The ocean is vast, pretty and peaceful. It is blue and filled with a variety of sea animals. If you have ever gone scuba diving you will see these amazing creatures and the beautiful life under the ocean. Funky nail art is another thing we absolutely love and we thought of mixing the two things and see what comes of it. The ocean nail art has been in fashion for quite some time now. Let’s take a look at some of these designs.

Ocean Wave Nail Art

ocean wave nail art


This nail design is in the form of waves. It is half done and is done exactly how a wave would look at the ocean. We loved the beautiful combination of dark blue and a tinge of white. We think this will look amazing if you want to stick to something basic.

Ocean Themed Nail Design

ocean themed nail design


There is nothing better than nice looking glitter. It will make you radiate and your nails gleam. The unique ocean nail art is something very unique and done with so much accuracy. You may also see Summer Toe Nail Art Designs

Colorful Ocean Nail Art

colorful ocean nail art


The ocean can also be a colorful world, maybe for the creatures living in it and that’s why this nail art is so different. It brings out a different perspective of the ocean.

Ocean Nail Art Stickers

ocean nail art stickers


The glitter is gleaming with an elegance of course but the sea animals look so cute and are done so nicely and perfectly. This is a very gorgeous and elegant design.

Ocean Flower Nail Art

ocean flower nail art


The blue ocean and its pretty flowers are what this nail art is all about. If you want to keep it simple and don’t want to go into the depth of an ocean, this would be an ideal design for you.
We not only love the dark blue to define the ocean but also the small actual pieces of the ocean things used on the nails. They make it look very real and it is an alluring design, we must say.

Underwater Nail Art Idea

underwater nail art idea


This is a very simple design, which won’t really need a lot of effort and patience. You just need to get the sea green color right and the little fishes with bubbles and you are ready to flaunt those nails away.

Beach Themed Nail Design

beach themed nail design


This is an extremely neat design that we love. The sand and the beach are divided so proportionally and nicely. It almost looks like an actual beach. The crabs and starfishes give the design a more realistic feel.

Ocean Starfish Nail Art

ocean starfish nail art


The sea green, the orange, the starfish and the glitter, we love every bit of it and think it is an absolute radiating design which is going to definitely grab a lot of attention.

Mermaid Nail Art Idea

mermaid nail art idea


This is again a simple design that doesn’t need a lot of planning and too much effort into the implementation. The blue nail paint does most of it and to give it a better effect, the fishes and crabs have been added. You may also see Holiday Nail Designs

Unique Ocean Nail Art Idea

unique ocean nail art idea


Ocean Summer Nail Art

ocean summer nail art


Simple Ocean Nail Design

simple ocean nail design


Mermaid Nail Art for Long Nails

mermaid nail art for long nails


Blue Color Beach Nail Art

blue color beach nail art


Light Wedding Nail Design Idea

light wedding nail design idea


Pink and Gold Ocean Nails

pink and gold ocean nails


Beautiful Beach Nail Manicure

beautiful beach nail manicure


Awesome Seahorse Nail Art

awesome seahorse nail art


Pretty Ocean 3D Nails Idea

pretty ocean 3d nails idea


These nail designs are quite trending when we looked them over. People are putting in an effort to get it right and to flaunt them off. Well, we can see that they have done a pretty good job, now it is your turn to flaunt your nails

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