Do you want to make your engagement the most memorable part of your life? Do you want to gift something special to the one with whom you are going to engaged? Are you looking for the engagement rings designs from which you can gift a suitable one to your sweetheart to make them realize how much you love her?

You can make your bride happy and yes you can make your engagement reminisce by gifting a prettiest engagement ring to her. There are a wide range of engagement rings available in market. Here we will tell you the most prettiest engagement rings that you can get for your bride to surprise her.

Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings are the symbol of romance and sovereignty for many people. These rings are expensive as they are unique. So if you want to make your bride feel special then you must go for vintage engagement rings. The vintage engagement rings also known as” romantic rings” were made around in 1830s by the Victorians.

Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

vintage diamond engagement ring

Vintage Pearl Engagement Ring

vintage pearl engagement ring


Gold Engagement Rings

Gold is found in 10, 12, 18, 22 and 24 karat. The pure gold is 24 karat and you should for an engagement ring that is made with 24 karat gold only. Women’s love gold very much so giving a gold engagement ring on this engagement would be a perfect choice.

White Gold Engagement Ring

white gold engagement ring


Rose Gold Oval Engagement Ring

rose gold oval engagement ring1

Sapphire Engagement Rings

It is said that the sapphire protects the one who owes it from evil and harm. Sapphire engagement rings have been used since ancient times but it was losing its recognition among lovers but it came in trend when Prince William gave sapphire ring to her bride Kate on his engagement. So if you want to make your bride feels like a queen you must give her a sapphire engagement ring.

Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

blue sapphire engagement ring

White Sapphire Engagement Ring

white sapphire engagement ring

Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring

pink sapphire engagement ring


Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond is the most costly thing in this modern era. If you are giving a diamond in the form diamond engagement ring to your beloved one to whom you are going to marry then you don’t have to say anything after giving it. It will show others how serious you are for her. Although there are many styles and designs available on online stores from which you can get one.

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

princess cut diamond engagement ring

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

yellow diamond engagement ring


Black Diamond Engagement Ring

black diamond engagement ring


Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are the best for the brides who like the big ring for their special day. There is a big stone in the middle of the ring and is surrounded by the small stones which makes the middle stone looks attractive and big in size. You can use diamond or any other stone for halo engagement rings as per the taste of your beloved one.

Double Halo Engagement Ring

double halo engagement ring

Emerald Cut Halo Engagement Ring

emerald cut halo engagement ring

Opal Engagement Rings

Opal engagement rings are best found and crafted in the Australia. Opal rings are a very good option for the people now days. Black opals are the very eye catching one’s that is also trending among the couples. These opal engagement rings are high priced so choose wisely.

Fire Opal Engagement Ring

fire opal engagement ring

Emerald Engagement Rings

Emerald is a green colored stone which is trending now days. People are using emerald stone in their wedding rings or we can say emerald engagement rings are the best that one can surprise her bride with. The benefit of emerald stone is you can set it in gold, diamond, and silver. Various designs of emerald engagement rings are available across internet to choose from. So get a best design for your beloved one.

Diamond Emerald Engagement Ring

diamond emerald engagement ring

Pearl Engagement Rings

If you are marrying a traditional girl then you should go for a pearl engagement ring. As pearl is unique in style and it can be set in any metal available like gold, silver. Traditional girls love pearls in their jewelry and giving a pearl ring will leave a positive impression of yours on her.

Pearl and Diamond Engagement Ring

pearl and diamond engagement ring

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire engagement rings were first made by the famous jewel company Tiffany’s & Co in 1886. The used solitaire diamonds in it. Although you can get it in other stones as well instead of diamonds also. Make your bride a queen by giving a solitaire engagement ring on your engagement.

Round Solitaire Engagement Ring

round solitaire engagement ring

Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring

oval solitaire engagement ring


Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

You can find a number of styles of pear shaped engagement rings but the most used one is solitaire. This style shows the best pear shape.  There is another style cluster also in which there is a pear diamond in the center and is surrounded by small clustered diamonds. It is an immense gift that you can give your bride on engagement.

