When you are in love with your significant other, and you don’t want to lose them, giving a promise ring can help show your commitment towards the relationship. Promise rings reflect devotion which will eventually result in future engagement. They act as a physical promise made between two people to commit to each other hence make the relationship better and marry later on in life. For couples, these rings design convey romance, affection and strong bond. You may also See Opal Rings

Promise Rings For Couples

Couples who need to signify that they are in a long term relationship yet not ready to get married should get promise rings. They symbolize that the individual wearing the ring is committed to someone else and often precede an engagement announcement. Couples get these rings when they have financial issues or are too young to get married.

Infinity Promise Couple Ring

infinity promise couple ring

Gold Promise Rings

When it comes to considering metals, gold has a higher price value, is durable and its color depicts classy traits. The high quality and long lasting effect of gold will undoubtedly symbolize your plans which involve eventually settling down with that particular partner.

Yellow Gold Promise Ring

yellow gold promise ring

Diamond Promise Rings

While promise rings don’t have to be expensive, if you have the money why not go big and get a diamond promise ring. The dazzle will surely excite your partner and remind them of the good life ahead as well as show how big you value her.

Simple Diamond Promise Ring

simple diamond promise ring


Infinity Promise Ring Designs

Infinity is a symbol of everlasting love and what better way to let your actions do the talking than with eternity promise rings. Infinity promise ring designs have never ending circle patterns which depict a milestone in the relationship and how far you expect the commitment to go.

Infinity Promise Small Ring

infinity promise small ring

Heart Promise Rings

Do you want a promise ring that will clearly express your love? If yes, then opt for heart promise rings. Or better yet go for those with two hearts linked. The heart symbols are symmetrical to ensure they depict true love.

Black Gold Heart Promise Ring

black gold heart promise ring

Opal Promise Rings

If you are looking for a ring that is unique yet beautiful then choosing opal promise rings is the ideal choice. Opal is a gemstone that is known for its vibrant flashes of color, it is lightweight and will stand out no matter which finger you place it on. You may also See Wave Rings

Opal Promise Moonstone Ring

opal promise moonstone ring


Vintage Promise Rings

Vintage promise rings are for couples who love antique jewelry. You will add your history with this type of ring and eventually pass it down to your children. The best way to get a great vintage promise ring is to determine which era design you prefer then choose one that matches both your personality.

Crown Promise Rings

You know you are the king of her heart and she is the queen of your heart, so what better way to seal your union than with crown promise rings. The unique design will even pave the way for an engagement ring with the same crown design.

Unique Crown Promise Ring

unique crown promise ring

Pearl Promise Rings

While you might consider pearls a traditional gemstone, they always remain trendy even as seasons pass, making them an ideal choice for any couple who prefer classy and nontraditional promise rings. Their dainty appearance will complement all occasions and outfits. You can combine it with other gemstones just ensure pearl is the center stone.

Pearl and Diamond Promise Ring

pearl and diamond promise ring

Sapphire Promise Rings

Just like a diamond, sapphires are a favorite to couples who love timeless gems. The bold red color of this ring will help make a statement. You can opt to choose the band of your ring in sterling silver to make the stone stand out or tone down the dazzle by opting for platinum metal bands.

Sapphire Promise Silver Ring

sapphire promise silver ring

Celtic Promise Rings

If both of you tend to integrate cultural values, practices, and ethnic traditions into your relationships, then Celtic promise rings will suit both of you. Popular in the Irish culture, these rings have intertwined knots which make the ring attractive and elegant.

Celtic Knot Promise Ring

celtic knot promise ring


Square Promise Rings

Whether you add a diamond or sapphire, when you choose square promise rings you are sure that it’s a design that will make any finger look beautiful. This ring will make a statement, especially when worn between the wedding and engagement ring fingers. To show commitment, choose square rings that combine ruby and diamonds.

Square Promise Onyx Ring

square promise onyx ring

Platinum Promise Rings

If your girlfriend tends to react with metals such as gold and silver, then choose platinum promise rings which have a high purity that prevents any allergic reactions. The subtle color of platinum will complement any outfit making it easier for both of you to wear every day without color clashing.

Camo Promise Rings

Camo promise rings are popular with military personnel and people who love outdoor activities. These rings have a country theme and incorporating it into a promise ring is the best way to test these designs. If both you and your girlfriend love hunting, then you can opt for these rings to symbolize your hobby.

Flower Promise Rings

One of the patterns that we will never get tired of seeing is flowers. So you won’t go wrong by opting for flower promise rings. These rings are suitable for ladies who love girly accessories and will help draw attention towards your fingers and showcase your feminine side.

Knot Promise Rings

Chic yet beautiful, knot promise rings have a simplicity that makes them more attractive. Give this ring to show love, affection and romantic feelings you have towards your girlfriend. The knots in this rings intertwine with each other hence represents a strong bond that cannot be easily undone.

Gold Double Knot Promise Ring

gold double knot promise ring


Silver Promise Rings

When you are low on cash such that you can’t afford a fancy ring, then silver promise rings will make it easier for you to show your love. Silver material is affordable and will give your outfits a sparkly element. Those looking for durability should go for promise rings made of sterling silver metal.

Halo Promise Rings

Many people go for halo promise rings because it’s just not just a ring; it is a symbol of undying love. The style of these rings makes them elegant and timeless. Use a halo promise ring to show no matter what happens your love will always be center stage in both your lives. You may also See Sapphire Engagement Rings

Oval Shaped Halo Promise Ring

oval shaped halo promise ring

Gothic Promise Rings

From spiked to skull designs, gothic promise rings have a dazzling style that makes them stand out. Suitable for couples who love dark art or biker lifestyle, these rings often depict mystery. Opt for gothic rings made of stainless steel which is a modern bio-compatible metal. Rings that integrate Victorian gothic style are also stunning.

Gothic Princess Promise Ring

gothic princes promise ring

Ruby Promise Rings

Does your girlfriend love colored jewelry? If the answer is yes, then go for ruby promise rings which represent trust, passion, truth, and nobility. They are classified with diamonds regarding precious stones and hardness characteristics. This ring will act as a physical reminder of contentment with your current partner.

What Finger Does a Promise Ring go on and Importance

Depending on the type of pledge promise rings signify a commitment to oneself, your partner or parents. To couples, they are a token of love. While you can put on your promise ring on any finger, wearing it on the fourth finger of the right hand symbolize that you are ready for more serious commitments, leaving the left hand ready for an engagement ring. Alternatively, wearing it on the ring finger of the left-hand means you are exclusively dating.

While they are not very serious as wedding rings, promise rings are a symbol of long term commitment between two people. Couples may opt to get a promise ring instead of getting engaged because they are young or have financial problems. Whatever the reason, promise rings are a sign of a special bond between two people.

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