Aquamarine engagement rings have an inherent touch of sophistication-a blue beauty that refines the look of the stones. Engagement rings are highly customized, as the taste of people are greatly varied. The colour of the Aquamarine engagement rings, shades used in it and other specifications vary from one ring to another. The overall bluish tinge lingers in the ring, adding to the elegance. These rings are luxurious, rich and delicate. Here are ten engagement ring designs of this category that you might find interesting.

Aquamarine Diamond Engagement Ring

If you are looking out for aquamarine diamond engagement rings, this one may be your ideal choice. The edges of the diamond in the centre are sharp. A beautiful halo glows around the centre. The cushion-shaped stone is set in a gold ring and this is a beautiful piece of ornament.

aquamarine diamond engagement ring

Vintage Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Vintage engagement rings have enriched looks. This particular one has a blue stone in the centre. The ring is thin and sleek, that adds to its elegance. The colour of the sea-blue-green stone is the core of attraction in this ring. If you are looking for sky-coloured rings, this is the ideal choice.

vintage aquamarine engagement ring


Cusion Cut Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Cushion-cut rings have increasingly become popular in different parts of the world. This ring has elegant intricate decorative designs by the sides. The blue stone is inserted in the centre, making the ring gorgeous. This is a light and conspicuous ring, ideal for engagements.

cusion cut aquamarine engagement ring

Aquamarine Halo Engagement Ring

Halo engagement rings are popular due to the inherent beauty of the ring of light around the stone. In this particular ring, the sharp-cut edge of the circular aquamarine stone is the centre of attraction. The silver body of the ring is marked with fine design that increases the visual pleasure of the ring. You may also See Heart Shaped Rings

aquamarine halo engagement ring

Emerals Cut Aquamarine Engagement Ring

This aquamarine ring has an emerald in the centre. The edges are sharp cut and the centre shimmers in beauty. Along with the larger stones, smaller diamonds wrap the band of the ring. The square-cut emerald in the center looks sophisticated and this is ideal for a wedding gift.

emerals cut aquamarine engagement ring

Platinum Aquamarine Engagement Ring

This platinum engagement ring has a beautiful four-claw setting. The central stone is complemented by bright aquamarine shoulders. It is a small ring with horizontally elongated top. The stones shine with aristocracy, and the colour blend of the ring is perfect for wedding purposes.

platinum aquamarine engagement ring


Aquamarine Sapphire Engagement Ring

You may love this beautiful sapphire engagement ring with a vintage style. The sky-blue colour of the ring delivers an aquamarine shade to it. Each of the stones have a hallow around them, made of small diamonds. You will love the combined visual effect of the ring.

aquamarine sapphire engagement ring

Art Deco Aquamarine Engagement Ring

In this ring, the aquamarine shade is light. The oval stone is complemented with two butterfly-like wings by the sides. It has a thin body, silver in colour and looks cultured. You can use it as an engagement ring or gift it as a wedding ring. You may also See Engagement Ring Designs

art deco aquamarine engagement ring

When you look out for sapphire engagement ring designs, choose the ones that go well with the complexion. The rings with halo looks beautiful, and you can opt for other varieties like the ones with cushion-shaped stones and intricate designs. The right choice of engagement rings will refine your look.

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