Nails are pretty only if they are treated well. Treat them well with a manicure and they will reward you with beauty and strength. Even models from Alta Moda will envy you. Braid nail art is unique and well known to its picturesque style and interesting color fill. This includes a high gloss black background, covered with arabesque.

Glitter Braid Nail Art

Glitter Braid Nail Art Source

Three different designs, but all connected with sparkle and high gloss finish for all ten fingers. Suitable for a business meeting and you don’t have to worry about your outfit. No need for accessories when you have them.

Light Blue Braid Nail Art

Light Blue Braid Nail Art Source

For sensible persons only. Perfect match for a white skirt and shoes. This will reveal your big soul who yearns for love. This kind of nail design goes perfectly with blond hair.

Black Glitter Fishtail Braid Nail art

Black Glitter Fishtail Braid Nail art Source

Special occasion only, definitely not for a first date. However, if you had acrylic nail design prior to this, do a design with black glitter to cover possible minor damages on the nail. Fishtail tip usually gives extra attention to higher ladies.

French Braid Nail art

French Braid Nail art Source

One nail is usually braided, others are in mono-color. Background requires warm and bright color tone. This will enhance your appearance as a simple person.

Basket Weave Nail art

Basket Weave Nail art Source

As the name suggest you will weave lines as you weave thread. Colors engaged should be similar in brightness and tone. Nice for every occasion and definitely a must try for a first date. You may also See Triangle Nail Art Designs

Knitted Nail Art

Knitted Nail Art Source

Probably most demanding design besides plaid nail art. This is not “Do It Yourself” (DIY) thing and should be left to the professionals. A closer look will give you insight into 3D details.

Navy Blue Nail Art Design

Navy Blue Nail Art Design Source

Similar to French Braid nail, but there is a difference. This kind of art will require darker tones of navy blue or royal blue color. Of course, you don’t have to be of royal blood. Only for a true dame.

Gold Glitter Nail Design

Diy Nail Design Source

Forget the glossy finish, this is your personal DIY setting. One nail with basket weave, next to metallic color of your choice. A small dot will add essential detail. Apply transparent lacquer to reinforce the structure.

Simple Braided Nail art

Simple Braided Nail art Source

Gold background as filler, add two touches of pink, maroon or red and you will have the attention from everywhere.

Cute Braided Nail Art

Cute Braided Nail Art Source

There is nothing to say. It is impossible as turquoise flashes in front of eyes, introducing you to the four color design. True art, only to add polished texture as a final touch. Madonna’s and Lady Gaga’s favorite choice will define you as a pop star, too. You may also See Cupcake Nail Art Designs

Half Braided Nail art

Half Braided Nail art Source

Celtic Knot Nail art

Celtic Knot Nail art Source

Classy Braid Nail Art

Classy Braid Nail Art Source

Blue and Pink Nail Design

Blue and Pink Nail Design Source

Maroon Braid Nail Art for Fair Skin

Maroon Braid Nail Art for Fair Skin Source

Dazzling Braid Nail Design

Dazzling Braid Nail Design Source

Gorgeous Nail Design

Gorgeous Nail Design Source

Red Tip Braid Nail Art

Red Tip Braid Nail Art Source

Blue and Gray Nail Art

Blue and Gray Nail Art Source

Modern Braid Nail Art

Modern Braid Nail Art Source

Black and White Braid Nails

Black and White Braid Nails Source

Advice for the starters would be to try out simple methods. Start with a dark background. Then do two or three strikes in bright and similar colors across nail area. If you spill a dot or two on the skin, don’t panic, just remove it with a toothpick.

Take a look at vintage nail art, this will give you an idea how it all started and it will bring you a better insight of early art and how it developed in recent years.
Don’t get stuck on being a perfectionist, especially not if it is your first time.

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