It’s not only the age of dogs and cats anymore. There is one more animal who does not agree to stay in the shadow any longer. It is those stuffed balls of fur animals with hypnotizing eyes also called rabbit. We don’t only think about them on Halloweens and Easter, it goes way back. Remember the first love story you ever came across? Yes, Bugs Bunny and Lola Rabbit. And sporting a rabbit tattoo is not as difficult as petting one. Just get to it and check out the collection we have presented to you. You may also See Bear Tattoo

Bunny Rabbit Tattoo Design

Bunny Rabbit Tattoo Design Source

If there is a part of you which speaks to the tech world or you wish to have a unique tattoo then this is something which you can definitely try. This cyborg cum rabbit with loose wires and catchy eye design will definitely attract every eyes passing by.

Watercolor Rabbit Tattoo Idea

Watercolor Rabbit Tattoo Idea Source

These watercolor tattoos became insanely famous after no time of their release because of so many reasons! One of them being just how easy they are on the eyes and can be played with by adding all the colors you like.

Brown Rabbit Tattoo on Hand

Brown Rabbit Tattoo on Hand Source

This lovely tattoo is an inspiration ‘How Much I Love You’(A British Children’s book) dedicated from a mother to her daughter. You may also See Wolf Tattoo Designs

Rabbit Sleeve Tattoo Idea

Rabbit Sleeve Tattoo Idea Source

The Rabbit in this tattoo is actually how a cartoon would look like if he lives our life. Every wound and pattern on his tiny body specify a special event of your life.

Small Rabbit Tattoo on Wrist

Small Rabbit Tattoo on Wrist Source

A minimalist tattoo says it all. This amazing wrist tattoo with beautiful eye pleasing colors will totally define your purpose without going overboard.

Traditional Rabbit Tattoo on Thigh

Traditional Rabbit Tattoo on Thigh Source

This tattoo will make sure that you always slay those hot shorts and walk out with your best. This tattoo is for that royal goddess inside you who appreciates the beauty of womanhood with that beautiful jewelry, a dozen flowers and those ribbons. You may also See Squirrel Tattoo Designs

Geometric Rabbit Tattoo Design

Geometric Rabbit Tattoo Design Source

Geometric designs are popular not only in wall art but it holds equal shares in the tattoo industry too. Using just lines and black ink you can create this amazing piece of art which you will never lose interest in.

Colorful Rabbit Tattoo on Leg

Colorful Rabbit Tattoo on Leg Source

This is an adorable tattoo to reach out to the child inside you. Also, don’t miss out on that horseshoe magnet and that lovely animated flower. Pokemon Go Fever All the Pokemon Go fans, brace yourself! This Tattoo is all you thirsts for and to get this you won’t even need to throw a Pokeball. Extra Tip: Bunnelby, a super cute new Pokemon can also be used for your next tattoo. People with weak hearts please don’t check it out.

Crazy Rabbit Tattoo Design

Crazy Rabbit Tattoo Design Source

Am I the only one to whom this rabbit totally looks like the one from Alice In Wonderland? This tattoo is definitely made by an artist judging by the details in the thoughts which were put to make it.

Cute Rabbit Tattoo Design

Cute Rabbit Tattoo Design Source

Black and Grey Rabbit Tattoo

Black and Grey Rabbit Tattoo Source

Pretty Rabbit Tattoo on Finger

Pretty Rabbit Tattoo on Finger Source

Rabbit Head Tattoo Design

Rabbit Head Tattoo Design Source

Disney Tattoo Design Idea

Disney Tattoo Design Idea Source

Lovely Rabbit Tattoo Below the Neck

Lovely Rabbit Tattoo on Below Neck Source

Unique Rabbit Tattoo for Men

Unique Rabbit Tattoo for Men Source

Girl with Rabbit Tattoo

Girl with Rabbit Tattoo Source

Black Side Tattoo for Women

Black Work Side Tattoo for Women Source

Funny Rabbit Tattoo on Hand

Funny Rabbit Tattoo on Hand Source

Now go read your child their favorite book(hope that it isn’t Playboy Rabbit), or watch that Duracell ad or catch up on your childhood cartoon shows and try to match your tattoo with these!

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