Let’s face it, we can never say that a person is not fashionable just by their choice of clothes and accessories. Fashion can either be good or bad, and may or may not please everybody. If somebody has a very poor taste in clothes, we should take that as their own sense of fashion instead of calling it as “not fashionable.” Fashion works similarly to opinions, there is never an absolute good or bad, and will greatly depend on the person’s way of thinking.

Now, why are we talking about fashion? It is because we are about to show you some of the most artistic fashion illustrations on this article. But not only that, these illustrations will also show you some stunning outfits that can also serve as your fashion inspiration. Go ahead and scroll down to see the illustration designs yourself.

Sexy Casual Ladies’ Fashion Illustration


Welcome, graphic artists, illustrators, and fashion designers. Now to officially get you started on this, check out this graphic illustration that shows a woman in casual clothes—specifically, a denim jacket, pink shirt, denim shorts, rubber shoes, a pair of sunglasses, and a small purse. This is probably one of the most comfortable and ideal getup to wear during the spring and summer seasons, since those are the times when it gets really warm and humid. Speaking of spring and summer, in just a few months, the temperature is about to rise since we will be approaching those two seasons, so grab your most comfortable clothes now and make them handy.

Simple Formal Ladies’ Fashion Illustration


For a more formal look, you may want to take inspiration from the choice of clothes worn by the woman on the flat illustration above. Some people would refer to this look as corporate attire, while others would also call it their Sunday’s best attire. Regardless of what term you want to use for this kind of fashion, we can both agree that this is the best getup to wear at work and business gatherings, as well as at church and any formal event. And, as you can see from the sample illustration above, the key to pulling off this look is to wear in layers, wear something that has a collar, and at least something that will cover up until the forearm.

Makeup and Accessories Fashion Illustrations Bundle


If you would rather look for illustration designs of individual fashion pieces instead of a complete getup drawn on a character illustration, then the bundle shown above may be what you are looking for. As you can see from the image above, the fashion pieces being illustrated range from shoes and bags, to accessories, and even makeup pieces. If you plan on creating your very own model illustration, you can always refer to our gallery of various human illustrations for the baseline model, then download these fashion illustrations to be able to accessorize your character model.

Beautiful Pink Dress Fashion Illustration


Here is another illustration of a ladies’ fashion style that may pass for a Sunday’s best, though it may be a little bit on the casual side. This outfit consists of a Korean-inspired hat, a pair of sunglasses, a blue handbag, a pair of heeled shoes, and a pink collared and long-sleeved dress. From just looking at the dress that the character model is wearing, it somehow resembles those pink dresses that the late Audrey Hepburn wore in many of her films. This would probably be a safe choice of fashion for any kind of event since it is perfect for casual gatherings, and it is also appropriate enough for formal ones.

Women’s Winter Wardrobe Fashion Illustration


Check out the fashion illustration above, it shows a woman wearing a fur coat with a scarf around her neck, long pants and knee boots, a handbag dangling from her arm, and a cup in her left hand. This getup is commonly worn by women during the cold seasons, most especially winter, since it keeps the wearer warm and tucked in. If you choose to go with these illustrations, you can choose between a colored version and one that is monochromatic.

Vintage Clothing Fashion Illustration


People had a totally different fashion sense back in the days, they were very much into formality regardless of the occasion; it was as if our formal outfit today was their everyday casual getup. For the ladies, their most common outfit would consist of a long dress or gown that would extend down to their shins or ankles, a headdress, a hand accessory which may either be an umbrella or a fan, and a corset underneath their dresses. For the gentlemen, on the other hand, theirs would commonly consist of a tuxedo or a formal coat often accompanied by either a neck or bow tie, long pants, black shoes, and a hat. Nowadays, people would only wear this for formal gatherings and special occasions. With regards to the fashion illustrations above, the vintage theme is not only applied on the clothes worn by the characters but also on the style of the illustration.

Abstract Women Fashion Illustration


Abstract art is something that is often underappreciated but has been a popular art style since it was made popular during the 19th century. Abstract art is underappreciated because, as the name suggests, it gives its audiences an abstract interpretation which mainly consists of lines, shapes, and even patterns. But for those who like this art form, it is because they appreciate something that is unconventional and allows them to think outside of the box. Check out the abstract illustration above. For many people, they would see this merely as streaks of ink or paint. But for us, we already have the idea that these illustration are actually women in dresses.

