With many colored jewelry making a comeback in the fashion industry, the rose gold ring has not been left behind. Rose gold combines high quality copper with pure yellow gold which makes these type of rings more durable and affordable as compared to white or yellow gold. It one of the most popular metal choice for all engagement ring designs and because of the alloy mixture you can get the rings in pink or red gold color. Be it modern or vintage, in this list there are rose gold rings that will make a wedding or an engagement memorable.

Antique Rose Gold Ring

Antique rose gold rings are the most popular designs. They come in different shapes, styles and tend to be more than 100 years old. The filigree style has a feminine feature that will suit ladies who love girly jewelry. You can choose any side gems like white diamonds, white sapphires or rubies.

antique rose gold ring

Rose Gold Ring for Men

Men love a simple ring that will complement any outfit they wear, and that is what these rose gold rings are all about. The tungsten carbide metal makes these rings scratch resistant, classic and durable so as you do not have to take off the ring no matter which active lifestyle you have.

rose gold ring for men

Stackable Rose Gold Ring

Jewelry layering is a trendy thing that even celebrities have embraced. You too can show your fashion skills by opting for this classic stackable rose gold rings. Simple yet classy, these hammered ring will look good on anyone whether you have short, wide or slender fingers.

stackable rose gold ring


Rose Gold Engagement Ring

You may have all the tips on how to propose in a romantic way, but if you don’t have the perfect ring, your proposal will not make that big of an impression. Rose gold engagement rings have a romantic appeal that will express your love and leave your partner with tears of joy.

rose gold engagement ring


Rose Gold Wedding Ring

If your lady loves fashionable and pretty jewelry, then go for rose gold wedding rings. The solitaire diamond ring set is designed specifically for weddings. They are affordable, elegant and comes with two rings one of which works as a wedding band.

rose gold wedding ring

Rose Gold Diamond Ring

From the 20th century until now, halo diamond rings continue to dazzle many women by featuring one central gemstone embellished by other smaller stones. You can get rose gold diamond rings in various shapes such as pear which gives a dramatic appearance. For a unique look, pair your central diamond with pink sapphire gemstones.

rose gold diamond ring


Celtic Rose Gold ring

Celtic Rose gold rings are the ideal design for any woman who wants to cherish their Irish heritage. The intertwined knots will symbolize the unbreakable bond and complete your look even when you wear a simple outfit. Both the color and design of the metal adds a feminine touch to the ring.

celtic rose gold ring

Pearl Rose Gold Ring

Pearl rose gold rings have an everyday look that makes them a perfect gift for best friends, girlfriends, moms, sisters or wife. The metal is malleable hence can be bent to form any unique shape. This property makes these rings perfect for when you need to resize it to fit your finger. You may also See Black Diamond Rings

pearl rose gold ring

Rose Gold Promise Ring

A promise ring shows your commitment towards marriage with your partner. A rose gold promise ring has a natural warmth and works for both vintage and modern styles. It looks beautiful on cool as well as warm skin tones, and its high durability property will comfortably fit ladies with a very active lifestyle.

rose gold promise ring

Rose gold rings are compatible with all ring settings hence you are bound to find a design that looks stunning on any skin color. They are available in 18K or 14K rose gold and give a unique choice for any bride who wants to look unique. Rose gold engagement rings have a romantic connotation, are durable and so versatile that you can get them in different shapes, in any gemstone combination that you want.

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