The scarab is an insect usually depicted at sacred rituals of old Egyptian people. This is the dung beetle, as many people know. It was an important symbol in the ancient Egyptian culture. At the present day, the scarab is a popular kind of skin art, similar to the Koi Fish Tattoo, for instance.

The scarab meaning goes into the deep detail, but usually it represents the cycle of the Sun or a daylight, resurrection and afterlife, too. It is the beetle represented as a powerful symbol of an early morning or sun rays at the dawn.

Egyptian Scarab Tattoo Design

egyptian scarab tattoo design


Incredible shades of a black and brown ink. Perfect spot for this is forearm or above elbow. You may consider a traditional tattoo, too. You may also see Koi Fish Tattoo Designs

Traditional Scarab Tattoo

traditional scarab tattoo


A solar disk is depicted with a great importance and decorated wings of the scarab were held in high. There is a decorative reflection upon the whole design. Once finished, this tattoo will be impressive.

Black Work Scarab Tattoo Idea

black work scarab tattoo idea


Congratulations to the artist who showed a great patience and an eye for a detail. The whole beetle is covered with symbols and ornaments making it astonishing to any observer’s eye. Once again, imagination is the only limit when this kind of thing is in question.

Geometric Scarab Tattoo

geometric scarab tattoo


It is not the scarab tattoo if you miss any of Egyptian themes or folklore. Yes, this is beautiful imagery and geometric shapes just add the value and make this kind of design on the top of its class. Certain geometric shapes include a religious meaning.

Scarab Wings Tattoo

scarab wings tattoo


This is a perfect symmetry of the ink, across the whole body. We just adore the way how an artist pays an attention to the ink shades at certain spots. Definitely the whole cosmos is inside the details of this piece of design. Making it in full color, will add more importance.

Scarab Tattoo on Palm

scarab tattoo on palm


Scarab Bug Tattoo Design

scarab bug tattoo design


Scarab Tattoo on Hand

scarab tattoo on hand


Unique Scarab Tattoo for Men

unique sacrab tattoo for men


Black Ink Scarab Tattoo Idea

black ink scarab tattoo idea


Colorful Scarab Tattoo on Back

colorful scarab tattoo on back


Cool Scarab Tattoo Design

cool scarab tattoo design


So, when you see next time some of the scarab’s design on people, you will be well aware of the secret meaning and importance of this powerful symbol. Details are very important like in the Mandala Tattoo. The symbol itself had been in the use for millenniums, but hadn’t changed much till the present day. These are eternity and creative forces at the spot.

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