Getty images released their report on the visual trends that will be a highlight in 2017. Along with taking the readers further in the depth of photography and images, the report also presents them with the prediction that will define the creative trends on the design sphere. We have today compiled a list of top 6 visual trends that will be of great help to the budding and professional designers across the globe.

1. Unfiltered


The unfiltered trend gives a new dimension to the commercial photography. This trend ensures to add an authentic and documentary inspired aesthetic to the still world. This kind of photography and imagery helps to bring a raw and organic edge to the storytelling. Unfiltered can be simply described as the converse of glossy advertising.

2. New Naivety

new naivety

As we have begun to see the younger generation expressing themselves through complex means on the social media, brands have begun to follow an image style that can be called as the New naivety. The pictures under this image style tend to express a loose emotion. It has given way to the creators to display the traits which we would have once want hidden, like freckles, pudgy, geeky, humor, individuality etc. The New Naivety ensures spontaneity and playful spirit that makes the images look raw and expressive.

3. Virtuality


Virtuality is one feature that has allowed the viewers to get involved in each and every frame. The active interaction and experience have helped to developed a connection that has induced many brands to come up with new and exciting ways to utilize it.

4. Colour Surge

colour surge

The color surge talks about the use of alternative color palettes that we would have never imagined to practice and utilize before. The trend encourages on breaking the rules and embracing the unusual combinations that generate interest from the very first glance.

5. Tough Women

tough women

The tough gritty women visual trend talks about the new type of female representation in design, advertising, and branding arena. Showing them focused, determined and unafraid, these women are represented as the individuals that are not to be overlooked or underestimated.

6. Globalised World

globalised world

The interconnect amongst the people of different race, caste and culture have spurred the trend of a global neighborhood. The trend talks about accepting and embracing our connection and beliefs along with the unique cultural identities. Brands have begun to keep their eyes and ears open to the identities of their consumers.

Discover and explore these visual trends and take inspiration to incorporate them in your upcoming projects.

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