Acrylic nails are the perfect tools that will make your fingers stand out. With a wide array of designs to suit your everyday lifestyle, you can use acrylic nails to create a crown design that can match with both casual and official outfits. With crown nails, you can opt for long or short nails, either way; you will still look stylish. Whether you prefer glitters or just a simple monochrome design, there is a beautiful crown nail design to suit you.

Princess Crown Nail Art

Princess Crown Nail Art Source

The best way to glam up your pink nail polish is to add a princess crown nail art. Use white nail polish to draw a crown on one of your nails, add glitters and a rhinestone.

3d Crown Nail Design

3d Crown Nail Design Source

You need nails that make a statement to go with that Cleopatra attitude. For this look, get creative and use more than one nail polish color. Instead of glitters be bold and add 3d crown designs on two of your nails.

Pink Floral Crown Nail Design Idea

Pink Floral Crown Nail Design Idea Source

Bling nail designs bring an element of femininity and style that ranks top in the fashion world. With a pink polish, a 3D crown and unicorn you too can give your nails a floral crown design and shape them in any design you like.

Crown Tips Nail Art

Crown Tips Nail Ar Source

If simple nails that make a bold statement is what you’re looking for then go for a nude nail design. By drawing a crown and white rhinestones to the crown you’re giving a boring monochromatic nail design an edgy look.

Crown Nail Design For Short Nails

Crown Nail Design For Short Nails Source

For those who want to give their short nails a feminine look, then adding a crown design is just what you need to do. For this look, file your nails, apply a white or cream nail polish and add a red crown on top. You may also See Acrylic Nail Designs

Gel Crown Nail Art Idea

Gel Crown Nail Art Idea Source

Gel nails are effortlessly elegant and simple to design. Suitable for short nails, both teenagers and mature women can go for this nail art. Just don’t forget to add a crown, a diamond shaped art or a bow nail design.

Glitter Crown Nail Design

Glitter Crown Nail Design Source

A simple way of making your acrylic nails stand out is to add rhinestones and a 3d crown design. Go for a lighter shade of pink nail polish and file your nails into a ballerina or almond shape.

Black and Gold Crown Nails

Black and Gold Crown Nails Source

Black nail polish will complement both casual and formal outfits. The perfect blend of a gold colored crown and rhinestone on a black nail polish will make even a simple monochromatic nails stand out.

Rhinestone Crown Nails

Rhinestone Crown Nails Source

Red and white are color combinations that are loved by many women and with good reason. The bold red color balances the white nail polish without looking boring. Adding a rhinestone crown gives the nails a neat look.

Royal Crown Nail Art Design

Royal Crown Nail Art Design Source

No royalty would love to have ugly chipped looking nails! So, by opting for a nude nail polish and adding a crown rhinestone, you’re elevating your fashion standard to be the same as royalty.

Black Pointy Crown Nails

Black Pointy Crown Nails Source

Gray and Black Crown Nail Art

Gray and Black Crown Nail Art Source

Gold Crown Nail Art

Gold Crown Nail Art Source

Blue Fancy Crown Nails

Blue Fancy Crown Nails Source

Ensure your nails are clean then file them into your preferred shape. Apply a base coat, and then add a nude nail polish. When it dries, add a top coat and a 3D crown embellishment.

Long Crown Nail Idea

Long Crown Nail Idea Source

Leopard Crown Nail Art

Leopard Crown Nail Art Source

Short Colorful Crown Nails

Short Colorful Crown Nails Source

Acrylic nails are the best way of representing your style and fashion sense. Apart from using the whole nail to create a unique design, you can use French tip nails to add a crown design either using glitters or rhinestones. The choice is entirely up to you. So, book a salon appointment or try one of this crown designs at home.

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