Despite being surrounded by technology and polished artificial surfaces, there is something about the natural world that always draws the eye. Perhaps this is why rock patterns have always been a classic and are still extremely popular when it comes to decoration of any surface.

These stone patterns have an edgy feel and are extremely beautiful as well.Given below are some of the most popular types of rock patterns which can be used for decoration.

Seamless Rock Pattern

seamless rock pattern

This pattern looks like rough rocks jutting out of or embedded in the brown soil. There is 3D feel and layered look that can be observed in this pattern.

Natural Rock Pattern Design

natural rock pattern design

This pattern looks like a natural rock. The beautiful range of colors makes this design look like an abstract painting and there is something very eye-catching about this rusty pattern.

Crystal Stone Rock Pattern

crystal stone rock pattern

This pattern is extremely bright and eye catching. The black background presents a beautiful contrast against which the bright and colorful crystal stones almost seem to glitter.

Abstract PSD Rock Pattern

abstract psd rock pattern

This is an extremely realistic and organic-looking pattern design. It is created by the beautiful contrast of bright yellow lichen and darker shale rock.

Rock Solid Pattern Design

rock solid pattern design

This design stands out by creating a beautiful contrast between the lighter soil or background and the dark rocks. It almost looks like rocks jutting out from the snow and the design is extremely beautiful.

Rock Wall Pattern Design

rock wall pattern design

This pattern design looks like an organic or more natural version of the common brick wall patterns. The natural rock used in the wall and the patterns in the rock add an extra edge and beauty to this design which simple bricks cannot provide.

Granite Stone Rock Patterns

granite stone rock patterns

This type of pattern has an old and antique feel to it. The beautiful patterns on the granite stone make it look like vintage objects made of granite. The dark pattern with a bit of light color in places is extremely beautiful.

Natural Rock Pattern

black rock pattern1

This pattern looks like a piece of natural rock. The strokes in the pattern make it look like a painting and this pattern would look extremely beautiful on a wallpaper.

Abstract Sand Stone Rock Pattern

abstract pattern of sand stone rock

Sandstone rock always looks so stunning and this pattern uses the abstract designs found in sandstone canyons to create a pattern that is visually arresting and fascinating. This pattern would look beautiful on any surface.

Grunge Rock Pattern

grunge rock pattern

Green Mossy Rock with Surface Pattern

green mossy rock with surface pattern

Rock Erosion Pattern

rock erosion pattern

Hard Rock Pattern

hard rock pattern

Yellow Sand Stone Rock Pattern

yellow sand stone rock pattern

Brown Rock Wall Pattern

brown rock wall pattern

Abstract Nature Rock Pattern

abstract nature rock pattern

Rough Rock Texture Pattern

rough rock texture pattern

Small Pebbles Rock Pattern

small pebbles rock pattern

Marble Granite Rock Pattern

marble granite rock pattern

Swirl Rock Pattern

swirl rock pattern

Rock patterns are extremely beautiful. They make you feel closer to nature and hence sooth and calm the mind and body. These patterns are so popular because there are so many varieties to be found since there are so many different kinds of rocks, each as beautiful as the other. That is why all of these patterns, from marble patterns to sandstone patterns are beautiful and popular.

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