Over the years, finger tattoos have become popular especially for people looking for subtle designs. These tattoos are small in size, discrete hence aesthetically pleasing. Even though the fingers are limited in space, the design you choose can be scaled back to give the same symbolic meaning as a large tattoo. Just like rings placed on a finger, these tattoo designs also work to decorate the hand and make the fingers more beautiful and noticeable. You may also See Hand Tattoo Designs

Ring Finger Tattoo Designs

If you want a nontraditional style then instead of getting a wedding ring, go for ring finger tattoo designs. They decorate your ring finger just like the standard ring and works for people who are allergic to metallic rings.

Couples Ring Finger Tattoo

couples ring finger tattoo


Lion Finger Tattoos

Lion is a ferocious animal that depicts strength, royalty, and courage. Lion finger tattoos are a miniature representation of power. Often considered as the king, getting this tattoo on the finger will visibly show the similar characteristics that you share with the lion.

Small Finger Tattoos

Add creativity to your life by opting for small finger tattoos. You can ink your design on the inner part of the finger or the top section. Whatever spot of the finger you choose, the subtle nature of your tattoo will express your personality.

Small Flower Ring Tattoo

small flower ring tattoo


Small Line Finger Tattoo

small line finger tattoo


Heart Tattoos On Finger

Heart tattoo on the finger can be an excellent way to depict love between couples. A bleeding heart can act as a symbol of heartache. You can opt for a small heart and locket design to showcase your love belongs to someone else.

Love Heart Tattoo On Finger

love heart tattoo on finger


Cross Tattoos On Finger

If you are religious and want to depict your faith then placing a cross tattoo on the finger will ensure you have no reason to regret. These designs are so subtle that you will unlikely offend any person even those against tattoos.

Cross Tattoo on Middle Finger

cross tattoo on middle finger


Crown Finger Tattoos

Whether placed on the wedding ring finger or middle finger, crown tattoo designs are stunning. They portray power, authority, and royalty. Suitable for girls of all ages, get your tattoo in black ink only which complements all skin tones.

Arrow Finger Tattoos

Sometimes you just need a simple design to convey your meaning. Arrow finger tattoos have different symbolic meanings such as defense, courage and moving forward. Placing an arrow on the finger will act as a reminder of where you came from and where you are going.

Anchor Finger Tattoos

Popular with sailors and coast guards, anchor finger tattoos are perfect for any person who loves aquatic life. This symbol can also show devotion to the Navy. If you have a loved one in the Navy, you can get this tattoo to remember them.

Diamond Finger Tattoos

Diamond finger tattoos represent the indestructible yet precious nature of the gemstone. In ancient cultures wearing a diamond was a sign of fertility and protection against an evil spirit. Use the diamond tattoo to show you have conquered your fears.

Small Diamond Finger Tattoo

small diamond finger tattoo


Skull Finger Tattoo Designs

Skull tattoos meanings vary from one culture to another. In Mexico as well as Japan, a skull is used to remember a lost loved one. Other people go for skull finger tattoos to showcase their gothic culture or ability to escape death.

Owl Finger Tattoos

Owls are a symbol of wisdom and in some cultures they are an omen of death! Most tattoo lovers go for this design as it depicts mystery. Because of the small finger space opt to showcase only the owl’s face.

Small Owl Finger Tattoo

small owl finger tattoo


Tribal Finger Tattoos

Tribal tattoos have remained popular over the years because of their dark shadings and black line work. Tribal finger tattoos are suitable for both men and women who love tribal art but want a miniature design.

Tribal Middle Finger Tattoo

tribal middle finger tattoo


Finger Waves Tattoos

Do you love Japanese tattoos? If yes, then finger waves tattoos are perfect for you. These tattoos are gaining popularity because of their rich meaning. They are for people who love to surf or want tattoos with intricate line work of waves.

Ring Finger Wave Tattoo

ring finger wave tattoo


Infinity Finger Tattoos

The never ending loop of infinity symbols gives them a meaning of rebirth, limitless possibility, and reincarnation. You can go for infinity finger tattoos with simple line work or dark shadings that help the art to stand out.

Infinity Symbol Finger Tattoo

infinity symbol finger tattoo


Love Infinity Finger Tattoo

love infinity finger tattoo


Flower Finger Tattoos

When it comes to selecting cute tattoo designs for women, flower finger tattoos will definitely be among the top. From vibrant tattoos with bold colors to subtle pieces in black ink, there are various ways you can represent your favorite flower.

Flower Ring Finger Tattoo

flower ring finger tattoo


Small Flower Finger Tattoo

smal flower finger tattoo


Feather Finger Tattoos

Do you want to symbolize freedom in a simple way? Then choose to get feather finger tattoos. The vertical nature of the feather together with intricate line patterns will help enhance the beauty of your fingers.

Bow Tattoos On Fingers

Bow tattoos on the fingers look very cute and stunning on any girl’s finger. Women who want a feminine design but think the flower is too girly should opt for this tattoo. You can add color your bow to give it a realistic effect.

Star Finger Tattoos

If you want your hand to dazzle, then go for star finger tattoos. While one-star symbol is enough to make a statement, you can incorporate a stardust design to make your tattoo unique.

Star Tattoo on Ring Finger

star tattoo on ring finger


Funny Finger Tattoos

You can remind yourself to always be cheerful by opting for funny finger tattoos. For a personal design, ink your favorite cartoon character or funny face outlines.

Small Funny Finger Tattoo

small funny finger tattoo


Funny Ring Finger Tattoo

funny ring finger tattoo


Finger tattoos will quickly attract the attention of anyone you meet as well as make the fingers attractive. You can choose from funny images, cute designs to meaningful intricate patterns. Just like sleeve tattoos, finger provides the ideal canvas for easy viewing of your body art unlike other areas like the back.

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