What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you are getting married? The most basic thing would be a wedding ring right? And we have seen plenty of weddings rings, some diamond and some in gold. We decided to go for something different this time. What we came across are ruby wedding rings. These are round wedding rings and some even of other shapes but overall are very pretty to look at and you will definitely fall in love with them.

Ruby Diamond Ring

Ruby Diamond Ring Source

This is a square wedding ring. It is a mixture of rubies and diamonds and wow, what a beautiful piece this is. Red is a very glamorous color that would make any design look beautiful and one such example is this.

Antique Ruby Rings

Antique Ruby Rings Source

This ruby stone almost looks like a faint pink wedding ring. The reason looks like this is because it is antique. If you are a fan of antique jewelry, this would be a perfect fit for you. The look and feel of it will make you want to wear it and flaunt it.

Vintage Ruby Rings

Vintage Ruby Rings Source

Shine bright with diamonds and a big ruby. Diamonds make it the perfect wedding ring white ruby is classy and chic. At the end, you are radiating a sense of pure elegance with a ring like this.

Ruby Heart Ring

Ruby Heart Ring Source

On a special occasion like a wedding, a heart is a true symbol of love. This design symbolizes love, marriage and a gorgeous wedding ring with a bright ruby. The ruby embedded into the gold band is very classy and will make you look chic and radiating of course.

Gold Ruby Ring

Gold Ruby Ring Source

We saw a square wedding ring above, here we see the beautifully cut out flower design ring. This is mainly made of gold with a small ruby in between. It is not as big as the others but looks as gorgeous as the others. The design just adds to the ruby stone and makes it look ravishing.

White Gold Ruby Ring

White Gold Ruby Ring Source

We haven’t seen anything like this. There is gold and then the diamond but among these is the white gold ring band that makes it look simple and elegant. The ruby blends into the white so well to make the perfect ring for your special day.

Ruby Stone Ring

Ruby Stone Ring Source

This is a flower cutout ring with a delicate ruby placed right in the middle. The sides of the flower are embedded with alluring diamonds. You and your ring are going to be radiating from afar. This is the perfect combination of simplicity and elegance.

Silver Ruby Ring

Silver Ruby Ring Source

This is a ring where the ruby is embedded into a silver band. The silver band is cut out differently on the sides. There is a lot of intricate work on it that makes it look visually appealing even though it is silver. All you fashionistas, this one is made for you.

Ruby Stud Ring

Ruby Stud Ring Source

This is pretty diamond studs along with a nice fancy ruby. The red almost looks like a dark pink which makes it better to look at. This will shine when on your hand and make you stand out.

Rose Gold Ruby Ring

Rose Gold Ruby Ring Source

This ring is so radiating and alluring. The diamonds make it shine bright and make it look magnificent whereas the ruby, which looks like the color of a rose, is blending in perfectly with the diamonds to give out the perfect ring.

Simple Ruby Ring

Simple Ruby Ring Source

Three Stone Ruby Ring

Three Stone Ruby Ring Source

Wedding Ruby Ring

Wedding Ruby Ring Source

Modern Gold Ruby Ring

Modern Gold Ruby Ring Source

Pretty Gold Ruby Ring

Pretty Gold Ruby Ring Source

Unique Color Engagement Ring

Unique Color Engagement Ring Source

Traditional Gold Wedding Ring

Traditional Gold Wedding Ring Source

Platinum Ruby Ring

Platinum Ruby Ring Source

Mine Cut Ruby Ring

Mine Cut Ruby Ring Source

Handmade Ruby Ring

Handmade Ruby Ring Source

Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring Source

Another fact about ruby rings, unlike yellow gold wedding rings; they are also a good luck charm for many. They are a sign of heath, happiness, and wealth. Choose your ring wisely.

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