What is the first word that comes to your mind when we say triangle? Well, triangle to us would just mean shape. But this shape could also mean so many other things; it is also partially the logo of the famous band, Pink Floyd. We went on social media to explore what more could a triangle be and we found these amazing nail paint designs with triangles. We loved it and thought you should check them out too.

Colorful Triangle Nail Art

colorful triangle nail art


Well, whichever color you choose, if you team them with these triangle shapes, it is definitely going to look fabulous. In this image, the triangles are also shaped differently and it is planned out very well. Every triangle is designed according to the color and the contrast is just too good.

Triangle Foot Nail Design

triangle foot nail design


Purple and white are definitely a good combination. The white might just look like normal lines to you but if you look closely they are triangles. That’s the best part about triangles; you can perceive them differently with each design. This toenail design looks simple and to the point.

Red Colour Triangle Nail Design Idea

red colour triangle nail design idea


Red is our all favorite color, it is bright but it look visually appealing and it grabs attention. Red nail paint will always be in fashion and the silver glitter used as triangles makes it look even better and makes it stand out from the usual red. The glittered triangle breaks the monotony. We love the overall design.

Triangle Halo Nails with Glitter

triangle halo nails with glitter


This design is very elegant; the glitter paint used will make your nails stand out. The triangles in black are the perfect combination with the glitter and they look perfect. The design is so chic and visually stands out. You will grab a lot of attention with this design.

Geometric Nail Design for Short Nails

geometric nail design for short nails


If you have short nails and perplexed about what to do with them, this design should pretty much solve your problem. The combination is great and the triangles are designed differently and make them look good.

Light Colored Nails with Triangle Art

light colored nails with triangle art


This is such a subtle yet amazing nail shade. It is light and helps bring out the natural color of your nails. The multi colored triangles used on the nails is also a perfect contrast and makes your nails stand out elegantly.

Pink Color Aztec Nails

pink aztec nails


Aztec was a tribal group back in the century. These Aztec nail designs with the pink and white combination make it look distinctive and is a unique art design which has been executed very nicely.

Blue Shellac Gel Nail Design

blue shellac gel nail design


This might look like a bright color but it will look wonderful on your pretty feet. If you think the blue is too much then just get the white triangle like on these and you can make it look divergent and it will give out a phenomenal look and feel.

Purple Color Nail Art Idea

purple color nail art idea


Trendy Nail Art for Square Nails

trendy nail art for square nails


Multi Colored Triangle Nails

multi colored triangle nails


Spring Nail Design Idea

spring nail design idea


Beautiful Triangle Nail Art

beautiful triangle nail art


Teal Nail Art Design

teal nail art design


Rainbow Nail Art Idea

rainbow nail art idea


Pretty Nail Art for Women

pretty nail art for women


Lovely Triangle Nail Art

lovely triangle nail art


Wedding Nail Art Design

wedding nail art design


These are some amazing triangle shaped nail art designs which we think you should try.

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