With the surge in the innovative ideas of tattoo designs recently, the trend of funky designs is catching momentum. One such trend is that of the Hot Dog Tattoos. Offbeat, loud and wild, these tattoos are bound to catch all sorts of curious stares and gapes. They can be worn as sleeve tattoos, neck tattoos, hand and wrist tattoos, shoulder tattoos, and so on. The love for hot dogs could not have found a more quirky style!

Dancing Hot Dog Tattoo

dancing hot dog tattoo


Eccentric, humorous and fun, these tattoos spell out ‘swag’ in bold letters and is a definite head-turner. With a zest of a little twist and personal touch to the tattoo, you are bound to add an extra statement and vibrancy to it.

Funny Hot Dog Tattoo

funny hot dog tattoo


Are you a creative person and love to add a tinge of your fancy in every little detail? Go mischievous with your tattoo by creating little characters out of these designs. Whether playing volleyball or basking in the sun, these designs are an absolute favourite to run your creative side wild, ideas otherwise often exhibited with fruit tattoos.

Traditional Hot Dog Tattoo

traditional hot dog tattoo


If you want something simple yet eye-catching that would absolutely exhibit your love for hot dogs, go the traditional way. A simple idea can be made grand with an interesting choice of colors on your tattoo and an extra layer of stuffing!

Cartoon Hot Dog Tattoo

cartoon hot dog tattoo


This design is for the those who cannot get enough of drama in their tattoos. Certainly not the simpletons. With this one, you not only flaunt your hot dog craze but also your world that comes alive with your favourite food. If you are game for it, flaunt it!

Hot Dog Tattoo on Hand

hot dog tattoo on hand


Bored with the usual color tattoos? Sport your spontaneity with a humorous or a funny body-art like a cartoon character or a doodle in the form of hot dogs. These little, cute things look the best when worn on an arm. Let your instincts run free!

New School Hot Dog Tattoo

new school hot dog tattoo


Ever thought of adding grunge or morbidity to your tattoos? Add a splash a new school idea to your tattoos and be prepared to flaunt a psychedelia of art on your body. Give those onlookers some show!

Tiny Hot Dog Tattoo

tiny hot dog tattoo


A collage for a tattoo or a Kokopelli tattoo design? Why not? A tiny hot dog tattoo is graphic, fun, vibrant and amazingly unique when done in a Kokopelli style or in a collage. Although, one should first be on the lookout an adventurous and well-skilled tattoo artist as this particular design needs a good fancy and great patience.

Hot Dog Tattoo for Men

hot dog tattoo for men


Hot Dog Finger Tattoo Idea

hot dog finger tattoo idea


Chicago Style Hot Dog Tattoo

chicago style hot dog tattoo


Awesome Hot Dog Tattoo Design

awesome hot dog tattoo design


Creative Hot Dog Tattoo

creative hot dog tattoo


Unique Hot Dog Arm Tattoo

unique hot dog arm tattoo


Hot Dog Tattoo with Wings

hot dog tattoo with wings


Hot Dog Tattoo on Shoulder

hot dog tattoo on shoulder


These hot dog tattoo designs are fresh and amazingly unique and can be transformed into cool body-art with a peculiar yet a creative. If you are the daredevil type, give those usual tattoo ideas a break and go crazy with these tattoo ideas. Game for an even greater sport? Couple your hot dog tattoo with a Polynesian tattoo and set thousands of gazes on you.

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