Every one of us has dreamt of having a tattoo of our choice so that we can flaunt it in public. Tattoos are the best part of our life. Many people choose a heart tattoo design. Especially those who are in love. But there are also casual designs in tattoos like duck tattoo. There are tattoo parlours in almost all the areas now. The tattoo artists are professionally trained so that they can tattoos of customer’s choice. There are various designs in the duck tattoo category.

Rubber Duck Tattoo

Rubber Duck Tattoo Source

A rubber duck is what we find in all the houses where there are cute babies. But have you seen it in a tattoo form? If no, here is a design for you, and if yes, then you are very smart. Well, tattoo design of this rubber duck looks really very cute. You may also see Dragon Eye Tattoo Designs

Baby Duck Tattoo Design

Baby Duck Tattoo Design Source

Baby ducks are cute and also very adorable. The tattoo design can be made in different colors. But obviously, it depends on everyone’s choice. But if you want a cute tattoo instead of the hot one you should definitely try this.

Duck Hunting Tattoo

Duck Hunting Tattoo Source

Duck tattoo has various designs as per the choice of the customer. Duck hunting design is a very cool one. It can be done in different patterns of course. But those who go for hunting duck design, it should be said that they have a really good and an amazing choice. You can make it wherever you want. But don’t forget to flaunt your tattoo amongst your friends.

Black and White Duck Tattoo

Black and White Duck Tattoo Source

Tattoos can be made in different colors, surely, duck tattoos are made in such a way that they look real at first glance. Have you seen a black and white duck? Yes, black and white duck in tattoo designs look so attractive that if you get it everyone will definitely ask you about the tattoo.

Flying Duck Tattoo Idea

Flying Duck Tattoo Idea Source

As we know ducks don’t fly, but mallard birds under the ducks family have the capacity to fly. These beautiful birds can be selected as a tattoo design also. With their wings wide open in the air when put in design it gives a cool look. The message it gives is no matter how hard the situation is, learn to fly over your problems.

Duck Foot Tattoo

Duck Foot Tattoo Source

We have usually seen tattoos on different body parts, but a tattoo can be done on the foot as well. But a duck design on the foot is something different and cute then the usual stuff.

Duck Tattoo on Shoulder

Duck Tattoo on Shoulder Source

Tattoos made with the shoulder should be cleverly chosen because they are directly visible to everyone. This type of design suits girls, but boys can also do it with some changes in it, definitely.

Duck Head Tattoo Idea

Duck Head Tattoo Idea Source

Instead of the whole duck design as a tattoo, you can choose to make only the head of the duck as a tattoo. It is different from the others as well as it gives a zooming effect to the selected tattoo design. This somewhat is similar to dove tattoo design.

Duck Tattoo on Arm

Duck Tattoo on Arm Source

Well, tattoos are mostly seen on people’s arm, it is a commonplace for making tattoos. But if the design is different it looks different and good to the viewers also. If you want to go for a duck tattoo design on the arm make sure you do a different attractive and catchy design because it will be the first place people will notice.

Duck Chest Tattoo Design

Duck Chest Tattoo Design Source

Tattoo artists have selective designs if a customer demands a duck tattoo on the chest. If on the chest you can also try for deer antler tattoo designs along with duck design.

Duck Tattoo on Palm

Duck Tattoo on Palm Source

Duck Half Sleeve Tattoo

Duck Half Sleeve Tattoo Source

Duck Shoulder Tattoo for Women

Duck Shoulder Tattoo for Women Source

Black and Gray Duck Tattoo

Black and Gray Duck Tattoo Source

Traditional Duck Tattoo Design

Traditional Duck Tattoo Design Source

Blue Duck Tattoo on Foot

Blue Duck Tattoo on Foot Source

Unique Duck Flying Tattoo

Unique Duck Flying Tattoo Source

Neo Traditional Duck Tattoo

Neo Traditional Duck Tattoo Source

Cute Duck Tattoo Design

Cute Duck Tattoo Design Source

Lady Duck Tattoo Idea

Lady Duck Tattoo Idea Source

Duck Tattoo on Forearm

Duck Tattoo on Forearm Source

Duck tattoo designs are not at all common. You need to pick up a design wisely. Koi fish tattoo designs are also in demand but by only specific customers.  The tattoo type you choose reflects what kind of a person are you, so you have to be selective about some particular things. And don’t forget to flaunt your tattoo in the public and grab attention.

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