Rock textures are increasingly becoming popular among graphic designers and architects as design elements. A rock texture resembles the exact surface of a rock, along with the intrinsic details like cracks, fissures, scratches and colours. These can be used for various types of graphic designs. While designing, you may incorporate these designs as themes or backgrounds. You may also look out for concrete texture designs. Here are ten beautiful rock textures that you can download for personalized use. You may also See Granite Textures

Cracked Rock Texture Design

In case you are looking for cracked texture on a rock surface, you will find this one interesting. The rock surface is cracked at different places. The other areas are fairly smooth but has grain-like resemblances. The dark cracks are clearly visible on the rock.

cracked rock texture design

Dark Rock Texture

This is an elegant rock texture with a lot of fissures and intricate details. A number of colour bands are visible in the texture. The surface is irregular and can be incorporated on various surfaces. A few fine cracks are also present on the rock surface and you can download the template.

dark rock texture

Seamless Rock Texture

This is a typical rock texture with a fabulous finish. You can incorporate this on various surfaces, including paper, fabrics, cardboards and so on. The rock texture has a rough surface and has a dark colour. The highly-detailed texture displays the small grains of rocks.

seamless rock texture

High Resolution Rock Texture

Rock textures that are used on the covers of books and form the backgrounds of templates need to be glossy. These templates are of high resolution, and you can use them for these purposes. A number of small rocks, orange in colour, form a cluster and you can download the template for personalized use.

high resolution rock texture

Granite Rock Texture

In this template, densely packed grey, white and black particles resemble a typical granite surface. The irregular arrangement of the grains is evident form the look. This texture can be incorporated in various graphic design themes to obtain a classy background.

granite rock texture

Red Rock Texture

These rocks are large and conspicuous. The red grains on the surface are clearly visible, and a number of cracks are preset on the surface of the rocks. You can use them as wallpapers, background themes and in various other graphic design projects. You may also See Gravel Textures

red rock texture

River Rock Texture Design

These rocks are small in size and look like the ones found in river-beds. Various colours with tinges of red, grey and brown are visible in the cluster. You can use it to create relevant themes. The text in the central area can also be edited to produce customized effects.

river rock texture design

High Quality Rock Texture

These rock textures are of high quality and look sophisticated. If you are looking for marble texture designs in rocks, you can opt for this one. Round, abstract, polygonal and various other shapes of visual elements are visible in this particular rock texture.

high quality rock texture

Tileable Rock Texture

These rocks form small clusters. They have sharp and well-defined edges and solid in structure. These textures are often incorporated in floor and wall tiles. A good mix of small and large rocks make the texture elegant. The rocks are of various colours and can be used in graphic designing.

tileable rock texture

Rock Wall Texture Design

In this texture, the rocks are large and conspicuous. These replicated the boulders that make up the walls of caves and mountains. A number of rocks have been used in the texture. If you want to make the wallpaper for your home innovative, these designs will serve the purpose. You may also See White Marble Texture

rock wall texture design

When you incorporate the rock textures, make sure that they are of the right size and resolution. You can adjust these elements and download the templates. You may look out for various granite texture designs for personalized use. These textures can upgrade the quality of graphic design and you can innovate with your own design ideas.

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