Life without social media seems unthinkable in this day and age. The youngsters, particularly, are hooked to social media. If you are nodding along, our post is for you. To all the social media frenzy lasses who tweet issues, post selfies, Instagram their meals, have fun on Snapchat, subscribe Youtube tutorials, we have some wonderful nail art design ideas for you.

Yellow and Grey Social Media Nail Design

yellow and grey social media nail design


Another design where you can cover all your favorite social media websites except here the uniformity of colors is maintained. Yellow and gray compliment each well as a combination and provides a subtlety to the art. The design looks absolutely effortless and delightful.

Colorful Social Media Nail Art

colorful social media nail art


White, sometimes, provides a perfect background. It can make a design and colors stand out and enhance them. Take this design, for instance, white base is giving an immediate attention to the different social media logos. But as much as we believe that white can define the nuances, we would also like to warn that it can highlight the errors as well. So, make sure you draw the logos perfectly or visit your nearest nail art salon to get the design done perfectly on your nails.

Facebook Logo Designs

facebook logo designs


Admit it, some of us are a little partial towards Facebook. After all, it is one platform where we can write, comment, share, like, watch, react and do all that social media jazz. This is a simple french manicure design that requires two different shades of blue. Do the french manicure on all your nails with those two shades. Once the manicure is settled and dried use white color and draw the Facebook logo on the third nail of each hand. Perfect design for the beginners.

White and Red Youtube Nail Design

white and red youtube nail design


Whether it is a makeup tutorial or a recipe or just a random funny video that made you laugh during your lonely hours, Youtube has been to our rescue innumerable times. This design is a perfect tribute to the video giant. White and red with hearts and Youtube logo looks adorable.

Emoji Nail Design Idea

emoji nail design idea


It is a sin to talk about social media and forget emojis and we are certainly not going to commit it. Go ahead with your yellow nail color and draw the cute nail art design on your nails. Let your nails be your sunshine.

Snapchat Nail Design for Short Nails

snapchat nail design for short nails


If emojis weren’t enough then this nail design would certainly tempt you. All the Snapchat fans, it’s time to show the creativity on your nails. This design is easy and fun and that’s everyone’s favorite combination. You may also see Cartoon Nail Art Designs

Amazing Social Media Network Nail Art

amazing social media network nail art


This is nail art is for the fellows who like bold designs. This nail art clearly confesses your love for social media. Make sure you have long nails for this design otherwise things might get messy.

Yellow Emoji Nail Design

yellow emoji nail design


Funny Emoji Nail Art

funny emoji nail art


Red Youtube Nail Design

red youtube nail design


We hope we inspired you to try and create beautiful nail art designs. Make sure your share these on your social media profile and declare your social media obsession to the world.

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