Ring Designs

The ‘Ring’ has been a symbol of eternity and infinity for ages. Rings in the form of jewelry act as the transposition of the magical into the world of the tangible. According to the traditional beliefs, sporting a ring gives you the power and energy necessary to smoothen out your life. Further, the material of the ring and your personality determine the importance of a ring in your life. However, rings have widely been associated with beautification, their attractiveness and their material values. Rings, over the ages have been decorating our men and woman and giving them a special status in the society. Read More

A brief journey to the history of rings

It was customary in the 16th century that doctors wore a ring on their thumb, merchants on their index fingers, fools in their middle fingers, students in the annular fingers and lovers in their auricular fingers! Babylonian mythology attaches rings as an important form of adornment for Gods and Goddesses and many of us would know the stories of Marduk and Shamas. In China, rings became and still are an insignia of military rank. Every culture including the Turks, Persians, Egyptians, Chinese, Indians, Mongolians, Manchuks, etc wore a ring in some form. Rings were also made highly popular by the Romans wherein rings made of different materials and metals were supposed to be worn on different fingers. Romans started the concept of Birthday Rings, signet rings, and gold fingers!

Rings, today

Rings, though culturally significant, had always been symbolic of love. A wedding is preceded by exchange of engagement rings in almost all cultures across the globe. Today, there’s a ring to fit every occasion, right from birth to the death of a loved one. Rings, as a form of ornamentation isn’t just limited to our fingers but extend to nose rings, ear rings, lockets, brooches, toe rings and more. In fact, a ring will be the first addition to anyone’s jewelry box any day. Rings have become vogue and given jewelry designers the opportunity to experiment with several materials and designs.

Choice of your ring

The ring you choose for yourself would be a highly personal decision. However, the governing factors would be the budget, your personality, your beliefs (choice of material), your age, your gender and your culture. For important occasions like the engagement of wedding, there are specific ring styles attached but that too is highly diverse.

Today, there are a number of manufacturers bringing out new designs and styles of rings. Following the trends is the first step to knowing the options available and goes for the common matching. However, you can also always go for customized jewelry. Ring designing and manufacture has been leveraged to the status of an art form and this has helped increase the cultural significance of the same.

Below, you can read all the different stories partaking to ring designs that have made news recently. There’s actual ‘fellowship’ to belong to!