Show your Disney side by creating Disney’s all-time favorite five characters – Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto. Do one character per nail or do all the same. Use Mickey’s signature colors – black, white, and red; to create the iconic Disney logo. Make sure to add a special bow for Minnie or polka dots for the nails.

Donald Duck Nail Stickers

donald duck on nails


Disney Halloween Nails

disney halloween nails


Cinderella Inspired Nail art

disney cinderella nails


Disney’s Frozen has been the inspiration for many nail artists as you can find frozen nail art everywhere. With the Ombre shades of blue to the silver glitter to represent snow, the inspiration for frozen is endless. Designs often include sisters, Elsa and Anna, white snowflakes, snowy shades of light blue and cloudy white, and especially the loved character of Olaf.

Polka Dot Disney Nail Art

magical mickey disney nail


Mickey Mouse Themed Nail Art

mickey and the gang


Disney Princess Nail Design

disney princess nails


Cute Cartoon Nail Art

dumbos head and big ears


Bow French Nail Tip Idea

disney nail art minnie mouse


Glittering Disney Nail Art Idea

disneyland 60th anniversary nails


Magical Disney Nail Design

moonlight magic


Mickey Mouse Nail Art Sticker

cute disney nails


Little Mermaid Nail Art

mermaid nail


Little Mermaid Nail Design

little mermaid nails


Alice in Wonderland Themed Nails

alice in wonderland nails


Minnie Mouse Disney French Tip

minnie mouse disney


Disney princess are also a hot nail trend as the designs vary. Create Belle inspired nails with gold shimmer nails with one rose. For the little mermaid inspired design, artists create Ariel’s fin inspired French tip to create the mermaid tail. Cinderella inspired nails often include the time clock, which famously stuck at 12 midnight, with light blue shades and of course, the glass slipper.

Minions Nail Designs

minions nail designs


Minnie and Mickey Nail Art

minnie and mickey nails


Big Hero 6 Disney Nails

big hero 6 disney nails


Finding Nemo Themed Nail Design

finding nemo nails

Another favorite Disney nail trend is focused on movies such as Finding Nemo and Big Hero 6. Finding Nemo designs mainly include the famous orange clownfish, Nemo, as well as the other cute characters in the movie. For Big Hero 6, Baymax nail designs are a favorite especially with how easy the white base and black face design is.

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