We got quite hungry after looking for these nail art designs. We even went and picked up a few cupcakes from the nearest shop. Won’t they look pretty as nail art designs? We decided they would; so we looked for them all over the Internet and found some really cute designs.

Pretty Pink Glitter Nail Design

pretty pink glitter nail design


If pink is your favorite colour and if you love cupcakes, what are you waiting for? Just go to the parlour next door and get your pretty nails done. Pink occupies majority of the nails leaving only one empty spot on each hand available for the cupcakes, but hey, we still love it.

Blue and White Cupcake Nail Art

blue and white cupcake nail art


Not a lot of people experiment with a lot of colors on their nails. But after looking at this design, you will not think twice. This deep blue cupcake is done so well with the shinny white.

Cupcake Nail Art for Round Nails

cupcake nail art for round nails


If you have round nails, don’t worry we have a solution for your pretty nails. The polka dotted cupcake design on your nails will look cute and attract attention from everyone.

Shimmery Cupcake Nail Design

shimmery cupcake nail design


We love it when there is shimmery stuff and that’s how we fell in love with this too. This design has plain shimmer with no over or under layer and two nails painted with shimmery cupcake design. This acrylic nail art is very pretty.

Well this design had majority of cupcakes on them. This is for a person who is bored of regular designs and wants to try out something different and funky.

Beautiful Painted Nail Design

beautiful painted nail design


This nail art is for an artistic person who loves trying out new and funky designs and doesn’t mind going a little out of the box. Someone who doesn’t differentiate between cute and elegant and doesn’t mind anything that looks different and will stand out.

Awesome Cupcake Art on Pink Nails

awesome cupcake art on pink nails


If elegance is the key word for you but you want it to be more than plain then this is definitely the design for you. Neatly put pink all over your nails with one nail from each hand painted in baby pink with a small cute cupcake onto it. We think this will look good on anyone who loves subtlety

This is a very plain and simple design. This is for someone who wants something cute but no too much of it. A complex cupcake designed on one nail and a simple cupcake designed on the other makes it look neat and polished.

Elegant Sparkly Nail Design

elegant sparkly nail design


Who loves some cupcake sprinklers? Well this design has lots over it and we think you will get tempted to try them on your nails too. We love the different variation we have across the nails.

Colorful Nails with Cupcake Art

colorful nails with cupcake art


Doesn’t this look very catchy? This is just simple pink paint with cupcakes drawn all over them. There are polka dots too all over them just the way we like it.

Lovely Toe Nail Art Idea

lovely toe nail art idea1


Blue Glitter Nail Art for Short Nails

blue glitter nail art for short nails


Awesome Nail Art on Pointy Nails

awesome nail art on pointy nails


Cute Bow Nail Art Idea

cute bow nail art idea


Trendy Valentine Nail Art

trendy valentine nail art


Simple Cupcake Nail Art

simple cupcake nail art


Bright Hand Painted Nail Art

bright hand painted nail art


Well, it’s time to visit the nail salon soon and get these cute designs done or maybe you can try doing them on your own. You have the designs now, you just have to choose the one you love.

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