red diamond finger tattoo


Diamond With Crown Tattoo

Diamonds are the kings of the gemstones making the tattoos with crown look fantastic. You can choose any design that appeal to your tastes as well as your personality. This design has wonderful lining work that will take some time.

Diamond With Crown Tattoo for Back

diamond with crown tattoo for back


Tribal Diamond Tattoo Design

Tribal tattoos have a charming look that comes from the complex combination of lines and curves. You will find them in various designs featuring color as well as in simple black and white that will add an outgoing bold style.

Diamond Tattoo On Neck

If you are thinking to get a tattoo on your neck then you should consider the diamond designs. This way you can get a fashionable piece that will make you look stylish as well as to make a fashion statement.

Diamond Tattoo On Side Neck

diamond tattoo on side neck


Diamond Tattoo For Men

Diamonds might look delicate their strength though can be equivalent of the masculinity of a man. You will find many designs with stunning background elements that add a rough note to the design suitable for any part of your body.

Diamond Neck Tattoo For Men

diamond neck tattoo for men


Old School Diamond Tattoo Design

Old school designs can give you a classic look with colors and fancy elements. These are suitable for men and women of all ages that know how to appreciate the classic look of traditional diamond pieces and sport with style.

Old School Diamond Tattoo for Men

old school diamond tattoo for men1


Diamond Back Tattoo Idea

Back diamonds have a stunning look that can be either shown or hidden depending on your preferences. You can choose a design with minimalistic and abstract look or you can go all out with fabulous décor and incredible background elements.

Diamond Back Shoulder Tattoo

diamond back shoulder tattoo


Diamond Back Tattoo for Women

diamond back tattoo for women


Black Diamond Tattoo Design

Black diamonds are going to look perfect on any skin tone giving off a sophisticated vibe to both men and women. They are amazing idea for a first tattoo while you can always choose to add more designs later on.

Black Diamond and Star Tattoo

black diamond and star tattoo


Black Diamond Tattoo on Hand

black diamond tattoo on hand


As a design the diamond tattoo gives a very elegant look. For this men and women around the world choose to have it in small or large designs. Men in general prefer the diamond designs in larger pieces with macho background elements and strong colors. Women on the other hand tend to go for delicate designs giving a stylish tone to their bodies. Watercolors and fabulous décor is what accompanies these designs with feminine style.

Designs that feature gemstones in general can give you glamorous look. The colors often used add a touch of dreaminess that makes the tattoo look complete and stylish like the watercolor tattoos. No matter what you choose they will make you look fantastic and full of character for amazing appearance.

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