Stylish Long Gowns Fashion Illustration


Speaking of dresses, check out the fashion illustration above which shows two beautiful women in stylish long gowns. For one thing, these are the types of dresses ideally worn during formal events. If you are a dressmaker who is looking for a baseline image to create your own gown design, then these illustrations will most likely help you out.

Ladies’ Summer Swimwear Fashion Illustrations


We know that it isn’t summer yet, but why wait for the season to actually use these summer-inspired fashion illustrations when you can always keep them handy as early as now? What these illustrations actually exhibit are women in different styles of swimsuit ranging from a maillot to two-piece bikinis. For many fashion designers, they would often use illustrations like these as their basis for designing clothes since they can always take advantage on the shape and structure of the women’s bodies on the illustration. But for graphic artists, they can also use these fashion illustrations on many summer-themed designs, whether these are in the form of summer event flyers or beach party posters.

Artistic Fashionable Girls Illustration


Backless Elegant Long Gown Fashion Illustration


Once again, here is a beautiful fashion illustration of a woman wearing an elegant long gown that contains some decorative features on the back and the bottom part of the gown. Just like the previous illustration that we have shown you that had a similar concept, this one also shows two versions of the fashion illustration, one colored and the other in grayscale.

Casual Denim Men’s Fashion Illlustration


Now it’s time for the men’s fashion illustrations, and we are going to start with this casual, layered outfit that has become a fashion trend over the recent years. We could probably say that this style is something that anybody can easily pull off, and can be worn for almost any occasion. The outfit on this male character illustration consists of a plain white shirt layered with a denim jacket, blue jeans, brown boots, and then accessorized with a pair of sunglasses.

Lumberjack Inspired Men’s Fashion Illustration


Minimalist Art Style Women’s Fashion Illustration


Here is another minimalist fashion illustration of women in different outfits, which is somewhat similar to an abstract illustration that we have shown you earlier. But unlike that previous illustration that we are referring to, this one is more detailed and can be interpreted easily. What is the purpose of illustrations? There are a lot, actually, but for this one, its purpose is to put emphasis on the outfit rather than on the character details.

Sexy Chic Girl’s Fashion Illustration


Check out the fashion illustration above which shows yet another casual outfit that has also become a trend among women, especially during the warm and humid seasons. This outfit doesn’t require much detail and can easily be pulled off by any woman who isn’t shy in showing a little bit of skin. This outfit simply consists of a plain black T-shirt, short denim pants, a pair of white sneakers to contrast with the color of the shirt, and a pair of sunglasses.

Stock Vector Characters Fashion Illustrations


Bundled Fashionable Character Illustrations


To those looking for more than just a single fashion illustration, check out the bundle of vector illustrations shown above. These fashion illustrations contain both male and female human characters, and the outfits worn on these characters range from casual ones to those that are meant to be worn for formal occasions. Aside from just the theme of the event, the outfits being illustrated here are also varied depending on its appropriateness to the season.

Walking Fashionable Woman Illustration


Character Vectors Fancy Fashion Illustration


When we say fashion, it is actually a very broad term that not only refers to the clothes that a person wears but also on how a person projects themselves through their image. Indeed, fashion is a statement, and people often want to attract and impress others with what they have on them. Even us, ourselves, take inspiration with what we put on from those that have already made a statement through fashion. For the human illustrations that we see above, their choice of outfit may or may not please many people, but it only shows that they are enjoying their freedom of expressing themselves through fashion.

Were you able to find an illustration that works for you? Or, were you able to find an outfit that you may want to pull off? We guarantee that you will never go wrong with these fashion vector illustrations since they can be used by any person for various reasons. For your info, these illustrations were created by professional artists, and we made sure to pick out only the best from among the piles of illustrations that we have looked into.

To those who are planning on making modifications to these illustrations, feel free to do so, and make sure to only use the appropriate editing and illustration tools to give you the freedom you need in editing these illustrations. And you also don’t need to worry about the cost, since these fashion illustrations can be downloaded for a very reasonable price. What are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity now and start downloading an illustration.

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