Gone are the days when a great manicure had only plain colors! Thanks to bold moves by the fashion industry, manicure has become a way for people to express their style. That means you can revisit your childhood memories by getting a cartoon nail art of your favorite character, a cupcake nail art for that yummy dessert or a lace nail art for that elegant look. Be inspired by the following nail art by putting your favorite design on your nails.

Ballet Shoe Nail Art

ballet shoe nail art


Ballet is an art that is loved by both young and grownups. Using bold colors and shaping your nails in the form of a dance shoe you too can embrace the ballet shoe nail art.

High Heel Shoe Nail Art

high heel shoe nail art


When it comes to fashion, the type of heels that you wear can say a lot about your style. You can use the high heel shoe nail art to express your style by adding a dress or lipstick on the nail.

Tennis Shoe Nail Art

tennis shoe nail art


A shoe nail art is all about trying out different designs to make your fingers beautiful. So, embrace the tennis shoe nail art to bring out your fun and creative side.

Sneaker Nail Art Design

sneaker nail art design


Sneakers are the go to shoes for going to the gym or for just doing your morning jog. Give your nails the sneaker nail art design to ensure you look elegant even when exercising. You may also See Bubble Nail Art Designs

Converse Nail Art Idea

converse nail art idea


Using the converse nail art idea, you can apply gel polish to show off your beautiful nails without using many different colors of nail polish.

Shoe Lace Nail Art

shoe lace nail art


Add a distinct charm to your fingers by incorporating a shoe nail art on your polish. Even if the nail polish looks a little bit messy, your nails will still look stylish.

Cute Shoe Nail Design

cute shoe nail design


When it comes to making a cute shoe nail design, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you will definitely find it very easy to create this design.

Black Pointy Nail Art

black pointy nail art


Pointy Nail art is a signature look for many celebrities. You can also flaunt a black pointy nail art; just add glitters to the design to create a chic and elegant look.

Glitter Shoe Nail Design

glitter shoe nail design


Colorful Shoe Nails

colorful shoe nails


Simple Shoe Nail Art

simple shoe nail art


For a classic shoe nail that you can easily do at home, you will need a base coat, black and white nail stripper, top coat and two of your favorite nail polish. Start by removing cuticles then file each nail according to the shape you want to achieve, after which apply a base coat. After prepping the nails apply two coats of your favorite nail polish. Immediately the polish dries, do a French manicure using a white nail striper then use the black nail striper to draw a thin, curvy line on the French manicure part of the nail. Using the same black stripper create a criss-cross pattern, create dots on each end of the pattern and finish the design by applying a top coat.
If you love manicure but are afraid of trying out a bold design, then a shoe nail art is perfect for you. This easy nail art is fun to create. So, get out of your manicure comfort zone and try out a unique shoe nail design using any color of your choice.

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