A wedding ring is something that you plan on wearing for the rest of your life, so it has to be perfect. From choosing the metal, shape, color, size and design, there are many factors that you need to consider before buying wedding rings. Whatever ring you choose it should match or complement the engagement ring. In this article, we have different types of beautiful wedding rings to suit the preference of each bride and groom.

Vintage Wedding Rings

If you need a marriage ring that is one of a kind, then go for vintage wedding rings. With these rings, you can choose from a particular era that resonates with your style. If your wife loves history, old décor or books from past centuries, then go for vintage wedding rings.

Vintage Gold Wedding Ring

vintage gold wedding ring


Camo Wedding Rings

Camo weddings ring are eye-catching, attractive and suitable for people who love outdoor activities. If you and your man often go hunting together then getting camo wedding rings is the ideal way to go. You can get these rings in either subtle or bold design.

Pink Camo Wedding Ring

pink camo wedding ring1

Silver Camo Wedding Ring

silver camo wedding ring

Gold Wedding Rings

When it comes to choosing wedding rings with precious metals, then gold definitely ranks top. This metal is durable, practical and complements most gemstones with colors. You can get wedding rings in yellow gold, which suits traditional brides and white gold for the modern individuals.

White Gold Wedding Ring Design

white gold wedding ring design

Rose Gold Wedding Ring

rose gold wedding ring


Opal Wedding Rings

Do you want a unique wedding ring with a timeless style? Then opt for opal wedding rings. The milky or colorless appearance of opal enables these wedding rings to make a bold statement. You can also get precious opal wedding rings that incorporate pink, green, blue, red and orange color shades.

Fire Opal Wedding Ring

fire opal wedding ring

Black Opal Wedding Ring

black opal wedding ring


Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamonds are the most popular gemstones in most wedding rings. They depict class, elegance, luxury and look good on any skin tones. You can add diamonds to silver, gold or opt for diamond wedding rings with unusual shapes to add to the glamorous effects. Diamond heart-shaped, square and round rings are also popular.

Black Diamond Wedding Ring

black diamond wedding ring

Chocolate Diamond Wedding Ring

chocolate diamond wedding ring


Skull Wedding Rings

Why settle for popular wedding rings when you can get one in a skull design. Skull wedding rings are for people with a daring attitude and who plan on having a wedding that is straight out of a science fiction movie! These rings usually have a symbolic or cultural meaning.

Skull Wedding Band Ring

skull wedding band ring

Pearl Wedding Ring Designs

If you need a wedding ring with unique gemstones and symbolic meanings, then go for pearls. Due to their white color, pearl wedding rings symbolize purity, honesty, spirituality and often incorporate other gemstones. You can choose from saltwater pearls, cultured pearls, natural pearls and freshwater pearls.

Flower Pearl Wedding Ring Design

flower pearl wedding ring design

Black Pearl Wedding Ring

black pearl wedding ring1


Halo Wedding Rings

Halo wedding rings are the trendy rings right now. Popular in the 1900s, these rings feature a center gemstone that is surrounded by other little stones. The small stones usually sparkle when exposed to light enabling the center stone to be the main focus. If you need a classic wedding ring, then go for a halo design.

Rose Gold Halo Wedding Ring

rose gold halo wedding ring


Double Halo Wedding Ring

double halo wedding ring


Platinum Wedding Rings

If your skin tends to react with metals, then go for platinum wedding rings which are hypoallergenic. They have a soft finish which gives these rings noble characteristics and a heaviness that prevents it from sliding out of the fingers quickly. They are also durable to ensure they retain their satin look for a long time.

Antique Platinum Wedding Ring

antique platinum wedding ring

Sapphire Wedding Rings

Sapphire is a gemstone that symbolizes wisdom, good fortune and virtue making sapphire wedding rings attractive. Even though the blue sapphire ring is especially popular with celebrities including Kate Middleton you can also get sapphire wedding rings in pink, yellow, green and brown colors.