Vintage pear Shaped Engagement Ring

vintage pear shaped engagement ring


Round Engagement Rings

These rings are usually in a circle or round shape. You can get the flower design in round engagement rings as well. It totally depends upon on you what kind of design you want as you can get the first letter of you and yours lovers name in a round engagement ring and it will always make your bride to remember you while looking at the ring.

Three Stone Round Engagement Ring

three stone round engagement ring

Round Cluster Engagement Ring

round cluster engagement ring


Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum is the sign of prestige and success. Platinum engagement rings are the best for the ones who likes to show off their things. Platinum is very shiny and it can enhance the look of your solitaire diamond as well. If your bride likes to shine and love to be an eye catching then gift her platinum engagement ring.

Round Platinum Engagement Ring

round platinum engagement ring

Square Engagement Rings

Square engagement rings are the broad rings that cover your finger and it look classy. Most of the actress use to wear a diamond square engagement ring on different occasions. But gifting it on the engagement will make you show your love to your bride.

Square Diamond Engagement Ring

square diamond engagement ring

Square Band Engagement Ring

square band engagement ring

Teardrop Engagement Rings

Teardrop engagement rings are similar to the pear shaped rings. As you can get a teardrop shape in various gems as well but it look more beautiful in diamond. If you are doing love marriage then this would be a perfect ring for your partner.

Teardrop Diamond Engagement Ring

teardrop diamond engagement ring

Ruby Engagement Rings

It is a colorful stone as it is of red color with the purple notes and gives a tremendous look. Using a ruby with platinum in a ring would be a good choice to gift your lover. Not every single person goes for it but if you want to gift something unique to your bride then go for a ruby engagement ring.

Antique Ruby Engagement Ring

antique ruby engagement ring

Red Ruby Engagement Ring

red ruby engagement ring


Silver engagement Rings

Silver is considered as the most precious metal to make a long lasting jewelry. People consider silver as a status symbol because of its beauty and luxurious qualities. You can find a silver engagement ring from the various online stores and from the local market as well. Moreover your beloved one can wear this silver engagement ring in day to day life because of its light weight material.

Black Silver Engagement Ring

black silver engagement ring

Silver Princess Cut Engagement Ring

silver princess cut engagement ring

Skull Engagement Rings

Skull engagement rings are specially designed for the bike riders and the people who love these kinds of stuffs and want to look different form the crowd. If you and your beloved one is one of them then you should go for skull engagement rings.

Sugar Skull Engagement Ring

sugar skull engagement ring

Black Skull Engagement Ring

black skull engagement ring

Pink Engagement Rings

According to a survey Pink is the favorite color of every women. There are sapphires that are available in pink color. So if you want to make your women happy then gift her pink engagement ring.

Gold Pink Engagement Ring

gold pink engagement ring


Heart Engagement Rings

Heart engagement rings are the most trending among all the rings among couples now days. People use to buy these rings to make their lover remind of themselves whenever they have a look on the ring. So buying a heart ring on your engagement for your bride would be a best gift you can give her.

Flower Engagement Rings

If you beloved one is a flower lover then you should go for floral engagement rings. As the words describes it floral (flower) rings consists of a flower on it. There is a bud in the middle and is surrounded by the lovely petals and these floral engagements rings are very eye catching also. For winning the women’s heart you should surprise her with this ring.

Lotus Flower Engagement Ring

lotus flower engagement ring

Vintage Flower Engagement Ring

vintage flower engagement ring


Gold Flower Engagement Ring

gold flower engagement ring

You have got to know about the various prettiest engagement rings available in the market for your bride. But you should first test the quality of the ring you are going to buy. Buy the ring from the trusted jeweler and although check the purity hallmark under the ring and make your engagement worth remembering

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