We have witnessed a revolution in the portrayal of women across various platforms and with designers, artists and creators bringing issues like gender roles, puberty, and health on the forefront, there is a number of inspiring and bold designs that support and encourage the change in dynamics. We have today compiled a list of 10 such projects that celebrate the true spirit of womanhood.

1. Anuj Sarkar

Simple and subtle in design, the project talks about the essence of a woman with a creative alteration that is reflected in the word WOMAN explained as WOW+MAN. The second design discusses the idea of beauty, again with a word play that spells beauty as BEATY, and the tagline reads, where is beauty without U.

2. Mary Joie Cruz

Celebrating the wonderful women of the world, the design brings to us the women from two different parts of the world together on one platform. Vibrant and symbolic, the design expresses the idea of finding beauty in everyone.

3. Afsar Chandroth

With a simple black and white sketch work, the drawing visually explains the various responsibilities that fall on the shoulders of a woman. Multiple things that are expected from her, represented by the hands reaching out to her, and the violence that she goes through in her life which is duly expressed through the red painted hands.

4. Alejandra L Manriquez

This beautiful illustration shows us a untamed, tough and gritty woman who is not to be crossed, underestimated and overlooked, as she just like all the beings on the planet can do what she truly wants and desires.

5. Joey Guidone

The digital art illustration expresses the women of different race balancing their way in the world. The subtle pink background complements well with the theme as well as the overall design of the project.

6. Aysel Sadiqova

Celebrating the various colors and sides to a woman, the graphic design illustration does a fabulous job in honoring the women of the world with the punch of colors all packed in one single individual.

The beautiful carefree doodle celebrates the International Women’s Day with utmost ease. The doodle has her hair blowing in the wind celebrating the sheer joy of being a woman.

This vibrant and energetic graphic design illustration conveys the viewer the true energy in the day with a match of strokes and patterns all infused in one simple number- 8.

7. Sam Red

The drawing blends the colors with the right tint. Showing the growth of a woman in her true naked self makes the illustration organic and raw in its presentation.

8. Mayra Arvizo

The beautiful flowery headgear gives a dreamy look to the simple illustration in black and white. The thin strokes and textured flowers enhance the beauty of the project.

Take inspiration from the above-mentioned projects and give the woman in your life not just a thoughtful present but a promise for the day.

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