Blue Sapphire Wedding Ring

blue sapphire wedding ring

Pink Sapphire Wedding Ring

pink sapphire wedding ring


Celtic Wedding Ring Designs

If you want to be different, then go for a Celtic wedding ring. Popular with Irish descendants, Celtic wedding rings will make your special day unique. Celtic designs tend to feature intricate knot and pattern making these rings easily noticeable. You don’t have to have Irish background to wear this ring design.

Celtic Knot Wedding Ring

celtic knot wedding ring

Celtic Dragon Wedding Ring

celtic dragon wedding ring1


Square Wedding Ring

While choosing a gemstone is one of the most crucial factors, the shape also determines how a ring will look on the finger. Square wedding rings have gemstones such as diamonds and sapphire in a square shape with soft edges. Square rings can also be user-friendly and will enhance the look of your fingers.

Square Stone Wedding Ring

square stone wedding ring

Turquoise Wedding Ring

Turquoise wedding rings are for people who want ring designs with color. The turquoise shines from within enabling the ring to complement all skin tones. Since this material incorporates other elements, it can have varying colors. Those who have more aluminum are in a green shade while more copper gives turquoise a blue shade.

Turquoise Diamond Wedding Ring

turquoise diamond wedding ring

Vintage Turquoise Wedding Ring

vintage turquoise wedding ring

Ruby Wedding Rings

Ruby wedding rings are durable, long-lasting and in a bright color that is eye-catching. The dazzling red color of the ruby is what makes these rings attractive so go for a size that makes these sparkly jewels stand out. While the central color of a ruby is red, you can these rings in violet and orange shades.

Ruby Gold Wedding Ring

ruby gold wedding ring


Vintage Ruby Wedding Ring

vintage ruby wedding ring

Silver Wedding Rings

Silver wedding rings will complement all skin tones and match every outfit in your wardrobe. Silver is a very brittle material hence incorporates other metals such as copper to increase its durability. It also matches with any colored stone making it a favorite for many weddings.

silver wedding band


Flower Wedding Rings

If you need a ring that will depict the femininity of your girlfriend, then opt for flower wedding rings. You can go for a ring color or design that matches to that of her favorite flower. Whatever flower design you choose these rings will look good on any bride.

Lotus Flower Wedding Ring Idea

lotus flower wedding ring idea


Heart Wedding Rings

The heart is a symbol that is often associated with everlasting love, passion, and sexiness, so why not go for a wedding ring in a heart shape to depict these traits. From heart wedding rings with small gemstones to those with bold colored stones, these rings are beautiful.

Infinity Wedding Rings

Many couples take time choosing wedding rings because they want to get the right one that has a symbolic meaning and infinity wedding rings have unique meanings. The infinity symbol is gradually replacing the round ring shapes making it the ideal time to go for the infinity wedding ring.

Infinity Knot Wedding Ring

infinity knot wedding ring

Infinity Twist Wedding Ring

infinity twist wedding ring

Crown Wedding Rings

If you need a ring that clearly projects royalty, then go for crown wedding rings. These rings are classy and elegant. They feature either a queens or kings crown design to suit the different genders. From party dresses to a wedding gown, these rings complement all outfits.

Princess Crown Wedding Ring

princess crown wedding ring

Gold Crown Wedding Ring

gold crown wedding ring

Round Wedding Rings

It is without a surprise that round wedding rings are trendy. They tend to have special meanings which are often associated with the circle shape. Rings with these shapes portray wholeness, unity, strong bond and importance of family.  The round shape also makes it easier to add any gemstones such as diamonds, ruby, and sapphire.

Gold Round Wedding Ring

gold round wedding ring

Vintage Round Wedding Ring

vintage round wedding ring


Wedding Rings Uniqueness and Tips

Rings have become a staple item in any wedding, and after exchanging marriage vows, they work to seal the bond. When it comes to choosing, weddings ring you should consider the material, if you want a simple band or sparkly designs, color, and shape. To ensure your man never takes the ring off, then go for a material such as gold and silver that he can pair easily with other accessories such as watches and cufflinks.

Wedding rings are a cultural expectation and often have deep symbolic meanings. The color and material such as platinum and gold you choose should complement your outfits and feature an attractive design that will give you an attachment to the ring.

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