An engagement ring is usually given from a man to a woman as a proposal for marriage. If you have been dating for quite a while and you know she is the one for you, then give her a beautiful engagement ring. They are a pledge of love and act as a physical reminder that the lady is committed. Since your woman will wear this ornament wherever she goes, opt for ring designs that express her style.

Diamond Engagement Rings For Women

When it comes to popularity, diamond engagement rings are the ideal choice for any woman who loves sparkly jewelry. While you can buy a small affordable diamond ring, if your budget is unlimited then go for a big rock that will stand out on her finger.

Leaves Diamond Engagement Ring for Women

leaves diamond engagement ring for women

Women’s Gold Engagement Rings

Women’s gold engagement rings are perfect for those who love metallic jewelry. The durability and subtle shine of gold make this ring a worthwhile investment. She can wear this ring with any outfit color, and the gold color will still stand out on the finger.

Stainless Steel Gold Engagement Ring for Women

stainless steel gold engagement ring for women

Platinum Engagement Rings For Women

Do you prefer an engagement ring that will not react with your sensitive skin? Platinum engagement rings for women are hypoallergenic and will not react with any skin. They are durable and have a unique beauty that will make it hard for her to say no to you.

Platinum Engagement Diamond Ring for Women

platinum engagement diamond ring for women


Silver Engagement Rings For Women

Silver engagement rings for women are perfect for couples who are looking for a more affordable design. They come in white or gray colors and often have a shiny finish that will put the spotlight on your fingers.

Vintage Engagement Rings For Women

You will know whether to get a vintage ring by considering whether or not your girlfriend loves old accessories. Vintage engagement rings for women feature distinctive designs that ensure you get a unique ring that is the only one of its kind.

Vintage Engagement Diamond Ring For Women

vintage engagement diamond ring for women1


Women’s Camo Engagement Rings

Does your girlfriend love hunting or outdoor activities? Then proposing with women’s camo engagement rings will show her that you take notice of her lifestyle. This ring will suit her style and depict a feminine side that is also unique.

Pink Women’s Camo Engagement Ring

pink womens camo engagement ring1

Sapphire Engagement Rings For Women

Do you want rings that have a colored gemstone? Then go for sapphire engagement rings for women. The blue color of the gem will create an exotic look that is hard to ignore. You can even go for a ring that combines diamonds with one large sapphire stone.

Square Engagement Rings For Women

If your lady prefers a unique ring design, then choose square engagement rings for women. The square shape will fill the width of her finger creating the illusion of a much bigger stone. Opt for a ring that makes her birthstone the main focus.

Celtic Engagement Rings For Women

Celtic engagement rings for women feature intricate knots and interlocking patterns that create an infinity design. Suitable for ladies with an Irish background the knotworks have a decorative effect.

Solitaire Engagement Rings For Women

You can say I love you with solitaire engagement rings for women. Even though they feature a single beautiful gemstone, you can incorporate metals like yellow gold or sterling silver that will make the ring unique.

Halo Solitaire Engagement Rings For Women

halo solitaire engagement rings for women1


Round Engagement Rings For Women

Whether you are hoping to surprise your girlfriend with the ring or you are shopping together, the most easily available design is the round engagement rings for women. The circular shape will complement both slender and wide fingers.

Infinity Engagement Rings For Women

To show endless love, you need to get infinity engagement rings for women. The symbol of these rings will remain timeless and chic throughout any season. The infinity shape is subtle enough to complement any outfit as well make a statement.

Infinity Gold Engagement Ring For Women

infinity gold engagement ring for women

Women’s Black Engagement Rings

Women’s black engagement rings are for the traditional girl with a gothic style. The black color will match any outfit color. Pair black gemstones with sterling silver metal to help the ring stand out and look fabulous on any skin tone.

Women’s Black Diamond Engagement Ring

womens black diamond engagement ring1


Pink Engagement Rings For Women

Pink engagement rings for women are for the girly individual who wants to be spoiled. By choosing this ring, you will show that you embrace her individuality and you are ready to be with her for the rest of your life.

Pink Engagement Gold Ring For Women

pink engagement gold ring for women


Women’s Titanium Engagement Rings

The lightweight traits of titanium are what make it a favorite for both modern and traditional engagement rings for women. It is also hypoallergenic to ensure your finger is safe from any metallic allergic reactions. The polished finish helps the ring to look sophisticated.

Women’s Engagement Band Rings

Women’s engagement band rings should complement the wedding ring. These bands have a decorative style that will make a finger feminine and beautiful. If you want an engagement band with an edge, then go for two-toned designs that mix two metals.

Pearl Engagement Rings For Women

If classy is what you want to depict then choose to buy pearl engagement rings for women. If your girlfriend is more traditional than modern, then a simple white pearl ring will suit her. Colored pearl engagement rings are for ladies who love vibrant colors.

Pearl Promise Engagement Rings For Women

pearl promis engagement rings for women

Blue Engagement Rings For Women

Whether your girlfriend loves looking at the sky or is fascinated by oceans, blue engagement rings for women will portray her personality. Opt for a metallic band to help the blue stone take center stage.

Blue Engagement Diamond Ring For Women

blue engagement diamond ring for women


Women’s Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

Women’s pear shaped engagement rings have a pointed side and oval shape that makes these designs eye-catching. They accentuate the length of a finger making them ideal for women with short fingers.

Women’s Pear Shaped Green Engagement Ring

womens pear shaped green engagement ring

Women’s Flower Engagement Rings

Women’s flower engagement rings are for individuals who love showing off their feminine side. If your ring features a colored flower then, opt for an engagement band with the same gemstone.

Women’s Rose Flower Engagement Ring

womens rose flower engagement ring

How Important is the Engagement Ring Design for a Women

Engagement ring designs are important to women because they reflect the style and enhance the beauty of her fingers. They ideal ring will highlight her lifestyle and consider comfort.

Women wear engagement rings to show that they have found love and are ready for marriage. They are a sign of approval for that particular man. Depending on your budget and her preference you can opt for a ring that represents her hobby, lifestyle or career. So choose a ring that is beautiful and durable.

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